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  • Luis, Maria & Kevin makes this 4.5 star hotel a 5 star.
  • Absolutely Worth Every Penny
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  • Easily one of the nicest properties in the heart of Bocas Del Toro
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  • Wow What an experience
  • Exploring
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  • Tropical Paradise isolated from real life
  • Artistic Perfection in Panama
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  • What a charming hotel, with very nice staff
  • Best place to stay in the Casco Viejo
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  • Comfort, Nature, Exotic Views, Relaxation: the package deal at Popa Paradise!
  • The Website doesn't do it justice!
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  • One of the few real clean places in Bocas
  • No cars to run you over
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  • Great Hotel with comfortable amenities!!!
  • Outstandingly friendly service!
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  • The very best lodge or hotel we stayed in by far!
  • 5 Star Accomodations for a 3 Star Price
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  • Good Base for Exploring the Area
  • Beautiful place, wonderful staff
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