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  • Absolutely Fantastic Hotel and Staff
  • Incredible Boutique Hotel - Oasis.
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  • Safe and relaxing piece of paradise!
  • THE Place to Stay on Little Corn
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  • Wedding @ Jicaro - So, so perfect.
  • Excellent recommendation by National Geographic
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  • A little piece of paradise in Masatepe!
  • Relaxing Afternoon
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  • Amazing & Unique Stay!
  • Want to live here year-round!!
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  • Great location awesome staff relaxed atmosphere
  • Wonderful staff and a great place to stay!
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  • Wonderful Stay, exceptional service for our whole family
  • Great place to stal in El Castillo
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  • Wonderful place to stay near central Granada
  • A place like home
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  • wonderful hotel with fantastic staff
  • Family vacation
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  • The best place in Granada
  • Great option in Granada
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