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  • Excellent historic boutique b&b, wonderful hosts
  • Peaceful oasis! A beautiful guest hotel in heart of historic Quito
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  • Highly conscientious and service oriented
  • A nice stay in Banos
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  • Beautiful central hotel
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  • Great place to stay in the old city
  • Lovely hotel!
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  • Like staying with a friend of a friend
  • The best place to stay in Quito, no doubt!
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  • Lovely old hotel in central Cuenca
  • Fabulous find
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  • Awesome lunch with my girlfriend....!
  • the perfect place to stay our last night in Quio
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  • Tranquility at its best and a Birder's Delight
  • Beautiful garden lodge surrounded by tropical birds right on your door step!
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  • Paradise Found
  • Highly Recommend!
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  • Favorite Hotel of the Year... Did Not want to leave
  • Far exceeded our expectations!
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