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  • Perfect place to be hidden for a while!!!
  • Hello Paradise
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  • Excellent service, wonderful place and people
  • Absolutely excellent Hotel to have as a base for Nosy Be
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  • Honeymoon in Paradise but . . . .
  • Paradise at it's finest
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  • I could have stayed for a week!
  • Sunset views from the Via Ferrata at Relais de la Reine leave Isalo Window sadly lacking.
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  • Perfect place to ralax
  • Into the wild
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  • Lose yourself in the waves at this stunning location
  • the first time that a web site cannot show the experience you will enjoy
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  • Absolutely Awesome Hotel in a Beautiful Setting
  • Beautiful spot to stay to see Isalo National Park
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  • Holiday Bliss
  • Our stay in nosybe
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