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  • Fantastic dive resort for new and experienced divers
  • Dive, relax, eat (dive, relax, eat) - Dolphins!!
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  • Great location
  • Great staff and location
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  • Understated Paradise in the Bay Islands <3
  • Wow! What a beautiful and relaxing place!
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  • Great Hotel!! The Best!!
  • Fantastic Venue and location
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  • Don't let the quiet residential area fool you - The Humuya Inn is BEAUTIFUL!
  • A good place to Tegucigalpa.
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  • Beautiful resort and friendly staff!
  • 3Nites4days 31 jan to 3 Jan ‘18
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  • I've got a fever and the only prescription is more Reef House
  • What a fantastic place
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  • Great Way To Bring In The New Year
  • Tips on best nature trips to do
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  • 2018 Turquoise Bay Scuba Dive Trip
  • Our 8th Year at Turquoise Bay Resort
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