About Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach is situated in Thandwe Township. It consists of Southern Arankan State of Western Myanmar. Ngapali Beach is 11 km(start-end) long and palm-backed along the beach. Ngapali is the most popular one of Myanmar beaches. It still has unspoiled, pretty quiet, serene water, Traditional fishing villages and natural secnic beauty. Ngapali is the Loviest beach where is the best place for relaxation.

How to get there.

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Travelling in Ngapali Region

Ngapali beach is not only for relaxation but also stepping and exploration in its region. Most of Visitors they may think that Ngapali is a good place for relaxation. But Ngapali and its around have been existing unspoiled secondary growth, natural resources, mangrove forest and natural secnic beauty. Since the forest and mountains are lied back side of Ngapali, for the Visitors who are able to be enjoined and activities which are Trekking, Half Day trip and Day return trip. A person who steps and travels in Ngapali region getting to benefitsof regional knowledge, observation of rural life style, regional geo-graphic and discovery of the freshness in the nature.


Hight Light Tour Sites In Ngapali Beach

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Ngapali Area is included wider Region and back of the coastal.Many villages are vicinity of Ngapali Beach.There are accessible and attraction to persuration of Visitors. Planning and studing some Trip Itinerary as Follows;

Half - Day Trip

* Mya Taung - Nghet Pyaw Chaung Lake - Mya Pyin

* Mya Pyin - Amata Mountain - Abe Village - Mya Pyin

* Mya Pyin - Ma Zin - Mho Hinn Pyin - Mya Pyin

*Mya Pyin - Thandwe - Mya Pyin


Day Return Trip

* Mya Pyin - Thandwe - Zalon - Mya Pyin

* The Whole Day Boat Trip