A new place is always nicer once the lay of the land is clear. To that end: Wilmington is surrounded by three rivers—the Brandywine, the Christina, and the Delaware. The downtown business area, located in between the Brandywine and the Christina, consists of a grid system less than 20 blocks wide or long. Most of the attractions are south of the downtown area, or in the northern suburbs, and it is advisable to drive or take public transportation between the two areas. The Riverfront area is a five-minute drive south of downtown, between I-95 and the Christina River. Market Street runs north to south in the downtown area, and the east-west cross streets are numbered from 1 to 16, with 1 on the southern end. The north-south streets are named for trees east of Market Street, and presidents and local heroes west of Market Street. Most are one-way. North Wilmington is northwest of I-95. The main thoroughfares, Route 52 and Delaware Avenue, quickly link all the attractions.