There are a number of great neighborhoods in Wilmington, and a number that are just starting to come into their own.   Trolley Square enjoyed revitalization beginning in the 1980s, and is a favorite place for young professionals to work and play.  Necessities like a grocery store, drug store and dry cleaners make it a walkable community for those that live there.  There are also a number of shops for browsing.  Trolley Square is also a popular spot for nightlife in Wilmington, offering a wide range of restaurants as well as a number of  bars.  Favorites include Toscana and Kelly's Logan House.  Housing options in Trolley Square primarly include townhouses and apartments.   Little Italy is a neighborhood populated more by families.  There are a great number of restaurants in the neighborhood, both Italian and not.  The highlight of the year for Little Italy is St. Anthony's Italian Festival in June, which attracts more than 120,000 people to a week long celebration of Italian food, music and culture.   The Wilmington Riverfront area along the Brandywine and Christina Rivers began its life as a destination about 10 years ago.  The area houses a number of nightclubs, outlet shopping, sporting events, an art museum and the Delaware Theatre Company .  Dining options include various restaurants, both casual and upscale, as well as the Riverfront Market, a public market inside a renovated warehouse.  The recent addition of several condominium projects in the area will complete this neighborhood.  The Ships Tavern District is currently undergoing a renovation.  Housing has been added on the second and third stories of the historical buildings in the area, and stores are slowly being adding to the ground level spaces.  This area is within comfortable walking distance to the downtown business district, making it a popular choice for young professionals.