Ukrainian and Russian Languages are interchangeably spoken in Ukraine


WHY? Ukraine had long been a part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union where utmost proficiency of Russian language by its population was strongly encouraged by the State.

Russian language has an official status of a “minority language”, while Ukrainian language has a status of the “state language”, whereby e.g. all official correspondence by State officials should be maintained in Ukrainian.


  • Most Ukrainians know both Ukrainian and Russian languages well.
  • You could speak to a person in either language, and he/she would, most probably, reply in the same language you spoke to them.


Ukrainians use Cyrillic, more at but your computer may not show Cyrillic characters, details at

FUTURE TRENDS: October 1, 2012 - all media – Poll: “53.8% of Ukrainians are against granting official status to the Russian language, 38.4% support such move.”  



SPECIFIC language usage EAST – WEST of UKRAINE

  • Mostly Ukrainian language in Western and Central Ukraine
  • Mostly Russian language in Eastern and Southern Ukraine

In Ukrainian transcription in English

ДОБРОГО РАНКУ ! dobrogo ranku good morning!

ДОБРОГО ДНЯ ! dobrogo dnja good day!

ДОБРИЙ ВЕЧІР ! dobryj vechir good evening!

ПРИВІТ ! pryvit Hi!

ВІТАЮ ! vitaju Hallo!

РАДИЙ ТЕБЕ БАЧИТИ ! radyj tebe bachyty Glad to see you!

ЯК СПРАВИ? jak spravy ? How are you getting on?

ЯК СЯ МАЄШ? jak sja majesh ? How are you?

ЯК СЕБЕ ПОЧУВАЄШ ? jak sebe pochuvajesh ? How are you keeping?

ДОБРЕ, ДЯКУЮ. dobre, djakuju Good, thanks!

ДО ПОБАЧЕННЯ ! do pobachennja Good-bye!

НАДОБРАНІЧ ! nadobranich ! Good night!

ДОБРОЇ НОЧИ ! dobroji nochi Good night!

ПРОЩАВАЙ ! proshjavaj Bye!

УСЬОГО НАЙКРАЩОГО ! usjogo najkrash'jgo Cheerio !

ДО ЗАВТРА ! do zavtra See you tomorrow!

ЩАСЛИВОЇ ДОРОГИ ! shaslyvoji dorogy Have a good journey!

ЛАСКАВО ПРОСИМО ! laskavo prosymo Welcome!