Getting to Belgrade is easy  with several options, plane, train, and automobile! The Belgrade International Airport has grown recently due to the influx in tourism. Regular flights into Belgrade are available from many major European cities. Upon arrival at the airport, you will need extra transportation to get into the center of the city. You can do this by bus on Lasta bus lines or GSP; the trip is about a half an hour. JAT Airlines provides a service into the city from the airport as well so make sure to ask if you are flying with them. Taxis are readily available as well however, for a heftier sum.

Rental cars are available at the airport, many companies( you are perhaps unaccustomed with and others that are internationally known such as Budget Car Rental. Renting from local Rent a car company in Belgrade can save you some money.

If you are taking  a bus from within Europe to Belgrade, you will do it either through Lasta as was mentionned above, or Serbia Tours International. You can also take the train through Yugoslav Railways, but trips are usually quite lengthy.

If you are driving into Belgrade from another international destination, check with the Belgrade Tourist Board Online to get information about driving laws and border control.