Belgrade is located quite south in Europe and therefore has a nice and temperate climate, although technically has four distinct seasons. Winters do get quite cold during January with several days below zero. The tourist season is late spring through the fall. Spring is quite rainy in Belgrade so it is better to plan later in spring to early summer if the spring season is the one that suits you.

Summers get quite warm, the warmest month being August and temperatures climb into the 80s and 90s. The sun will come down with force during these summer months and light clothing and sunscreen, sun hats and sunglasses are definitely necessary.

Belgrade is known for having clear skies and a drier climate, but it can get quite windy in fall and winter. The months that see the most rain are May and June. If you are not bothered by the heat, the best times to come are mid June through the autumn.

One time to consider coming is for the  City Feast, Ascension Day celebration that includes a beautiful parade. This holiday is on a Thursday, 40 days after Easter.