Travel to Serbia, visit Belgrade

      When planning you next vacation, holiday or get away, consider making Belgrade your destination. While visiting Belgrade you will be able to see first hand the beautiufl architecture that the city has to offer. All of the Orthodox church's are beautiful and a real eye catcher. You will just love the way that this city falls in between the Danube River and the Sava River.

You can choose to tour by walking, bus and even by water. On a walking tour, you will learn about the city, it's people and places. You can walk the tour for the Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park.

If you would rather take a bus tour, you can schedule a 90 minute tour that allows you to see the beautiful architecture that Belgrade has to offer as well as the National Parliament and Belgrade City Hall just to name a few of the places on the tour.

Perhaps you would enjoy a tour by boat. You will find that Belgrade offers many boat tours. You will have the honor of beginning your cruise from quay near the Hotel Yugoslavia, and traveling to scenic spots such as the Belgrade Fortress and Park Kalemegdan. You can book your boat tour to include dinner and live music. The boat tours are usually about two and a half hours long and offer you a beautiful view of the city and the shoreline.

You will find a large selection of restaurants, diners, shops and bookstores. It won't take you long to figure out that the people of Belgrade love to party. There is an abundant supply of clubs, bars, floating bars, clubs that are on the river and underground clubs. It's nothing for the locals to party all night, go to work and then party again. All of this happens on Knez Mihailova street and works it way throughout the city.

For your shopping pleasures you will find many little shops that offer you a ton of homemade items. There are lovely lace, knitted woolens, oil painting and home made jewelry. You will be able to find some great collections to bring back home with you. You will also find great choices of vegetables and fruits too.

You will love that you can eat and drink at very affordable prices. The national cuisine is delicious. The Skadarska quarters will offer you some of the most lively places to dine and get a large variety of foods, drinks and fun. The foods are rich choices of German dishes and spicey choices of Turkish dishes.

For your accomodations, you will find that Belgrade has a large variety of hotels, hostels and even camp grounds. You might also rent a private room or a private flat to make your stay more comfortable and homely.

There is no doubt that you are going to have a great time visiting Belgrade and Serbia. You will want to make this one of the places that you will visit again and again. You will certainly be so happy that you ventured to Belgrade to enjoy all it has to offer.