The experience of driving in Belgrade is not very different to driving in any major European city. It may not be the most relaxed way of getting around but is a reasonable option for visitors arriving by car anyway and for business travellers who enjoy the added flexibility a rental affords. Although Belgrade's drivers do not rank high on the patience index nor are they particularly diligent with turn signalling, the main challenge for a first time visitor will likely be the lack of road signs giving directions towards major points of interest in the city. Having a GPS with an up to date cartography should be deemed essential.

Traffic rules and enforcement

If not otherwise determined by traffic signs the general speed limit of 50 kph should be observed. The law requires low beam headlights to be kept on during daytime. It is illegal to turn right on red unless there is a supplementary green arrow signal alight. Trams have the right of way over other vehicles. Yellow lanes are reserved for public transport vehicles. The use of mobile phones is prohibited with the exception of a hands-free device. Stopping or parking a vehicle on the sidewalk is generally not permitted unless there is a road sign indicating otherwise. The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.03%.

Fixed point speed, red light and yellow lane traffic enforcement cameras operate at various locations in the city. Additionally, mobile speed radars are operated by the police on routine basis. If pulled over, do not exit the vehicle - turn of the engine and remain seated.


It can be notoriously difficult to find a parking spot in central areas of Belgrade. Public garages are more likely to have spots available and impose no limits on the maximum duration of stay but are more expensive than parking in the street. There are four parking zones - red, yellow (amber rather), green and blue. They are marked by horizontal and vertical traffic signs. The maximum duration of stay is 1 hour in red, 2 hours in yellow and 3 hours in green zones. There is no limit in blue zones. Parking is charged from 7 am to 9 pm, Mon-Fri and from 7 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. Outside these hours, no parking restrictions are imposed in the zoned areas. Details on parking payment can be found here.

If you park in a legally marked spot but fail to pay, you risk running a fine but the vehicle is never clamped or towed. Conversely, if you park your vehicle illegally, it will get towed if spotted by the police. If you suspect your vehicle has been towed, you may use the dedicated internet service or contact  +381 11 3035400 to locate it on one of the impound lots.