Located at the very south of the State of Israel on the coast of the Red Sea and within close proximity to the Sinai Peninsula and the Arabian and Sahara deserts the climate of Eilat can be summed up with one word: DRY. Its climate is extremely hot and dry, and this is through much of the year. The temperatures in the summertime can reach well into the high 90s during the day,  and temperatures over 100 degrees at the peak of summer are not uncommon. Night time can occasionally be cooler, but never really chilly. 

Fortunately the clear and clean waters of the Red Sea are close by, and this is why Eilat is the most popular tourist destination in Israel. The hottest months are June through August but spring and fall both can be described as very warm as well, and at times unpredictably hot.

The wintertime weather can be a bit cooler, but even then temperatures are in the low to mid 80s, making for a destination that can really be enjoyed throughout the year. Snow is unheard of, and even rainfall is generally light. The sun can be extremely intense so be sure to have a hat if you’re trekking out in the desert. Wear sunscreen and be sure to drink plenty of water.