The resort city of Eilat is generally safe, but because of increased tensions in the world, visitors should be on alert while they’re traveling. Be sure to check on current events before your trip as the US State Department has issued warnings to US citizens in recent times.
The city of Eilat is generally more secular so it isn’t uncommon for female travelers to visit the city alone, and typically Western style dress is completely acceptable. At the beach resorts and nightspots it won’t be uncommon to see locals wearing cloths that would be scandelous in Jerusalem or Gaza!

Likewise, Israel ahs a large immigrant population, and English is commonly spoken, so it is easy to blend in without being seen as tourist. Still, be on guard in the less traveled areas as crimes against tourists have been on the rise. When on the go, be cautious at night, especially on Israel’s winding and hilly roads and watch for the locals. They do drive fast and at times aggressively so plan accordingly.

The drinking age in Israel is 18-years old, and the country has started to crack down on drinking and driving. The various bars and nightclubs in Eilat do card stringenetly but a foreign driver’s license is a generally acceptible form of identification, as is your passport.