Emergency Hot-lines 

In Israel, There are separate emergency hot-lines. The main ones are:


  • 100 - Police;
  • 101 - Ambulance;
  • 102 - Fire brigade. 
  • 1207 - Home-front Command.
  • The EU Emergency telephone number 112 also works and will connect you to the police call center.


Those number are available free of charge from all public payphones, local landlines and local cellular phones.



In case of a car accident:


When there are injuries:

  1. Help the injured!
  2. Call 100 for the police. Identify yourself and your location. Do not hang up your call before instructed to do so.
  3. Vehicles involved in an accident with casualties may NOT be moved without explicit order by a policeman (unless leaving the vehicles as is may cause severe damage to people).

When there are NO injuries:

  1. All involved vehicles should be moved out of the way to a safer place.
  2. If there is a damage claim by one of the involved drivers, all involved drivers MUST submit their details to each other. IMHO, details may include: Driver's identification number, driver's license number, vehicle license plate number, insurance policy number. If you cannot identify the documents, please use a local.
  3. Should an involved driver refrain from submitting his/her details, call 100 for the police.


Please be advised: You should copy the details from the original papers. Don't count on the driver's words.

Have a safe journey in Israel.