The most important thing for Pokhara visitors to know about the weather in the area is that this is one of the rainiest places throughout the entire region.  Even during the dry seasons, there is quite a bit of precipitation in this area so visitors should plan and pack accordingly.

Summers can get quite hot in Pokhara, because the temperatures are high and this combines with the high levels of precipitation to create a humid, heated climate.  The average summer temperature is in the high nineties.  The heaviest rain season is the monsoon season which starts in the middle of June and continues through September.  Travelers should avoid the area during this time.

Just after the monsoons, however, is an excellent time to head to the area.  October marks the beginning of the driest season in the area.  The weather is also nice at this time of year.  The coldest winter months have average temperatures of just below sixty degrees, but it can get colder in the mountainous regions.

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