For the general info on Annapurna Circuit trek look up Annapurna Trek Itinerary

There is plenty of ways to trek Annapurna Cicruit (not even counting side treks) and anyone who was going there more then once would tailor their own. So let's alternate the classic route and go not exactly by the book to save a day or two.

Version 1. For the slow but stubborn walkers.

Day 1: By road to Besisahar - Bhulbule (~780m) 3h 

There is really no reason to stay in Besi Sahar unless you have arrived at the dusk or end your trek there going clockwise. If you arrive to Besi Sahar around 3 pm / 15:00 you are still good to start trekking. It takes approximately 3 hours to walk to Bhulbule. You will arrive just before it gets dark. As of October 2015 the road had not much traffic at this time partially due to blockade and because generally traffic drops when it gets late.

As of October 2015 there is a tunnel that you have to pass now, not for a long time, but better to have a lamp or searchlight. 

If you arrive earlier you could trek further to Ngadi to make your next day easier. 

If you have enough time it is recommended to start trekking from Besi Sahar for a number of reasons: to support the local communities, get you fit before you hit the higher alttitude by warming your muscles through some legnthy walks and climbs and gradually gaining the altitude. 

Day 2: Bhulbule-Ngadi  to Tal (~1670m) 10h

It takes approximately 10 hours to walk from Bhulbule to Tal and less if you start from Ngadi or further down the road. This is recommended for at least two reasons: Tal is located at the beautiful former lake bed and has amazing light in the morning, when you cross the beautiful river and see a number of small waterfalls in the morning light. You save a day not staying in between. 

It will be strenuous walk, with a push before Tal, but hot/cold showers in Tal will take care of the tiredness.

Day 3: Tal to Timang (~2660m) 6h

It takes approximately 6 hours to reach Timang with some uphill walking before Timang. You can skip bustling Chame and opt for peaceful Timang surrounded by beautiful forest and famous for mapple trees. The morning light arrives in Timang early and sets the mood for a day in which you enter fir/pine forests. 

Tal after chame

Day 4: Tal to Upper Pisang (~3250m) 7h

It takes approximately 7h of easy walking. Upper Pisang's advantage is the better views (over Lower Pisang as well). If you want to skip acclimatisation in noisy Manang that is the place to do it.

before pisangpisang pisang2

Day 5-6: Upper Pisang to Manang (~3522m) 8h

It takes approximately 8 hours via the upper trail to get to Manang. You will walk uphill to Ghyaru (3780m) for about 2 hours. After that it will be comfortable walk via Ngawal (3h) and Braka (7h). Braka/Braga is another place to escape the crowd of Manang.

from manangfrom manang2from manang3from manang4 

Day 7: Manang to Yak Kharka (~4020m) 3.5h

It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours of easy walking to Yak Kharka, but if you want to extend your day and better prepare for the Thorung La pass you can detour via Kanghsar.

It takes about 2 hours to Kanghsar (3700m), then uphill walking around 1.5 hours to the top of the hill (~4110m) and then down to the river and onto Yak Kharka. But you have to inquire of the bridge condition because the logs can be frozen and impassable.

from manang1from manang13 

Day 8: Yak Kharka to Thorung Phedi (~4500m) 2h

from yak kharka 

Day 9: Crossing Thorung La (5400m) and going down to Muktinath.

It takes approximately 1-1.5 hours to get to High Camp. 5 hours from Base camp to Pass. And 3 to 4 hours down to Muktinatkh. 

As of October 2015 there are two blue barracks (different locations) installed on the slopes of Thorung La pass on the side of Mustang region. There are basics toilets attached, but no beds or benches, so it is really an emergency shelter.

You can stop short of Muktinath in the lodges next to the Thorung La bottom.

thorung lathorung la3thorung la2thorung la5 

Day 10: Muktinath to Kagbeni via Jhong. 5-6h

jhong jhong3jhong4

Day 11: Kagbeni to Marpha. 6h 

Day 12: Marpha to Larjung. 5h

from marpha from marpha3

Day 13: Larjung to Tatopani. 7h


You will reach Ghasa in about 4 hours and can stay overnight or can continue to Tatopani.