There are two main forms of public transportation that can be used for getting around the Christchurch area:  taxis and busses.

            Taxis are readily available throughout the city of Christchurch, with a number of companies offering services.  Fares are standard across the board.  See NZ Taxi Info for more information.  A few companies operating in the area can be found at Christchurch Taxis.

            The Christchurch Shuttle is a free bus service that makes laps around the central city area.  It is not only free, but also environmentally friendly, using electric hybrid vehicles.  For more information visit Free Shuttle.  

There are several bus companies that service the larger Christchurch area, including Red Bus Ltd .  The two major services offered by Red Bus are the City Flyer Airport Bus , and the Metrostar cross suburban bus.  The central bus station, called the Bus Exchange,  is located in downtown Christchurch, and has information about all available lines.   A complete Timetable of all available routes can be found on the Metroinfo website.  An electronic ticket called a Metrocard can be obtained from the Bus Exchange, which operates like a debit card - you load money onto the card (minimum $10), and your fare is deducted when you wave the card over a reader on entering the bus.  Fares for Metrocard users are lower than for passengers paying their fare in cash, so it's worth getting one if you're going to be in the city for several days.