There is lots of information about Christchurch available online, and should be looked at by those planning a trip to the area.

            A great place to begin looking is on the Christchurch City Website.  This is a very useful site for the first time traveler to the area.  On the left side of the homepage is a link called “About Christchurch”, which provides a brief yet informative history of the city, as well as statistical and demographic information.  The “Attractions” tab provides a calendar of events in the city as well as links to its major attractions, including the casino, museums and art centers.  The site also provides a handful of useful maps.

            Christchurch Tourism is another informative site geared specifically towards visitors to the city.  This site is useful for planning a vacation.  They also have a brilliant website for deals and special offers in the region - What's Hot

            Find:ChCh is a very useful website consisting of an interactive map of things to see, eat and do in Christchurch, as well as places to stay, or visit, and covers off the basics such as where to find a public toilet, ATM machine and free wifi.  The site is also available as a free app for smartphones and has all 3500 listings included in the web-based site as well as reviews of cafes, restaurants and bars from Press reviewers and special deals for discount food or drink.


            Weather can often times play a major role in deciding when to visit a certain area.  For real time weather information about Christchurch, visit Weather Now.  For monthly temperature and precipitation averages in Christchurch, check out Weather Averages.

            Although there are no foreign embassies located in Christchurch, there are some located in Auckland (North Island) and some in Wellington (South Island).  For a complete list throughout New Zealand, check out Foreign Embassies List.

Here are a few links to more tourist information: