Taxis and rental cars are both available in the Canterbury area.

There are many Taxi Companies based in Canterbury, and getting around by this form of transportation can be convenient and relatively inexpensive.  Cabs can be found outside of major public areas such as the train stations, but in less busy areas they can be hard to come by.  The best way to get a taxi is to call one of the available companies (found through the link above) ahead of time to arrange for a pick up.  Most hotels, restaurants, and bars will be happy to make this call for their customers.  Fares are determined by meters, which are government regulated and standard in all taxis.  Although fares will be relatively cheap within the Canterbury area, they will quickly become expensive if taking taxis to areas outside of the city.  If planning on doing extensive exploring, consider another form of transportation (see the Trip Advisor Getting Around page) such as a rental car.

There are a number of taxi ranks around the city centre. Ranks can be found at:

  • Canterbury West Railway Station
  • Canterbury East Railway Station
  • St George's Lane, outside Boots the Chemist adjacent to bus station.
  • Canterbury Lane & Link Lane, outside Superdrug
  • Rose Lane, beside Tesco Metro
If you want to book a taxi to take you to one of the airports you should do this in advance and also agree the fare in advance.  It is worth shopping around for the best price. 



A personal vehicle allows for great freedom and flexibility in exploring the area around Canterbury.   There are numerous Rental Car Companies located in Canterbury.   Note that the city encourages the use of the Park and Ride service when heading into the city center.   A car is not needed in this area, as everything is accessible by foot.