Canterbury has a mild climate, and can be visited during any month of the year.  However, certain times of the year are more suitable for outdoor activities than others. The longest daylight hours are during May, June & July.

Spring is a lovely time to visit, when the city's parks & gardens are at their best. Late March brings the daffodil displays but April is when the gardens burst into life with magnolias and cherry blossom. The countryside surrounding Canterbury has many orchards which will be in blossom then. The bluebell carpets in the nearby woodlands are at their best in early May. A sunny day with blue sky and light winds in April or May is very pleasant indeed and outdoor dining areas can be enjoyed.

Summer On average, the warmest months of the year are July and August, during which time the daily high temperatures will hover in the low 20s C, 70s F.  It rarely drops below 10C, 50F in summer nights. However there are often days and sometimes longer spells when summer highs are over 30C and with uncomfortable, humid nights. Generally though, June and September tend to have drier, more settled weather than July and August. When it's hot, people head to the popular beaches at Herne Bay or Whitstable which are less than 10 miles away.

Autumn  October & November offers opportunities to see the lovely autumnal colours in the surrounding woodlands. October weather can still be pleasant and crowds will be thinner.

Winter Daylight shortens considerably in December and the weather can grow more unsettled bringing a chance of snow. The coldest winter months of the year are January and February, during which time the daily high temperatures will generally reach the mid 40’s. On average, the nighttime temperatures stay a few degrees above freezing, but do drop into this range occasionally. The winters of 2009/2010 & 2010/2011 were two of the coldest winters for many years.

Rain and clouds can be expected any time of the year, but the winter season is considered the rainy season. 

The peak of the tourist season is during the summer.  However crowds noticeably increase from April onwards. Visiting outside of this time can be great for avoiding crowds and finding discounted prices on lodging and other things. Winter brings it's own charms in the run-up to Christmas with festive lighting and events, but is the busiest time of year for shopping.

For more weather information, check out this Canterbury Ten Day Forecast and this Monthly Weather Averages Page. The BBC weather forecast tends to be quite reliable too.