You can browse around Canterbury endlessly, changing your mind or theme or purpose or focus. Truly it is not possible to do Canterbury in one day. There's so how much you can do.  

Monday morning sunshine and a couple of inquiistive minds and you are ready for an eventful time! Walk into town from Wincheap via the Canterbury East Station footbridge onto the city wall with sun on your backs, as you are chatting away.  Great start.

Your goal is Burgate to check out the individual shops.  Ooops came down too soon by Carluccio's! Not a problem, just cut through Canterbury Lane after the Clock Tower and check out the boarded architecture on the left on Iron Bar Lane.  OK on the Burgate. Have you ever been Quex Barn? Very good!

What's the tower behind the glass? No time (again) to check this out.

There's a list but no logistics for this. Tricky as you will be tempted by most places that you pass. This is called spoilt for choice.  

Do you go for an ice-cream now at Morelli's in Longmarket ? But you haven't had lunch. Perhaps sit upstairs in Longmarket in Morelli's to have lunch and ice cream for dessert. Plenty of options here, Dane John Garden's, (the cabin sell ice cream too) Carluccio's or Cafe St Pierre or Debenhams.  Ahead there's No.12 on Sun Street. Good to see its busy. Never eaten there. First time for everything!  Notice that Hawkins Bazaar has re-opened but sadly, the independent jewellers is now empty.    

You've just had elevenses, enough of this. Through Sun Street onto Palace Street; part of the King's Mile.  Make your destination Lilford Gallery. What a good plan!  An independent gallery who supports local artists and encourages London art lovers here.  New artitst exhibiiting and the owner is delivering excellent customer service.  You'll love it in there. Always a warm welcome.  

 After culture and debate, lunch at Cafe St. Pierre on St. Peter's Street in the direction of the Westgate Towers.  From Palace Street into Guildhall Street where it meets the High Street.  Canterbury is filling up more as the sun continues to shine. At the cafe, there are more decisions to make, sit indoors or outside? And there's plenty of choice on the menu!!