If you're really determined to visit the beautiful Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island, you could try swimming there, but why not take an easier route? Cayman Airways is the islands' national airline and has been for 37 years. For travel between the islands (Cayman Brac or Little Cayman), you can take the Twin Otter Service. Other airlines offer flights to the islands as well, including American, Delta, US Airways, United, British Airways, JetBlue and WestJet.

Needless to say, many travelers enjoy arriving at Seven Mile Beach by way of an idyllic cruise. There's nothing like seeing the Caymans from the same vantage point that island discoverer, Christopher Columbus, saw them from over 500 years ago. Disney , Princess, Carnival, and Royal Cruise Lines are the most popular. Pick one. It's so much sweeter than arriving by air. 

Entry requirements for visitors to the Cayman Islands vary according to nationality and visitors from the US, UK and Canada do not require a Visa to enter the Cayman Islands. This is also the case for many other countries as well. For comprehensive information on travel requirements for those planning to visit the Cayman Islands, please also visit the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration's web site.

Click here to download a PDF document listing the visa requirements of residents of each country.

American citizens are required to have a valid passport and it is recommended that you visit the U.S. Department of State's web site for additional information on travel document requirements.

For Canadian citizens, passports are not required but proof of Citizenship is. Proof of Citizenship may include a passport or a birth certificate with a raised seal along with a photo I.D. such as a driver's license.

If you are bringing a photocopy of a birth certificate as proof of citizenship, please ensure that the copy has been notarised by a Notary Public. Passports should be valid beyond the date of your scheduled departure from the Cayman Islands.

Visas are not required by cruise passengers visiting the Cayman Islands.