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Andrea W wrote a review Dec 2021
Doncaster, England, United Kingdom10 contributions6 helpful votes
I don't even know where to start! Arrived at Port 3 hrs before check in as our holiday company pre booked the taxi. Told we had to wait 3hrs for our check in time which was the earliest I could get online at 2.30. Waited patiently for our slot approached the que only to be asked why have you been sat here 3 hrs haven't you done you covid test yet....well no we followed your instructions. Got bus to covid test site had tests didn't really know where we were going so followed the crowds. Sat and waited for emails response and waited and waited. 45 mins later it transpired there internet was down! Waited in a long que to get results from staff. Told we could move to boarding. Got to security and showed them all the information we had used to board a plane at Manchester, a plane at Heathrow and to enter Barbados for a weeks holiday prior to sailing only to be told proof of me having my 3rd booster wasn't enough and I needed to show my jab one and two! They repeatedly asked for paperwork which doesn't exist in the UK. Our covid info is on the app but with the port Internet connection down icouod not zccess my records. I stood there for 40mins trying to explain how could I have had my booster without 1&2 first to finally be assisted by a man in white who let my hotspot from his phone. By now it's 5.30 so 6hrs of been at port. Get on board we've missed our safety briefing so join another. We've no idea where our 5.30 dinner slot is at as no information is available so we find guest services it's now 7pm she's shocked we have managed to miss our slot! But takes us immediately to the dinner hall. We are both in shorts and t-shirt still hungry thirsty and fed up so just sit sheepishly ordering.
Day 2 Granada.....have breakfast get ready leave the ship. Walk through port only to be turned back? Try other exit again refused? Turns out we can only exist port if we have a trip prebooked! Embarrassed we return to the ship to puzzled looking staff asking "back already. Go to customer service and complain about lack of information! Get some money from cash machine que back at customer service for lower demonisation notes que is now huge and many complaining about not been told they couldn't leave the ship que at excursion section is loud and long also. Decide to stay on the ship find our bearings and chill.
Day 3 we've paid for a minimum excursion as we hadn't budgeted for them. Guide pointing out banks petrol stations and other various sites we are not interested in....views are great apart from numerous abandoned vehicles along the way. Spend an hour at a coco shop encouraged to spend silly money on tat we don't want...13 dollars for a small bar of chocolate! We drive out to the beach on our itinerary only to be told 10mins then back to the bus! Another drive thankfully seeing some nice sights thfn back to the ship. 3hrs of doing what we hadn't really chosen but at least we had go of the ship for part of the day. The rest of our week consists of much the same the only port we can get off at and explore is the last port
We only get to stay off till 1.30 and need to return to the ship as we are sailing back.
Our travel summary we had since March had somehow changed so 2 ports were changed without informing us. We did not visit Trinidad or Tobago. We finally got a letter on our bed regarding which ports we could and couldn't get off at freely on Wed's. Out of the 6 ports visited only one Antigua was free to travel around.
This us not what we signed up for and had we been informed prior to travel we would have cancelled our trip to a later date. To add Barbados to the itinerary on day one and 7 us a pure joke. This is not part of the cruise is it simply a boarding and departure point and to add gratuity charges for both days is just insulting. On that point expect $14.50 per person each day so almost$30 dollars added per day for 8 days adding $240 dollars to your bill. You self serve at breakfast and lunch. If you don't have a drinks package then no service there. So we are been forced to tip €30 dollars for dinner service. We want to customer service and obviously because this information is not freely offered or agreed to they can remove it and we tip our servers and cabin staff accordingly at the end of the week.
No Internet and the packages are extortionate better to buy a roaming package through your own supplier. Constantly hassled to have your pictures taken because you guessed it you get to buy them at the end. The whole trip was just aimed at forcing you to spend. Even soft drinks cost extra. All in all its put me off ever returning to Royal Caribbean its tiny cabins and terrible showers. No robes conditioner or basic items you get in a basic hotel. No kettle or even phone charge points good job I remembered an adapter made it anything but royally disappointing. Next time we'll try Viking as all the above are included in the price.
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Sail Date: December 2021
Cabin Type: Inside
Type of Trip: Couple
Destination: Caribbean
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas

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Alan S wrote a review 18 May
1 contribution
First time on Royal Caribbean, we have been on over20 cruises but none as bad as anthem,getting drinks almost impossible, getting seats almost as bad, cancellation of there premium show,then trapped as we tried to depart and having to wait for over 3 hours while they corrected there bank connection with hundreds of fellow passengers, many more issues to long to list.not worth the money.but there are some great cruise lines out there.
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JGW wrote a review 16 May
1 contribution
First cruise in two years, staff were very efficient and friendly. First night lack of choice most off the wine on the menu was unavailable, and the bar had no draught beer. Entertainment was good. Went to bed the mattress was so uncomfortable and lumpy we could not sleep. Next morning spoke to the steward who fixed the problem. Second night draught Miller Lite was the only beer on tap. We were really looking forward to the main entertainment "We Will Rock You" and arrived at the theatre at 1:30 only to be told the show was cancelled 20 minutes before it was due to start. We have been on several cruises with large and small companies the standard of food was the worst we have ever tasted.
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D L wrote a review 16 May
2 contributions
This was a two night cruise on the Anthem, I’ve been cruising before but my daughter who accompanied me was a first timer so I wanted it to be fab for her. Unfortunately it was only fab on the evening we boarded. The ship is really nice, our room was great , lots of space to move around, and plenty of storage space too. The staff were polite and helpful, although is you asked them a question re drinks packages, timings, etc you often didn’t get told the right answer, there seemed to be a breakdown in communication, not because of language but because this was the first cruise of the season sailing from the UK so it was a bit of a guessing game. There was a kettle and sugar/sweeteners in the cabin but no tea and coffee, this seemed to be the same throughout the ships cabins, we asked for the tea and coffee sachets to be put in our cabin but were told they hadn’t arrived before we sailed, well it was a bit pointless giving us kettles and sugar then. I’m coeliac so require gluten free food, I had filled out a form prior to sailing to inform them of this. However, the gluten free station was only open the day we sailed and closed thereafter. There was little choice of food and no offerings of gluten free cakes or pastries except for a yuk sugar free cake on the last day. I was charged the same cruise cost as other passengers, those who are lucky enough to be able to eat anything, yet my food choice was extremely limited. I feel royal Caribbean could have made more effort for us who for a medical reason have to follow a strict gluten free diet. It’s health roulette for coeliacs in the buffet restaurant guessing what was or wasn't gluten free, even things like meat, mash, veg etc that are naturally gluten free, but were they prepared in a gluten free environment? OMG the queuing for customer relations was diabolical, they kept stopping peoples cruise cards, you wouldn’t know anything until you went to order something, it would be denied and you’d get told you’d have to go to customer relations, but you would have to join an hour long queue joining all the other guests with the same problem. It was a nightmare, the queue was getting longer and longer each time we had to go back to customer relations (three times). It didn’t matter what time of the day or night it was, there was constantly a huge slow queue 24/7. On the final day, unaware there was a problem, we and hundreds of other passengers went to disembark, got as far as scanning our cruise card, only to be told to return to customer relations. The queue when we joined it was then an hour and a half long but by the time we had been served the queue was a around three hours long full of fed up passengers wanting to get off the ship but told to go to customer relations. The ship seemed to have a problem contacting the banks to get payments, I checked with my bank that my cards weren’t blocked and they weren’t so why the ship was having so many problems is a mystery. When I reached the desk the payment went through fine so I didn't need to go to the desk at all. I think what was happening was they tried to take payments, had a problem and immediately blocked peoples cruise cards without trying a second time. The evening entertainment In the theatre Frankie and the Dreamers on the first night was fantastic! The whole audience was enjoying it, they really got everyone going we loved it. However on the second night the big theatre show ‘we will rock you’ which we were excited about seeing was cancelled due to technical reasons, so that really was the icing on the “non existent gluten free” cake' It’s such a shame, because for my daughter it was her first cruise and she doesn’t fancy going on another now because of the payment and customer relations fiasco, we spent over three hours of our our two night cruise queuing for customer relations when it was them causing the problem not us. Royal Caribbean need to sort themselves out quickly with The Anthem Of The Seas sailing from Southampton this year there will be a lot more complaints and bad reviews from fed up passengers. We won’t be booking with them in future and many fellow passengers were saying the same.
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Sarah wrote a review 15 May
1 contribution1 helpful vote
as a coeliac i completed a form before boarding and was assured GF options would be available. Using the windjammer buffet, i was very disappointed that the designated GF area had very little options (toast and beans, fresh fruit) and at dinner was completely shut, leaving me not knowing what i could safely eat. However, chef staff were helpful to plate up fresh GF food from the kitchen after talking through my options from the main buffet and staff in the Solarium bistro were also helpful. I find it very disappointing that having paid the fare the same and everyone else, that my extremely limited food options ruined my experience, as i have a medical condition and felt like i was not catered for as promised. Excursion to Paris was also a bit disappointing as it was a very long day (as we were aware) but only had a few hours there (due to late leaving and misunderstanding about timings with other passengers) and the guide was not communicative at all. I am not sure about cruising with Royal Caribbean again at this point.
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Lola wrote a review 15 May
Cornwall, United Kingdom12 contributions7 helpful votes
Just back from a weekend cruise from Southampton to France with friends, and have travelled with RC before. At the port we were refused entry although we were all fully vaccinated, had submitted proof of vaccinations and had done LFT’s. We had to dash off to a private provider to get urgent tests done (we were not the only ones), luckily the company (Regenerative well-being) were excellent and gave us our results really quickly. Had we had to wait 4 hours (the usual testing time and a more expensive option as the results were quicker) we all would have missed our holiday. Then back at the port the WiFi was down and there was no signal so none of us could get our e-mail results, and staff refused to telephone the company. My partner had to walk back outside some distance to be able to get a signal to get the e-mail. Having re-read all the e-mails from RY, the instructions aren’t clear as the supervised testing requirement is effectively in the “unvaccinated” paragraphs- it does not mention this in the vaccinated instructions, and simply says we needed to complete an LFT. I have travelled several times in Europe recently and have had no issue with the covid requirements and paperwork but I felt that the RC instructions were not clear at all. Staff said they had already sent 20 people to the testing site after trying to board, and the testing company were rapidly selling out of available slots so I think quite a few people would have missed their cruise. We have been sent dozens of marketing emails from RC but not one e-mail that made it clear that fully vaccinated travellers needed to pay for a private LFT test as well. The food and staff are great and we did enjoy the weekend…..however the boat seemed really full. We struggled to get a lounger on deck as all of them had towels on…..but not all of them were being used. Most of the bars were full all the time and we struggled to get seats in the evenings. A minor niggle to add was that we had paid in full (about a year ago) for the drinks package. This was cancelled days before the cruise as RC said it was an error on their part and should not have been available. They did give us some on board credit to apologise which was a nice gesture, but we only got refunded the money after we had left the ship. This could have put some people in a difficult financial situation if they didn’t have a credit card to cover what had already been paid for.
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