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David C wrote a review Oct 2021
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Received an email less that 48 hours before sailing to say that there would be no kids club due to a previous covid infection (hopefully they did a deep clean of the whole ship!). There was no effort to put on any age appropriate activities for young children. If you have children DO NOT book a cruise with Royal Caribbean.

We looked forward to a swim but had to queue for 20 minutes (nobody had masks on because they were about to go into a pool) for a 10 minute splash about.

To add insult to injury, families with young children can’t even get off the boat at the various destinations without booking one of their overpriced excursions. It turned out that this had been communicated via email two months before sailing. The email in question was 90% promotional and marketing material with a small print nod to the fact that you’re imprisoned on the ship if you don’t want to pay £200 for your family to get off on an excursion where you’re mixing with the general public anyway.

After being sent around the houses trying to figure out a whether we could get a partial refund and just make our own way home, we were fobbed off by customer services.

Needless to say, we won’t be booking again.
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Sail Date: October 2021
Cabin Type: Balcony
Type of Trip: Family (young kids)
Destination: Europe
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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Andrea W wrote a review Dec 2021
Doncaster, England, United Kingdom8 contributions4 helpful votes
I don't even know where to start! Arrived at Port 3 hrs before check in as our holiday company pre booked the taxi. Told we had to wait 3hrs for our check in time which was the earliest I could get online at 2.30. Waited patiently for our slot approached the que only to be asked why have you been sat here 3 hrs haven't you done you covid test yet....well no we followed your instructions. Got bus to covid test site had tests didn't really know where we were going so followed the crowds. Sat and waited for emails response and waited and waited. 45 mins later it transpired there internet was down! Waited in a long que to get results from staff. Told we could move to boarding. Got to security and showed them all the information we had used to board a plane at Manchester, a plane at Heathrow and to enter Barbados for a weeks holiday prior to sailing only to be told proof of me having my 3rd booster wasn't enough and I needed to show my jab one and two! They repeatedly asked for paperwork which doesn't exist in the UK. Our covid info is on the app but with the port Internet connection down icouod not zccess my records. I stood there for 40mins trying to explain how could I have had my booster without 1&2 first to finally be assisted by a man in white who let my hotspot from his phone. By now it's 5.30 so 6hrs of been at port. Get on board we've missed our safety briefing so join another. We've no idea where our 5.30 dinner slot is at as no information is available so we find guest services it's now 7pm she's shocked we have managed to miss our slot! But takes us immediately to the dinner hall. We are both in shorts and t-shirt still hungry thirsty and fed up so just sit sheepishly ordering. Day 2 Granada.....have breakfast get ready leave the ship. Walk through port only to be turned back? Try other exit again refused? Turns out we can only exist port if we have a trip prebooked! Embarrassed we return to the ship to puzzled looking staff asking "back already. Go to customer service and complain about lack of information! Get some money from cash machine que back at customer service for lower demonisation notes que is now huge and many complaining about not been told they couldn't leave the ship que at excursion section is loud and long also. Decide to stay on the ship find our bearings and chill. Day 3 we've paid for a minimum excursion as we hadn't budgeted for them. Guide pointing out banks petrol stations and other various sites we are not interested in....views are great apart from numerous abandoned vehicles along the way. Spend an hour at a coco shop encouraged to spend silly money on tat we don't want...13 dollars for a small bar of chocolate! We drive out to the beach on our itinerary only to be told 10mins then back to the bus! Another drive thankfully seeing some nice sights thfn back to the ship. 3hrs of doing what we hadn't really chosen but at least we had go of the ship for part of the day. The rest of our week consists of much the same the only port we can get off at and explore is the last port We only get to stay off till 1.30 and need to return to the ship as we are sailing back. Our travel summary we had since March had somehow changed so 2 ports were changed without informing us. We did not visit Trinidad or Tobago. We finally got a letter on our bed regarding which ports we could and couldn't get off at freely on Wed's. Out of the 6 ports visited only one Antigua was free to travel around. This us not what we signed up for and had we been informed prior to travel we would have cancelled our trip to a later date. To add Barbados to the itinerary on day one and 7 us a pure joke. This is not part of the cruise is it simply a boarding and departure point and to add gratuity charges for both days is just insulting. On that point expect $14.50 per person each day so almost$30 dollars added per day for 8 days adding $240 dollars to your bill. You self serve at breakfast and lunch. If you don't have a drinks package then no service there. So we are been forced to tip €30 dollars for dinner service. We want to customer service and obviously because this information is not freely offered or agreed to they can remove it and we tip our servers and cabin staff accordingly at the end of the week. No Internet and the packages are extortionate better to buy a roaming package through your own supplier. Constantly hassled to have your pictures taken because you guessed it you get to buy them at the end. The whole trip was just aimed at forcing you to spend. Even soft drinks cost extra. All in all its put me off ever returning to Royal Caribbean its tiny cabins and terrible showers. No robes conditioner or basic items you get in a basic hotel. No kettle or even phone charge points good job I remembered an adapter made it anything but royally disappointing. Next time we'll try Viking as all the above are included in the price.
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Terry G wrote a review Nov 2021
London, United Kingdom85 contributions18 helpful votes
Royal Caribbean asked for my feedback and this is what I sent to them. I have had no response from them at all. This was our first cruise. It was a last-minute decision as we didn’t want to go abroad with the traffic light system in place and thought this would be a great experience. We usually book online, but as this was our first cruise, I decided to call and get the information while booking. We asked to be put in a cabin with the least movement and paid for the privilege – we were put on deck 10, it was only after boarding that we realised this was a high deck and on night three got very little sleep. We should have been on 7 or 8. We were told we would get a lovely table for two in the restaurant – we were put on a table set for 4 next to the entrance. The manager moved us, but we were cramped next to the staff station in the back corner. The cabin was lovely, the bed was comfortable and there was so much space for clothes. Why then is the toilet roll and shower gel so cheap? We only ever stay in 4/5 star hotels when we go away of which was believed this would be the same standard, but the toilet paper was so thin it was practically useless and the 2-in-1 shower gel/shampoo was so cheap, it dried out my skin, to the point of it breaking. I’m only 42 and there were a lot of much older people with possibly much more sensitive skin. Moisturiser and conditioner are essential for most people. This should be standard. I don’t want to have to bring all of these things with me when I go on holiday. I shouldn’t have to. Our room attendant (Adiputra) was fantastic. The room was always clean and tidy and we really enjoyed the towel animals. They were a nice touch, but perhaps that time and money could be spent on more essential items. We really disliked the first two days of our cruise. Your app really only caters to the people who have been on board before. You leave out the finer details which are important, especially to new customers. When we first boarded, we strolled around the ship for a few hours, taking it all in. When we went back to our room, we decided to book in some experiences – most of them had all been reserved. It would have been good to know to book as soon as we had access to the wifi. We were sent far too many emails before our trip, most of them adverts. Buy this, book this now, look at this – on repeat. This meant than any information we needed was lost in the din. On the instruction of one of the emails, I was told to download the app and all the information we needed was there. Great! But it wasn’t. On day two, four gratuity charges were logged at different times on our app. We had no idea why and began to panic. After speaking to Guest Services, the next day, we were told this was because they couldn’t charge us on day one so they were added, for both of us, on day two. I asked where this information was before we boarded and he told us it wasn’t and to mention it here, so I am. No doubt, for frequent passengers, this is expected, but how were we to know? The shows: I’m a writer, a former actor and stage/television director, so I do know a few things about live entertainment. We saw We Will Rock You and didn’t enjoy it. That isn’t really your fault; the show is badly written with shoehorned Queen songs in. The problem was that we had were no interval – why not? I needed the toilet half way through, I would have liked another drink and would really have liked to not have seen Act 2. We were sitting in the middle of the row, so didn’t want to disturb people by walking past them. The second problem was that the whole show was leading up to them all singing Bohemian Rapsody – but they didn’t. Tagging it on to the end, outside of the show, made it worse. Why not just incorporate it in? It was a show we didn’t enjoy, but that didn’t even make sense at the end. We also saw the cabaret show, Spectra. There were elements of this which were excellent, but it wasn’t cohesive. There was nothing linking the segments together and it felt disjointed and jarring. Also, why were the screens the star of the show. There were a cast of live singers and dancers and yet our focus was being pulled towards the robo-screens. Surely, the cast should have been the focus. At times, the dancers were so badly lit, you couldn’t even see them. I know from watching Joff’s presentation of the screens that you spent a lot of money on them, but they are still just screens and can be used better to accompany a show, not dominate. Food: Breakfast was a bit of a mess to be honest. It was busy, with no one knowing where to go or what to do. Finding a table was sometimes problematic, finding the food you wanted without crashing into other people was also a challenge, especially so soon after waking up. Getting drinks was slow, getting toast was slower and the offerings were usually dry, overcooked or didn’t taste great. Breakfast wasn’t great – it wasn’t even as good as some of the greasy spoons here in London. We travel (used to travel) in Asia quite a lot and it was nice to see an egg station, but it was far too slow and the eggs were never that great, even though they were cooked fresh. For lunch, we would wander around and pick things up wherever we found ourselves. We eat lunch later, so it was always a shame that most places closed at 3pm, we did like the offerings at Two70. We didn’t know there was a Starbucks until a few days in – it was great – would have been even better if we’d known about it! Dinner – we were seated in The Grande. After the problem with the table on our first night and being moved again on the second night, even though it wasn’t the table we were promised or wanted, we did make friends with the table next to us and really enjoyed the food. Our server Elaisa and assistant Ian were fantastic. They were friendly, helpful and attentive without interrupting. The menu offerings were good with some days shining much brighter than others. Day 3’s menu is terrible and needs changing. This was echoed by everyone we spoke to, including staff! Drinks. We really enjoyed drinking mocktails, but why isn’t there a mocktails menu? The QR code only shows alcohol. This is not good for anyone who doesn’t want to drink alcohol. And when we asked (everyone) for a mocktails menu, we were told there wasn’t one. We couldn’t even go online to check – even with the Voom as it was either too slow or wouldn’t open Wiki for some reason? My husband doesn’t like alcohol, so he rarely drinks. For this reason, we got the refreshments package as we were told we couldn’t get the alcohol package for just one person in the room. It wasn’t a big problem as I’m not especially a big drinker, I think the most I had was four in one day – but after speaking with other people on the ship, I was told I should have been offered the package for just one of us. In fact, there were a lot of things we were not told which we only found out through making friends on board. The reason I called was to make sure we knew everything and yet I don’t feel I was given the level of service I’d hoped for when I called Royal Caribbean to make this booking. Voom. WHY???? We know you need to make money, but this service is beyond appalling. Not only are you changing an extraordinary amount for the service, it is terrible. The basic package shouldn’t exist as it doesn’t work and the surf and stream package is still slow and laggy. We spent more in two days on internet charges than we pay a month for 200gb wifi with TV and phone at home. I know we’re at sea, but we’re just off the coast of Britain. It is quite clear you are blocking our phones on board as when we sit by a window on the side facing land, we get reception. THIS actually puts us off sailing with you again more so than anything else! Points system with Crown and Anchor. We sorted this at Guest Services and were told our cards with double points would be left in our rooms. They weren’t. We have no email and don’t know what happens with our points now. In summary, I’ve taken the time to write this rather long answer because on the whole, we really enjoyed our time on the cruise and would like to go back, but there are some things that need to change before we do. The shower gel in the room needs to have moisturiser. We’re British, we don’t have air-con, so staying in a room with air-con is going to dry our skin and then washing with cheap soap is only making it worse. Stop blocking our phones and make the internet packages cheaper. I have never had to pay for WiFi in any hotel I’ve ever stayed in. I understand we’re in the sea and don’t mind paying for that service, but you’re charging far too much. You will push more younger people away if you continue this. We’re of the age when most people start to go on cruises, but we will remember how bad it is for internet use – something which is essential for modern life. Toilet paper. Why would you make this so thin? We had to use far too much of it just to protect our hands. We didn’t know we could put our cases under the bed because no where told us there was space there. We didn’t know there were tissues in the drawer until day 5. Why wasn’t there an iron in the room or a trouser press other than you wanting to make more money from laundry service? Given that there were 2 formal-themed nights during our stay, denying this basic service seemed like it was taking advantage of the situation. Why was the alcohol package so expensive compared to other cruises? Not all Brits are alcoholics. We all heard about the chav with the neck tattoo who drank 36 Pornstar Martini’s on his first night and was called into the office, but that’s not all of us and in fact, with it costing so much, people will always need to get their money’s worth. You won’t put off the alcoholics but you will discriminate everyone else, like me. Why were the crew drills done in the morning on Day 4? We work late every day, so our wake-up times are also later. At home, we don’t eat dinner until 9pm and go to bed at 3am. Being abruptly woken up at 7:30am after only 4 hours sleep does not make our holiday a special one. This also goes for check out. Every single hotel in the world has check out at 11am – midday. Yours? 6-8am. We understand you have to turn around the ship for the oncoming guests, but we are still guests on board. Have the checkout at 11am and start bringing the new people on board at 1pm. There is no need to kick us out so early! Except for the Casino and the abrupt and rather grumpy bar server in the Music Hall (we won’t go there again!), the staff were brilliant. Always smiling, always helpful and excellent service. Some went above and beyond and we actually gave extra gratuity to a few people. The ship is clean and well presented, but it wasn’t always easy to find a free space to sit in the bars or breakfast hall and we worry how much worse it would be at full capacity. The photographs are a nice touch, but like everything on board, cost too much and aren’t stamped with Royal Caribbean to show where it was taken. We bought the one we liked for $25. The solarium is lovely in the hot tubs, but the “pools” are just shallow seating areas with water. It is not possible to swim in them and the main pool is full of families and actually isn’t that big. Having the LGBT meet-ups is fantastic and thank you for providing those. We met two great couples and a solo-traveller who we spent every night with and have all added each other to Whatsapp. We feel we’ve made some great friends. But why oh why do we have to pay simply to message people on board? We can’t use the internet and now if we want to get in touch with someone we’ve met, we have to pay another $2 a day just to do that. STOP PUSHING PEOPLE AWAY! Do you want returning customers? The internet is a huge part of my generation and even more so for every generation after me. You get this wrong now and you will not have people booking cruises with you in the future. It might not be a problem for the older crowd, but it very much is for everyone else. Water – is the tap water in the room drinkable? Nowhere told us and the staff didn’t know – so throughout the night, we had to get dressed and go down to Sorento’s just to fill up our water bottles. We need more and better information! I’m glad we did this cruise. We met some great people and experienced life on board a ship, even though we were just off the coast of the UK. It felt like a good introduction. Would we do it again? We’re not sure. It’s almost there, but the negatives are a big problem and something we shouldn’t even have to raise for a company with such prestige and high prices. It feels like you’re so focused on your returning customers, you’re forgetting the first timers. The little details aren’t there, the finer touches have been forgotten and the modern bare essentials are a disgrace. You have an ever-aging clientele, you should be mindful of that and be much more welcoming to the younger generations.
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T C wrote a review Oct 2021
1 contribution4 helpful votes
Our November 8th Cruise will be the first for my 70 year old parents and In-laws (total 3 balcony and Suite). It will our 6th and last with Royal Caribbean. We booked and fully paid for the cruise (special restaurants and excursion) in July. On October first we were informed that our 7day itinerary would be shortened by 1 day. Port in Bahamas was cancelled due to Pandemic. When the itinerary was changed all of our dinners and excursions were cancelled. We decided to keep the cruise but it has been a nightmare to rebook our dinners and the cabana. After a total of 12 hours across a couple of days on the phone we were able to rebook our dinners but still cannot see them on our account. This would not be an issue aside from the fact that multiple times during our calls to Royal Caribbean we were misinformed that our dinner bookings were cancelled after the rebook. I have no confidence that when I arrive with my family that our reservations will be intact. Even worse, we booked and fully paid $999 for a cabana in July. Royal Caribbean cancelled our cabana in early October due to the itinerary change and is now charging us $1499 for the same cabana. Basically they had use of my $999 for 4 months, cancel my reservation due to a change facilitated by them, and make me pay an additional $500 for the same cabana. So because I’m a glutton for punishment I rebook the cabana in October paying $999 + using my $500 ship credit only to find out that the $500 ship credit was a “misunderstanding” on my part. On October 1st Royal Caribbean sent out a letter regarding the change in itinerary. The message clearly stated that “to Sweeten the deal” if we kept our booking on the cruise they were awarding $200 per suite and $50 per additional guest. When I booked the cruise in July I was given $300 in ship credit. The “sweetener” should have added an additional $300 of ship credit (total $600). I was informed that the $300 “sweetener” represented the $300 ship credit I was given in July (WTF!). If that was the case the letter should have stated that instead of clearly stating that this was a “sweetener” or some show of appreciation for not rescheduling or cancelling the cruise. At the end of the day this is less about the money and more about being treated fairly. I do not think in this case Royal Caribbean showed that they value loyal customers. Hopefully the cruise will be more enjoyable that what we’ve endured during this process.
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Anne W wrote a review Oct 2021
2 contributions7 helpful votes
This cruise was to celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary which was in fact last year. My wife and I have been shielding from Covd-19 and we wanted to stay within the UK. The cruise ticked the right boxes as we also wanted to take our son our daughter-in-law and grandson with us. We cannot fault the ship or most of the crew and a ship of this size was a new experience for us. The problem stemmed from Royal Caribbean’s interpretation of COVID-19 rules. This was not only a problem for us but many other passengers on the ship. Our grandson is 13 years old and is one of a few teenagers in the UK to have had a COVID vaccination, which he wanted prior the holiday, some 3 weeks earlier. Just two days before boarding he had a PCR test (like we all did) and passed this. On arriving in Southampton we queued for over 1 hour to get through security and when we arrived at the gate our grandson was pulled over and asked to have another Covid test (lateral flow). This wasted another 90 mins and of course it was very stressful for all of us. As expected he passed. Now we are on the ship. We are looking forward to getting off in Liverpool and then Belfast but our grandson was not allowed, so nobody got off because he could not be left alone. The reason given for not being allowed to leave was because he has only had one Covid vaccination. Well at 13 years old that is all he can have and all he needs. He is fully vaccinated. We tried to book one of their organised trips at hugely inflated prices but nothing was available. He would have been allowed to join the ships organised tours which in fact still mixed with the general public. There were many families in the same predicament and the cruise personnel were less than helpful. Apparently, crew members were isolating because they had come into contact with infected people and this restricted activities. Our grandson should have been allowed off the ship and our family would have experienced a better cruise. The person in charge of the customer services was worse than useless and threatened me with security when I asked that he come out of his office and face at least 20 other passengers who had the same grievances. What happened really spoilt our holiday and there was no reason why we could not have taken our grandson off the ship at the ports we stopped at. Yesterday, our son who was on the cruise with us, got pinged by the NHS App saying he has come into contact with someone that has just been tested positive for coronavirus and the date coincides with us being on the ship. It was no more of a risk being able to disembark the ship at either Liverpool or Belfast than having to stay onboard. I was really upset with the way I was treated by the Customer Services Manager (Baris) and the situation with the angry passengers was getting ugly. Apparently, some passengers did insist on leaving the ship with their children but were refused entry back on. This information came from the cruise director. Our cruise did not coincide with most schools being on half term. The cruise that started on Monday 25th apparently has a lot more children on board. If the managers of the cruise continue with the same policy of not allowing children off at the ports, then more problems will be brewing this week. I feel we were treated quite badly by the cruise managers and did not feel they were in any way sympathetic to our problem. I hope more passengers that were on this cruise express similar views via Tripadvisor, if this was their experience.
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David C wrote a review Oct 2021
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Received an email less that 48 hours before sailing to say that there would be no kids club due to a previous covid infection (hopefully they did a deep clean of the whole ship!). There was no effort to put on any age appropriate activities for young children. If you have children DO NOT book a cruise with Royal Caribbean. We looked forward to a swim but had to queue for 20 minutes (nobody had masks on because they were about to go into a pool) for a 10 minute splash about. To add insult to injury, families with young children can’t even get off the boat at the various destinations without booking one of their overpriced excursions. It turned out that this had been communicated via email two months before sailing. The email in question was 90% promotional and marketing material with a small print nod to the fact that you’re imprisoned on the ship if you don’t want to pay £200 for your family to get off on an excursion where you’re mixing with the general public anyway. After being sent around the houses trying to figure out a whether we could get a partial refund and just make our own way home, we were fobbed off by customer services. Needless to say, we won’t be booking again.
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