Amargosa Hotel & Opera House - August 3032 Update

Latest visitor updates from Death Valley Junction:

Amargosa Hotel is open, with sporadic bookings until late September and October. They have really missed their European guests, especially the large number from Germany. People can reserve through the hotel booking site or call the hotel at 760-852-4441. Do not take a chance on walking in; on days with no bookings, the hotel is closed.

Amargosa Opera House is again giving tours daily at 9 am and 5 pm, on days the hotel is open and hosting guests (so, call to confirm). Tours are $15, and worth it to see Marta Becket’s amazing murals. At this time, there is no estimated date for resuming live performances; they lack the staff and financial resources to support the planning, promotion, and management of live performances for some time. So they are doing tours only, and you can help provide needed financial support in this way if you’ll be in the area.

Amargosa Cafe is closed, but they hope to have enough staff and resources to reopen it in the future. (For those passing through the area, the closest restaurant service is at the Longstreet Inn & Casino, about 8 miles north, or in the Furnace Creek area in the park).

Other services: there is a dry campground across from the hotel, $8.00 a night. It has porta-potties which also serve as public restrooms. Visitors can buy water for $5.00 a gallon at the hotel, which is not local spring water but retail bottled water.

For those who have appreciated Marta Becket’s artistry and the continuing Amargosa Opera House programs, a GoFundMe campaign is ongoing to preserve her legacy and provide cultural opportunities for the Death Valley area into the future.