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Air Pollution in April. Does it matter where you stay?

Eden Prairie...
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Air Pollution in April. Does it matter where you stay?

Hi there. I’m going with a group and one has asthma and another is immuno compromised. Another thread enlightened me on the smog and pollution and I am alarmed. Is it better in mid-April? Does it matter what part of Delhi you stay in? Part of me thinks the south in a leafy suburb would be better, but not if it’s pervasive everywhere.

Thank you to this forum for all the wisdom! And thank you in advance for your advice.

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New Delhi, India
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1. Re: Air Pollution in April. Does it matter where you stay?


Yes Delhi pollution level is not good but all the news that you have been heard are for the brief period of 15 - 20 days in November last year(for that even the government is concerned and are planning to take actions). Mostly the pollution level in Delhi are moderate(not best) but that shouldn't cause any trouble to your friends.

Hope you have a great stay in India.

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2. Re: Air Pollution in April. Does it matter where you stay?

Delhi’s air pollution has earned it the unenviable title of “most polluted city in the world”. And although it was particularly bad in November 2016 and 2017, the bad air pollution is not just limited to those months - today for example, the figures are “hazardous” or “very unhealthy” in different parts of Delhi: http://aqicn.org/map/india/.

You can look at the map on that website to try to,see if there are areas of Delhi where pollution is lower - I couldn’t see a clear pattern myself. But psychologically, being in a leafy green area will seem better! And before choosing a hotel you can ask if they monitor indoor air quality themselves and choose a hotel that has awareness of the issue.

The good news is that I have heard that April is one of the better months for air pollution - though I can’t find any figures for that month to confirm that. Also it so hot in April that you are not likely to be outside much of the time so you will be less exposed!

I do think the seriousness of the issue warrants further investigation for those in your group who will be particularly sensitive. The US embassy in Delhi measures air pollution so if you email them they may be able to give you some information about pollution averages for April. If you find out that the figures are high then the group members who have medical issues should then talk to their medical practitioners about the implications for their health and what precautions they should take (for example, wearing a mask when outdoors).

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3. Re: Air Pollution in April. Does it matter where you stay?

I visited New Delhi a few weeks ago and enjoyed the visit; but in the best of times the water is questionable, the food is questionable and the air is questionable. New Delhi is not a good environment for the less than healthy individual. The issue with a hotel elsewhere in New Delhi is the effort associated with transport to and from locations in New Delhi. I avoided riding in a car due to the pollution on the roadways. The fumes from the vehicles resulted in difficulty breathing for the 1.5 hour drive to the airport (the 10 miles drive to the airport). A mask wont help as the noted individuals have trouble enough breathing without the constriction associated with a mask.

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4. Re: Air Pollution in April. Does it matter where you stay?

If you look at the link that BooBooToo gave and compare pollution levels in India to where you live, you will get a feel of how high they are. For example my area in the UK is 16 at the moment.

Eden Prairie...
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5. Re: Air Pollution in April. Does it matter where you stay?

Thank you for that. The chart is super helpful as well as the perspective on driving.

I love this forum! You guys are so generous! Thank you!

6. Re: Air Pollution in April. Does it matter where you stay?


To simply answer your question, No. It doesn't matter what part of Delhi you live in as the PM level is pretty much consistent across all the areas. Also, it is not possible to confine yourself to a certain part of Delhi. Daily commute is a part of everyone's life, you travel for work, leisure or exploration. While it is important to surround yourself with trees and leafy parks, it is also important to use anti-pollution masks at all times when you go out until the pollution subsides, which quite honestly, will take years of commitment and sustainable development.

Until then, stay safe. The anti-pollution mask brand that I use on a daily basis is crusaders. They are washable, reusable and the daily cost of filter is as low as INR 2.50!

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