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Advice on Tokyo-Fukuroi-Nara(Mt Yoshino)-Kyoto itinerary


I am planning to visit Japan during the sakura season. Based on my research, I came up with the following itinerary with the places I want to visit. I'm trying to make the trip as convenient as possible (i.e. least changes in lodging accommodation, direct transportation). Please advice if you have any suggestions. I haven't booked anything yet so I'm flexible with changing the schedule around.

Los Angeles to HND arrives at 2:30 PM

Day 1-6 (5 nights): Tokyo with day trip to Nikko

Day 6-9 (3 nights): Visit friend in Fukuroi

Day 9-11 (2 nights): Nara with day trip to Mount Yoshino ( )

Day 11-14 (3 nights): Kyoto with visit the Yamazaki Distillery (1/2 day)

KIX (5 PM) - LAX

Also, please let me know if you have any recommendations on lodging accommodations/other places to visit.

Thanks so much in advance!