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Using Uber in Singapore feedback

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Using Uber in Singapore feedback

When booking our flights and hotel, I noticed that a few travelers asked about Uber in Singapore. We were there last week and used the service a few times. It worked very well and was a huge convenience. In most cases Uber was cheaper than the local taxis and having the online payment facility meant we didn't have to ensure we had Singapore dollars on hand.

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1. Re: Using Uber in Singapore feedback

Taxis in Singapore are perfectly reliable, inexpensive and available. Why ''Sign-up'' for something that's not necessary, and almost certainly not ''cheaper''.

Someone has pay for ''Uber's services'', usually us punters. No, Uber is not for me. imvho as ever.

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2. Re: Using Uber in Singapore feedback

Agree with @Bernadette - Uber is very convenient in Singapore - no need to wait at a taxi stand and the app gives you an ETA. Would definitely suggest for travelers to use their app on their visit (free wi-fi in many places in Singapore).

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3. Re: Using Uber in Singapore feedback

Uber offers convenience, with ETA and no additional surcharges like booking fee etc. Taxi's, while convenient and aplenty, tends to disappear when u need them and appear when u don't. There are things to be bothered about, like peak hour timings, changing shifts, peak hour surcharge, midnight surcharge etc. Even when flagging for a taxi by the street, at times, can be quite a challenge, especially when they display 'available' but they just refuse to stop, due to the 'things to be bothered about'.

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4. Re: Using Uber in Singapore feedback

Great to hear Uber is working in Singapore. I love Uber


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5. Re: Using Uber in Singapore feedback

There is an UberTaxi app that just books regular taxis, as well as other taxi apps like GrabTaxi that also books normal taxi. I have found they all work well in Singapore, much much better than phone ing to book a cab or using the taxi companies apps.

In Singapore Uber also have UberX ( normal cars cheaper than taxis usually) and UberExec for premium vehicles.

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6. Re: Using Uber in Singapore feedback

I rarely use taxis but having just looked at the Uber Singapore website, I used the fare estimator to check the price from Changi Airport to City Hall - if I recall correctly from our last visit 12 months ago - the fare was close to or the same as a regular taxi....

I personally dont understand (read: appreciate) the purpose of Uber in Singapore, we've never once had trouble flagging a taxi and found the taxis to be prompt, clean and economical (unlike the taxi services offered in Perth)

Ironically, I believe one of the taxi companies in Perth is owned by Singaporeans.

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7. Re: Using Uber in Singapore feedback

In high tourist areas, shopping malls and hotels taxis are easier to come by, especially if there is a taxi rank. If you live in the suburbs and try to hail a taxi on the road, you might not find too many passing by.

In September I could not get a taxi from the Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel at 5pm, not were passing by empty. 3 others infront of me waiting for a taxi. On my app I could see that there were empty taxi cruising near by on the main roads near by. So ordered one on my phone and it was there in under 2 min. Sure I could have dragged my suitcase to the nearest mall and waited at the taxi rank, but I was not in the mood and time was precious.

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8. Re: Using Uber in Singapore feedback

I feel that I would have used Uber more than GrabTaxi/EasyTaxi if their peak hour surchanges don't come up that often lol.

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9. Re: Using Uber in Singapore feedback

A friend of mine recommended me to download Uber before I left for Singapore.

I had tried to use it but was very clueless on how to go about it and ended up cancelling a couple of rides. It all changed when my family and I was waiting for a taxi at Garden by the Bay at the end of the evening. The queue for taxi was very long and we have 2 tired children and 2 old parents with us. So I had to try and use Uber and the driver managed to find us and my parents and the children managed to go back to the hotel quicker than waiting for a taxi.

What I learnt is that Uber is quick when you needed to be somewhere fast. And as another reviewer mentioned, sometime you just can't find a taxi when you needed it.

Also, its cheaper than normal taxi unless of course there is the rate multiplier charges during peak time. Then again, you can also get an estimated rate before agreeing to take the ride.

On another note, as a first time user of Uber, you need to tell the driver on where to pick you up. Best way is at the dropoff point for taxi /other vehicles as Uber may not be allowed to pick you up at a taxi stand.

And what I like too is that you can choose if you want a normal saloon car or a big MPV. You got to know the car and the driver too from the app.

On the downside, I could not get 2 Uber ride at same time when we were travelling in a group. Unless there is a way for it that I am not aware of.

I would definitely use Uber more for the convenience.

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10. Re: Using Uber in Singapore feedback

Uber service here is good for the most part. It cost the same or at most slightly more then taxis.

Be careful during peak hours though. Sometimes there is a surge in pricing due to high demand. Especially if the MRT (train) is having issues. The taxi stands will be flooded with people and many resort to Uber. The increased demand can see prices skyrocket by 3-4x. Just look out for the surge pricing warning from the app and you will be fine.

For the most part, taxis are easy to flag down in Singapore but you will appreciate Uber if you are trying to take a cab from an attraction as the queues for taxis can be long