How to use the Hong Kong Forum (Try the Search Box first)

If you have come to this forum seeking information, tips, thoughts or suggestions related to visiting Hong Kong you are in the right place. Here are a few suggestions for how to best use this forum.

1.) Has your question been asked already?

It is always best to do your own SEARCH first. Odds are that someone else has already asked the same or similar question here on this forum. So before posting a new question, it’s a good idea to do a basic search using the Search Box at the top of this page first. If you have exhausted your searches and you can’t find what you’re looking for, then it’s time to make your post.

2.) When you post:

Help us help you. BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE WHEN ASKING YOUR QUESTION. This will help contributors here to offer their most precise thoughts and suggestions. For instance, tell us your exact situation, budget, amount of time you have available as well as particular preferences, etc.... what you like/don't, what is a must vs. "nice to have", etc. This makes it much easier for those that will volunteer their time to answer your question.

Example of HOW NOT TO POST: What is a good hotel in Hong Kong?

This is too generic and open-ended a question. Without knowing your budget, intended dates of stay and room interests, it is not impossible to give you a quality answer. For example, what might be a great hotel to suggest to one party might not be a suitable for another party.

Example of HOW A QUESTION SHOULD BE POSTED: We are a family - 2 adults and 2 children (age 7 and 10) staying two nights at the Intercontinental in August. We are looking for fun, child-friendly things to do in the TST area and in other areas of the city as well. Museums are ok but the kids don't like art very much. Can you suggest some family-friendly entertainment options in Hong Kong?

This is a specific question, which can be answered directly and with much more precision, providing you with more helpful information than when asking generic, open-ended questions.

3.) Just a few friendly reminders


- Please be aware that Tripadvisor has forum posting guidelines. Self-promotion, spamming or personal attacks to this or any of the forums will result in removal of posts by TA Administration. So please stick to the rules.

- Always consider the tone of your post when writing. We try to keep TA as one big happy travel community, and it is much easier to share information and experiences if we are being friendly. Please be polite and affable as possible, even if you disagree or don’t care for a post that has been given to your question.

2. ALL TRIPADVISOR FORUMS ARE SUPPORTED BY VOLUNTEERS. Destination Experts (DE’s) and regular contributors who support the Hong Kong and other TA forums are unpaid volunteers who freely give their time to assist with questions posted here and on many other TA forums everyday. They are glad to offer thoughts, suggestions, ideas, knowledge and expertise and ask nothing in return. However, if you have benefited from something learned on a TA forum or from guidance given by another poster, why not let them know? A 'Thank You' is a great way to let volunteers know that what they are doing is appreciated.

3. Lastly, enjoy your Tripadvisor experience and hope you enjoy Hong Kong!