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Dear Forums Community Members,

We would like to sincerely thank each of you for all your participation and helpful advice. Since the launch of the forums platform in 2004, our community has expanded to include over 170,000 different traveler focused forums! Your feedback and knowledge has been, and will continue to be, vital in helping millions of travelers plan successful trips.

The TripAdvisor Forums are intended to be a space where our members can find useful travel information and share destination experiences with one another. With this goal in mind we are working to improve and clarify our guidelines to ensure that all members can participate with minimal restrictions, while also keeping our forums helpful and relevant.

Please note that when participating in the forums, community members may:

Post descriptive content of serious incidents, along with discussions about sensitive events that affect travelers, including discussions around sexual assault and death

Disagree with fellow forum members, including comments that are sarcastic/snarky in nature and challenge the credibility of other participants (note: this is specific to our forums and does not apply to reviews)

Extensively challenge and discuss TripAdvisor policies (note: this is specific to our forums and does not apply to reviews)

Review a listed business as a way to spark discussion with fellow travelers

Include second hand information about a particular topic or location (note: this is specific to our forums and does not apply to reviews)

Discourage other reviewers from visiting a destination

Please refrain from reporting posts like the above as inappropriate. When other types of content is removed, our staff will review your reports and re-post content as necessary. Further, please do continue to provide feedback on TripAdvisor moderation policies and processes in the Help Us Make TripAdvisor Better! Forum and Support Forum, which are actively monitored by our staff.

Finally, if you believe one of your posts has been inaccurately removed, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to review your contributions and make corrections as needed. To contact us, visit the Help Center:…

Choose General Site Questions > Forums & Private Messages > Forum Help

Our guidelines for posting in the forums can be found here:…

As always, thank you for being a vital part of the TripAdvisor Forums community.