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July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?

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July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?

I know there are a million posts on here asking for opinions on itineraries, which I used as a rough guide to plan my honeymoon trip. My fiance will be graduating in a couple of weeks, I am taking the last section of my CPA exam, we just bought a house, and are getting married in July, so we have a LOT to celebrate and I want to show her the absolute best time possible. So any advice is recommended and I will consider all suggestions. We are staying at the Wailea Marriott for 7 nights. We are a young couple (26 & 23) coming all the way from Florida, looking to enjoy a little bit of everything that Maui has to offer. I have been to Hawaii once before about 8 years ago on a cruise to each of the islands, and my fiance has never been.

Note: I have read all of the warnings about the bike down Haleakala, and I do appreciate and understand the risks. However, we have spoken with a few other couples our age who have done it, and we feel comfortable about engaging in this activity.

Also, I hope the detail I have included is not a bother, I am an accountant and anal by nature ;)

Sunday July 14

- Flight arrives at 1 PM

- Stop at Costco for breakfast food and snacks

- Eat at Da Kitchen


Monday July 15

- Bike down Haleakala (still being on East coast time should make this easier to do on day 1)

- Recommendations for other things to do in the area?

Tuesday July 16

- Spend the day relaxing at a beach (recommendations on the best beach nearby to Wailea?)

- Old Lahaina Luau

Wednesday July 17

- Drive West Maui Loop - see blowhole and stop at Julia's Banana Bread

- Lunch at Ono Tacos or Sure Thing Burger

- Dinner at Makena Golf Course Cafe on the Green (time permitting)

Thursday July 18

- Pali Sea Cliff Discovery Kayak Tour

- Black Rock - snorkeling and cliff jumping?

- Sheraton Cliff Dive Bar

Friday July 19

- Road to Hana

Saturday July 20

- Try to go to the swap meet in Kahului

- Iao Valley State Park

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1. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?

Wailea is beautiful, we just got back. Your schedule is busy so be prepared to drop some activities, esp. near the end as you adjust to Maui time and just want to hang out and relax! Is your new wife ok with scary drives? We did the full drive around past the blowhole and as a passenger it was a bit nauseating for me. Glad we did it but probably wouldn't do it again.

Mulligans on the Blue (golf course right near your resort) has an excellent happy hour daily from 3-6 and Kai Kanani has sunset and snorkel sails that leave from the South area (Makena resort). Highly recommend both. Congrats!

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2. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?

Had to laugh at your" I'm a CPA". a list is fine, as the aloha sinks deep and you can always just go with the flow when you do start to relax on Maui. Then when you can't get it all done, just start a next time we come list..so many of us do that year after year. Enjoy your visit. congratulations on the honeymoon.

You will have two lovely beaches, one on each side of the Marriott. Both have public shower heads and restrooms. Ulua to the north has wonderful snorkeling. Wailea Beach to the south has good snorkeling but you have to swim farther to the snorkel area. Ulua has more shade.

Biking: Will your car be in Paia, Haaiku, or?? you could head back UpCounty. visit the winery, Lavendar Farm (and flora gardens) or the Kula botanical gardens, shop in Makawao and Paia. Watch windsurfers at the Ho'okipa Beach.

If you get a real early start 6:30ish on your Hana day you will have time to hike/walk the Pipiwai Trail at Oheo Gulch. You will walk through a bamboo forest to a 400 ft water fall. Hike take about 2 -3 hours, depending on how much you stop for photos.

Just for your information, all the major car rental cars have a clause that you will void your rental agreement if you travel on the one lane section of Hwy 340 . We have lots of chatter on the board about to do it or not, but wanted you to know the facts. That is also true for a portion of the road past Kipahulu on the south eastern route.

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3. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?

Thank you both for the quick responses. I look forward to hearing other opinions as well.


She does tend to get car-sick at times, so I will definitely keep that in mind.


I just looked it up and our car will be in Haiku when we do the bike ride. With that said, do you have any recommendations for things to do in that area after the bike ride?

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4. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?

Looks very well planned! A meal at Mama's Fish House would be nice also. Excellent food in a beautiful setting. :)

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5. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?

You have reserved your car, yes?

It's your honeymoon. If you want to risk it biking down Haleakala - that's up to you. But many of us consider it dangerous and kind of a stupid thing to do ... and the bottom line is that the road is not designed for bikes. It's an attractive touristy thing that appeals to some. One of my friends referred to it as "H*ll on the bicycle." So in good conscience, I don't recommend it. (When you buy your travel insurance for your trip, make sure that it includes medical transportation. Very important.)

<<Stop at Costco for breakfast food and snacks>> Why? You are not staying in a condo, and you are only two people traveling for a week. Unless you plan on eating alot of snacks or drinking alot ... you don't need to endure Costco. Go to Safeway or an ABC Store instead.

I would not stop at Da Kitchen. Your body clocks will be telling you that it is 6 hours later. And you will have gotten up in the wee hours to catch your flight. I would just get the car and head to the resort and chill. Have a light dinner somewhere near the Marriott or at the Marriott.

<<Bike down Haleakala (still being on East coast time should make this easier to do on day 1>> You may wake up earlier and then collapse and go back to sleep. Do you realize how long the drive is to Haleakala ... ? Just checking.

<<Recommendations for other things to do in the area?>> Yes! The main event is the Halekala Crater! That's the focus. You can browse Makawao and/or Paia, go to the Iao Needle, Maui Ocean Center - to name a few. So you will be driving or are the bike people picking you up at your hotel?

When you go to the Old Lahaina Luau - go early and spend some time in Lahaina.

<<West loop>>? Highway 340 (Kahekili) is not designed for tourist traffic, and is prohibited on your car rental agreement. If you want to drive up through Lahaina/ Kapaulua on the West side and see the blow hole - great. Then turn around and go back the way you came. You can buy banana bread anywhere. This is Hawaii.

Black Rock is a good place to snorkel, but I would not take a special trip and use a day for it. You can, however, stop at Black Rock when you drive up to the Blow Hole. I recommend early in the morning.

One activity that is wonderful on Maui ... take a catamaran sail. You can snorkel, or not ... or perhaps a sunset sail!

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6. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?

Nice mix of activities and down time. You'll be amazed at how quickly "Maui Time" sets in and the itinerary things that seemed important during the planning suddenly seem not so urgent :-)

No ocean excursions? How about on your Wednesday West Maui Day driving up to the blow hole and then coming back into West Maui and stopping along the way to explore Kapalua Bay or Napili Bay. Then catch a sunset cruise off of Ka'anapali Beach and enjoy a nice dinner when you come back to shore. The views of Maui at sunset from the water are pretty awesome.

One last itinerary suggestion for you: Never, ever miss a sunset. They are different every day, always special, and a wonderful way to wrap up your day.

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7. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?

Go to Black Rock for the cliff diving ceremony but not for snorkeling. There are a lot of areas on Maui that are much better. Go to either Kapalua or Honolua Bay (north of Black Rock) then spend the rest of the day in Kaanapali before the cliff diving ceremony.

The banana bread at the Keanae Peninsula(off the Hana Hwy) is much better than Julia's and you don't have to break your rental car contract to get it. Make sure your fiance can do this as there are over 600 curves.

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8. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?


Thanks for giving it to me straight, as they say.

As I mentioned, I have read all of the posts regarding the bike trip, but I understand you had to at least mention it to satisfy your conscience. I don't doubt that there are risks involved, but as I mentioned in my original posting, we have several friends our age with the same mindset that loved it and said they would do it again in a heartbeat. We are going with the company that lets you go down at your own pace, so hopefully that will make it a little less stressful.

The reason I had mentioned Costco for breakfast foods and snacks was mainly because that is what I saw everyone recommending in other threads. We are on a budget and would prefer to spend our money on activities, so if we can save on money by eating breakfast in the room then that would be great. But if there is a safeway around we might hit that instead.

I figure if we land at 1 PM, then take an hour or so to get our bags and get the rental car, our bodies will be thinking it is 8PM, so we will certainly be hungry - I'm 6'6" and 220 lbs so I need all the food i can get ;) So we will definitely need to get something to eat, and I had heard great things about Da Kitchen. Is it not worth it, or were you just suggesting that we skip it due to the exhaustion factor?

Hopefully waking up super early for the bike trip won't be too much of an issue. I don't remember off the top of my head exactly what time we will need to wake up, but this was my rough thought: We will probably be asleep by 5 or 6 PM (bodies thinking it is midnight), then if we have to wake up at 1 AM or so, we will have gotten 6 or 7 hours of sleep and our bodies will think it is 7 AM, so I hope we wouldn't just fall back asleep.

Thanks for the suggestions around Haleakala. Our car will be in Haiku (which I assume is relatively close?), so we will take advantage of a couple of those ideas.

VC and msfuzz, thanks for the replies as well. This forum is great; a trove of information. I feel like there are so many things to do that we will be planning our next trip on the flight home ;)

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9. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?

I just wanted to tell you good luck on your CPA. My husband actually had to study for one section of it when we were in Oahu on our second honeymoon because we had to miss part of our first honeymoon due to work. The CPA is crazy brutal. Luckily my husband is all done. Knock that test out of the park and enjoy your vacation! You'll have a lot to celebrate!

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10. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary - How does this sound?

Yes, Haiku is close to Makawao and Paia. We roade with a group escorted ride on the bike years ago when you could start at the summit. Too many deaths and serious accidents so the park no longer allows riders in the park. We were in a bicycle club back them.

I'm thankful we were with a group with a swag wagon behind us. They protected the group from the traffic that was headed down. Also the leader knew where the wide spots were and the group would pull off and let traffic pass. Some of the bike riders are clueless, that with a no shoulder road and blind switchbacks that the way they ride is a danger to themselves. We want our visitors safe. so Please take care. Will your helmet have a mirror? If not buy one and take with you so you can beware of "carback" .