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July Honeymoon Itinerary

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July Honeymoon Itinerary

My husband and I will be traveling to Maui over July 4th for our nine day honeymoon. I've gotten so much information from this site and forum already I thought I'd post our itinerary so far and see what you Maui experts think so far :)

We arrive on June 30th and will by staying at the Marriott condos on Kaanapali Beach.

Day 1. Saturday - arrive in the afternoon, pick our our Jeep rental, Safeway grocery shopping, walk to local low key restaurant dinner, or grill and enjoy dinner on the lanai (game time decision)

Day 2. Sunday - Haleakala sunrise (drive, no bikes...I'm terrified of becoming a projectile object and will stubbornly take 14 hours to finally reach the bottom) Winery, lavender farms (husband is not so excited about that one, but I am Cam in our relationship)

Day 3. Monday - Lanai snorkel trip (I think Trilogy is winning so far in my research here...I believe they also load from Kanaapali beach with is a big plus)

Day 4. Tuesday - Road to Hana...I'm assuming we will make it to Ohe'o Gulch for a swim and hike and drive back that same night...is this possible? Mama's Fish House on the way back...or should we save Mama's for an early sunset dinner another night?

Day 5. Wednesday - July 4th...two ideas for this day....Trilogy is offering a sunset/fireworks sail with a bbq burger dinner on board. We want to go on a sunset sail anyway, so this might be a fun answer.

Or, we are also thinking of walking around Lahaina, getting dinner there, watching the fireworks on the beach, and taking the shuttle back to the hotel to avoid traffic parking. Any insight for this day? I don't think we can go wrong either way.

Day 6. Thursday - kayak trip with Maui Eco Tours

Day 7. Friday - local beach/snorkeling...maybe a drive to a different beach to snorkel and relax. Feast of Lele (we've both been to Luau's on other islands so this is not high on our list, should it be? I like the idea of trying different types of food.)

Day 8. Saturday - drive to Wailea to stay at the Marriott for the night. Explore Wailea, couples massage at the Grand Wailea Spa.

Day 9. Sunday - explore Wailea, 9:15pm flight home :(

Hopefully a good mix of relaxing and a little adventure...I haven't really done much research on restaurants yet, we are so excited to try the local cooking so I'm sure I'll have a few restaurant post questions coming soon! I think Mama's is our only one we would have to book way in advance, and the Luau if we decide to go that way. We plan to take advantage of the grills at the condo and have some meals on the lanai too.

What do you think??

Is it June 29th yet??

Thanks in advance :)

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1. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary

The only thing I would change is your first 4 days. They are loaded with activities. Instead of doing them all in a row, split it up. Haleakala one day, beach snorkeling the next, Hana the day after that followed by the kayak. See what I mean?

When doing your Hana journey, plan on a 12 hour day. The best waterfalls are beyond Hana a bit as is Lindbergh's grave. Leave early and arrive back in Kahului before the sunsets. Save Mama's for another day.

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2. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary

I'm really, really hoping that you are NOT flying the day after the wedding! If you are those first few days will be spent recovering from all the wedding drama...despite my advice my daughter experienced just that! So be prepared for it! As msfuzz says you have packed a lot into the first few days...factor wedding insanity and time changes into your equations.

The Trilogy Lanai trip, which I highly rec, leaves from Lahaina harbor not the Beach...sunset sails leave from the beach.

After driving the RTH I felt too hot and sweaty to do Mama's, that would be a great final night dinner before heading to the airport...make 5:00 res on opentable.com. That gives you time to return the car and get through security.

As always my advice is to reserve the 2 or 3 things you really HAVE to do and put the rest on a list to decide as you go along.

Congrats and I hope you have a magical honeymoon!

Newberg, Oregon
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3. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary

Mama's is probably better for lunch so you can enjoy the view -- at least that's they way we do it. One evening you might want to take in the Warren & Annabelle's magic show in Lahaina. The whole experience is 4 hours and you can purchase hearty appetizers (actually a full meal) and drinks during the first part of the evening.

We go almost every trip to Maui. It's adults only, but a very clean show. Newlywed friends from my workplace took my advice and went, said it was the most fun they had on their honeymoon!

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4. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary

Yeah, another recommendation here to put some more downtime in the first half of your trip. You'll be surprised at how quickly you settle into "island time" so don't be a slave to a written itinerary. It's great to have plans but keep things flexible and be prepared to throw something overboard when you wake up an realize you just want to spend time on the beach. So many travelers tell us that they got to the end of their vacation only to realize that they had spend the whole time in the car running from one thing to another.

Congratulations! Hope your honeymoon is truly memorable.

Cape Canaveral...
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5. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary

Since you have a jeep, are you dropping off luggage prior to shopping at Safeway?

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6. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary

Gingerr, thank you for the post, I'm just starting the itinerary planning for a mid/late August honeymoon and your post will be a good reference.

Mamma, I haven't booked my flights/room yet, but I'm very close to booking. We are getting married on a Friday and planning on leaving the following Monday or Tuesday. Would you consider that enough downtime before going on a honeymoon?

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7. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary

Yup Ed...if you have the time shoot for Tues. You will be amazed at how exhausted you will be from all the excitement/drama of the week or so before the wedding!

Get your room and car booked asap...August can be busy.

ON, Canada
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8. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary

Ed ... If you're taking time off work and have a limited amount that you can take, I would head to Hawaii on Monday- actually, if was me, I would probably go on Sunday:) ... I think it would be much nicer to recoup from the wedding on Maui than at home where you'll be anxiously awaiting your trip. But if you've got the extra time to delay your trip, then recoup at home first. Enjoy!

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9. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary

Thanks for all of the advice so far! The itinerary is a little activity heavy on the front end sort of on purpose...my top three things are Haleakala sunrise, RTH, and a snorkel boat trip...I figure if we plan them early we won't run out of time and the end and not get to them. Honestly, I'm not going to feel too guilty if we throw out half our plans and end up just laying on a beach and snorkeling locally for most of the trip! We'll keep Haleakala near the start of the week to take advantage of east coast time. Maybe RTH too, this way if there is anything we want to go back to later in the week we'll have the time.

Mamma, no worries, we actually got married a month ago, but are taking our honeymoon in the summer because of work schedules. I was amazed at how exhausted we were the next day though!! We took one night local "mini moon" and promptly fell asleep for a few hours after we checked into the hotel on Sunday afternoon!

I keep hearing about this Warren and Annabel show...I kind of feel the same way about the Luau. Both sound really fun, but I'm just not sure!

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10. Re: July Honeymoon Itinerary

Love you attitude CR...you're going to have a great honeymoon! But what happened to ginger?