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Blue car rental

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Blue car rental

Best car hire on the island.....good car,,,,,good service,,,,good rates...check em out

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201. Re: Blue car rental

Rented from Blue just this past week. First, about the company, and then some tips/tricks in general...

About Blue: The staff was very friendly and super easy. The office was a little crowded and the line was very long - I wish they would take people with reservations first, then deal with people that don't have reservations. Instead, it's first-come, first-served and the people that don't already have reservations take FOREVER in line. The car we got was great. It wasn't the one we reserved (we reserved a RAV4 and were given a Mitsubishi Outlander). The car was clean, low mileage, worked well, easy to drive, comfortable. The wheels were badly out of alignment, but what do you expect from a rental car in Iceland (if you don't understand this reference, you WILL once you drive some of their gravel roads)! The car return was super quick & easy. No line when I returned (8am on a Monday).

Tips/Tricks generally:

1. Unless it is a MASSIVE snowstorm, do NOT take the rental car shuttle bus. There is only one bus, you will wait up-to an hour in line to get on it, only to find out the rental car building is an easy 15 minute flat, paved walk. You will beat ALL of the crowds to the rental building if you just walk.

2. Make a reservation before you arrive!

3. Many gas stations DO NOT take American credit cards (cards with a chip, but no PIN). You have to pay for gas with cash, a debit card with PIN, or a pre-paid gas card. Do NOT get stuck wondering how you are going to fill the tank early the morning you have to return the car. Plan ahead for how to handle this situation.

4. In-car wi-fi was DEFINITELY worth the money. While it was only about 85% reliable, it got us through quite a few instances of nearly being lost because we had trusty Google to turn to. We also used it several times in our hotel when the hotel wi-fi was slow or intermittent.

5. GET a 4x4!!!! Even if you don't think you will need one...get one anyway. You WILL want to go venturing down that random, pot-hole-filled road to go see what everyone else is coming from, and a 4x4 is the only dependable way to do it. There are just too many gravel roads to not have that extra power/protection in the car.

6. Bring one of those handy-dandy mobile phone mounts to use in the car (CD, vent clip, windshield, etc.). You will be very annoyed if you have to have the front seat passenger be your "GPS holder" the entire trip.

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202. Re: Blue car rental

Good advice, thank you.

Just please keep in mind, everyone, that renting a 4x4 will not save you on slippery roads or in storms (they may even be more dangerous in strong winds or on ice) and that it does not mean you will automatically be fine driving on Highland roads (F-roads) if you have never driven one before, don't know how to handle it and/or don't know how to drive in rough and steep terrain. Getting an appropriate vehicle for your planned routes is only half of it, you also need the appropriate driver.

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203. Re: Blue car rental

The car was good but the navigation system was the worst. It was not capable of finding most locations outside of Reykjavik. We did not get a refund even though our GPS was completely useless. I recommend you to not pay extra for GPS with this company, since they told us that all their GPS systems use the same software, so they will all be bad. Signs in Iceland are pretty good, and you have cell phone service almost everywhere. GoogleMaps on your phone will do a way better job.

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204. Re: Blue car rental

I use Waze sat nav app on my phone here in UK and it worked perfectly in Iceland driving down south. Good tip to remember to take your holder, I'd have been lost without mine

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205. Re: Blue car rental


I'm curious as to how your rental claim went with chase sapphire - I was considering declining the rental coverage and using them


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206. Re: Blue car rental

We rented a small 4x4 from Blue Car a couple weeks ago for our quick getaway to Iceland. The day we picked the car up it was very windy and snow was blowing all over the roads, being New Englanders we were not worried about this, but as happens a gust of wind caught the car just as we hit a patch of ice and we hit the center barrier (small metal poles with wire rope). No one was hurt, but the car had some front end damage and a flat time. We changed the tire and continued on our way after calling Blue Car. Since the car was drivable we chose not to return to the rental office.

We enjoyed our trip immensely and having a car was great as we were able to explore more. Also, the Dacia Duster is a great little 4x4.

Upon returning the car to Blue Car at the airport we had to tell them about the accident. I was really worried about how we would be treated since we did wreck the car.

The people at the rental office could not have been nicer. We were offered coffee while the paperwork was completed. They were very concerned about whether we had any injuries.

All around they were an absolute joy to deal with and we highly recommend them.

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207. Re: Blue car rental

Just wanted to add a comment about Blue Car GPS vs. GoogleMaps. We have rented twice with Blue Car and gotten the GPS both times. We found it accurate and it got us all over the island.. up to Siglo, and through the West Fjords and off on many F roads to see out of the way sites. The only inaccurate thing about it was the speedometer, vs. the actual speedometer of the car (but who uses their GPS as a speedometer?).

GoogleMaps, on the other hand, is not up to date in Iceland, so will frequently send you to the wrong location. This is ok if you're just in Reykjavik, but is not OK if you're anywhere remote. Just an FYI if you are traveling and deciding on one or the other.

208. Re: Blue car rental

Hi, good to hear that you manage to get back safely. Can you share how much Blue Car charged you for the damage?

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209. Re: Blue car rental

Thanks for the tip

Just rented a Kia Soul from Blue Car Rental for our trip in August. Hope everything goes well despite all the horror stories I'm reading on renting cars in Iceland. Its already an expensive place to visit, the last thing you need is to worry about getting scammed $$$ and ripped off. Such a shame almost cancelled our trip because of it. Wish us luck and btw may I ask where is the BC counter located in Reyjavik International Airport? And does anybody know if we can return the car at 0600am? Thank you!

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210. Re: Blue car rental


The reason I took the effort to post a forum post on Blue Car Rental is because they truly went above and beyond after we left the country. Our car door sustained wind damage and they were a huge help when dealing with our credit card insurance which can be difficult to deal with.

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