Stay away from StylishStay (Villa Daria / Villa Marialena)

Here are everything that made our stay somewhat a nightmare.

We strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND these houses and this property management company Stylish Stay.

Not only for the non-convenient location but mostly because we have not been treated well by the agency (rude and not respectful)

- the villa has not been ready on time due to the water shortage, therefore the cleaning team took more time to finalize the house. While we fully understood the issue we did not understand why they have decided to leave the house without finishing properly even though we asked them to stay to finish.

- the concierge asked us to sign a document even though we asked few time in advance to share any document. This document was mentioning that parties were forbidden. Since we refused to sign this document, the concierge became unfriendly and focused only on that document. When we called the agency to let them know that the house was so dirty that my friends needed to clean by themselves and we shared photos of uncleaned places and dirty toilets, they told us that we are unhappy about the document and that we were making things up about the house being dirty.

- the worst piece is that we have been spied days and nights, few times a day by the concierge Alex. He was entering in the house, in the terrasse, around the pool, without letting us know in advance. As the house is eccentric, we were scared about theft. We tried to explained that we would prefer be alerted before coming but the concierge refused. After 4 messages asking him not to come without letting us know we told him once he came again. Then he texted us a message that we have threaten him and even "abuse" him. It was just unbelievable.

- we have been threaten that they will not fill the water tank anymore because we impeach him to enter the villa which is wrong has we asked him not to come ONLY if he does not let us know in advance

- the house is not well equipped. You have 8 glasses, 8 plates, 8 forks and knives for 8 people, fridge was old and water from the freezer was leaking into the fridge, toilet was not clean and mold in the shower

- super windy / cold terrasse at night, and surrounding doesn’t look secure since we were obliged to put the alarm on each time we were leaving the house

Our stay was a nightmare and that guy Alex and Stylish Stay agency sadly ruined our vacations !