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One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

North Wales
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One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

We will be arriving late at night in Rome (should arrive at hotel by 11pm). Unfortunately we only have one full day in Rome the next day and need to be on a train to Civitavecchia by around 7pm that day as we are staying near the port for our cruise.

So our plan is to be up by 8am, leave the cases at the hotel and hit as many sights as possible within the city centre. I have tried to research as best as possible but I've got myself confused and don't want to end up walking backwards and forwards trying to find places.

Can anyone please just give me a guide to which order I should be doing things? If it helps I am staying at Exe Hotel Della Torre Argentina which I believe is quite central. We would like to see all the main tourist attractions/buildings/areas of interest and are open to any suggestions that would help us see all we need to see on our one day there. Is it possible to see it all in the space of 8am - 6pm? Or are we going to end up absolutely frazzled and worn out trying ha ha! We plan to go back one day and do it properly so for this occasion it really just needs to be the highlights, the things that will make us go WOW!

Thank you kindly in advance, I look forward to hearing all of your suggestions :)

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Jackson, New...
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1. Re: One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

If you really want to see Rome in a day you will need a private guide. My sister uses trips2italy.com . When she need to maximize her time in Rome. They will meet you at your hotel in a private car and stay with you all day. Just tell them what you are interested in and what you want to eat and they will do the rest. It is gonna cost but if you really only have one day it will be worth it.

Otherwise just google top 10 in Rome, pick 5 and load them into a google map.

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2. Re: One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

No, you can't see all of Rome in a day - or even a lifetime so just pick out the few places you want to go by and see, use your map. You can do a nice walk through the historic center and see some of the piazzas, few monuments like the Pantheon (do try to go inside here if you are interested), Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps - the walk alone will take you past amazing churches, other smaller piazzas, obelisks, etc.

If you get a driver it will cost you a lot of money but if you have it in budget, maybe that makes sense but one of the treats and ways to enjoy Rome is by walking it.

You could take a taxi/walk over to Colosseum first and then wend your back into the center - a good map is needed but if you get a little lost, no big deal, you will never be really lost in the center. See the Colosseum from the outside (seems you have so little time, you don't really have time to go in - if you want to, buy tickets online in advance to skip the long admission ticket lines) -

You don't say what you want to see - if you do, people can offer useful suggestions - It is far more than a handful of large well-known places.

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3. Re: One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

It really depends on your intetests, and trying to see it all will be frustrating. Instead, pick a few things you like most and focus on them.

If it were me, I would try to pre-book the first entry into the Borghese gallery, stroll through the park after that great museum, down past the Spanish steps and onward continuing past the Trevi fountain and ending near the coliseum to check out the outside of that magnificent structure. Take a lunch break somewhere along that long stroll, which gives you a little taste of what Rome has to offer: world class museums, shopping, iconic landmarks, and ancient sites.

Other people, of course, would have a completely different agenda. It depends on personal tastes.

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4. Re: One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

The Borghese Gallery is excellent but with just a day and in your hotel’s splendid location you have no need of a car, no need of organisation..

Get a map from the hotel, then out the door and left or right or straight ahead or back the other way. And try to get lost.

Have a day without agenda.

Sample coffee and juice and pastries from bars on every corner. Browse menus outside every restaurant. Be aware that you are right there where generals and armies had to wait while round the corner the damn senate debated whether to grant them their triumph and let them in the gate. Go see the Pantheon just back there and think of thr Emperor Hadrian saying “I’m off now but while I’m away build a decent temple, the last two burned down. And don’t put my name on it, I hate that, put Agrippa’s name on it “. And so saying he marched to England and they complained about the wild people over the border, in Scotland. “Build a wall!” he cried, and marched home via Palestine and Libya. To find the Pantheon finished, with a roof that later they couldn’t copy for St Peters. Restless with Rome he had a villa built in thr hills; restless with life he had a tomb built, now known as the Castel Sant’Angelo. It’s been like that, in different measures, for 2500 years.

But you don’t need the history to be caught up in diversity the beauty.

Lunch well before you roll on to Civitavecchia. :-)

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5. Re: One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

With only one day, I would not go into museums, or you won’t see Rome.

Walk around, go into churches, you can go to Saint Peters and just see the Basilica. If you attempt to do museums, you will spend half of your precious day either in lines, or being pushed around by the crowds inside room after room of art.

If anything, I think the Colosseum might be the quickest “famous” site you might be able to see and still have time to explore the city.

Also, the Borghese Gallery has a 2 hour timed visit, so you are guaranteed not to spend all day in there, but it takes time to get there, and stand in line for bag deposit lockers (unless you don’t have a handbag or backpack). You must reserve this ticket in advance.

Saint Louis...
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6. Re: One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

Exe Hotel Della Torre Argentina is in a good central location that would enable you to do a long hike and hit a lot of the popular sites of Rome if you do not go inside them. Rome has plenty of stuff to see just walking on it’s streets. If it were me, I’d do this long walk (divided into 2 parts below.) 2 hours 42 minutes / 12.8 km walking total. You can still add in several hours for a meal and just gawking. Be sure to bring a good pair of broken in walking shows. Customize as needed - it only took me about 10 minutes to put this together, though I have the advantage of being really familiar with Rome.

Pt 1 ; 1h 38 min / 7.7 km walk

Starts at hotel, goes to Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Farnese, St. Peter’s square (skip going inside the Basillica or Vatican City), Castel Sant’ Angelo, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Piazza del Popolo, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain;



Pt 2; 1 hr 4 min / 5.1 km

From Trevi Fountain to Trajan’s column, Forum of Nerva & other imperial fora, Colosseum, backtrack to Capitoline Hill, see the Campidoglio, then down to the Theater of Marcellus & Forum Boarium, then along the Tibur past Isola Tiberina, than up Via Arenula to visit the ruins of Largo di Torre Argentina just outside your hotel.


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7. Re: One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

I agree, don't do any museums or tours. Just wander around and see all the sites, and soak in Rome.

Do you have to stay near the port the night before your cruise? What time is embarkation? I'd try to spend the 2nd night in Rome if at all possible. That would allow you to have a leisurely dinner (definitely part of he Roman experience!) and see the city at night.

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8. Re: One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

I agree with 7.



to see how frequent and quick the train service from Roma Trastevere to Civitavecchia. Easy to get a taxi from hotel to station.

And in Civitavecchia


Perth, Australia
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9. Re: One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

Here’s a link to my blog post that shows what we did over 1.5 days (the half day being an arrival day). Like the previous posters mentioned, we just walked around the city centre, eating gelato, and checked out the sites from the outside with the exception of St. Peter’s and the pantheon. You can cover a lot of ground in a short time!


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10. Re: One Day only in Rome - please help me make the most of it!

I love the idea I just walking around to see where the road takes me. Otherwise the Golf Cart tour with Angel Tours which sees so much

I did both and think both are goixt

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