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  • Cannes
    康城集節慶、帆船比賽、影展以及豐富迷人風景於一身。海上遊艇處處,相當熱鬧,而城鎮亦同時實踐了其格言「生活就是一場慶典」。觀看人潮是大多數遊客前來坎城的主要活動,而通往各旅館的十字大道則是極佳的散步區。康城最初因香奈兒而廣為人知,其海灘如今已成為遊客前來這裡的一大誘因。你可以在旅館的沙灘上享受昂貴的海濱飲食服務,或是選擇前往南灘 (Plages du Midi) 與博卡 (Plages de la Boca) 等免費的公共海灘。
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  • Sorrento
    除了以人魚之地聞名於世,這裡更盛開橙樹與檸檬樹,處處色彩斑斕。這座位於坎帕尼亞 (Campania) 的迷人小城,已贏得眾多旅客的讚賞。此鎮尤以其海崖最吸引人,陡峭的坡地隔著蔚藍海水遙望伊斯基亞島、卡布利島與那不勒斯灣。除生產檸檬酒以外,這裡還擁有最好的潛水、海釣地點,更有好玩的郵輪之旅與令人食指大動的餐廳。景色優美的健行步道橫跨此半島。如果陡峭的街道讓你裹足不前,你也可以租車或乘搭的士。
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  • Positano
    波西塔諾一度是強大海權的關鍵地帶,現在則是阿瑪爾菲海岸中部一個高水平度假勝地。摩爾風格的建築物豎立在陡峭的山坡上,俯瞰著賽倫納斯群島。這個村落有多間高級精品店,販賣的時尚商品可讓遊客在大海灘 (Grand Beach) 上盡情展示。這裡也是探索此區的精彩出發點,你可以輕鬆由此搭船到卡布利島、伊斯基亞島以及翡翠洞。
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  • Amalfi Coast
    Stretching along the southern side of Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi coast dazzles with its mysterious grottos, craggy cliffs and shimmering bays. Grab a seat on the sea side of a regional bus to soak up views on the fabled route from artsy Positano to Amalfi. Ravello offers some respite from the crowds, plus the stunning Villa Cimbrone, which overlooks the Bay of Salerno. The winding streets of Sorrento's historic district are filled with craftspeople. Capri is only a hydrofoil or ferry ride away.
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  • Island of Malta
    One of the three principal islands of the Maltese archipelago, the island of Malta is the largest of the chain. Its capital Valletta, a lively, bustling city with many buildings dating back to the 16th century, teems with cathedrals, palaces and forts. The impressive Grand Harbour offers a dramatic arrival. The top archaeological attraction is the UNESCO-designated Hypogeum temple ruins, a macabre, 5400-square-foot underground necropolis and the world's only underground prehistoric temple.
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  • Valletta
    Founded in 1565 by the Order of St John as a refuge for soldiers returning from the Crusades, Valletta is now the capital of Malta and a piece of living history. With an unsurpassed collection of original Baroque architecture, fortified city walls overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and the spectacular Co-Cathedral of St John, which features intricately carved stone vaults and a famed painting by Caravaggio, it is no wonder that this smallest of European capital cities is a world heritage site.
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  • Mykonos Town
    米科諾斯有經典的白色建築,還有迷宮般的街道,而且也是米柯諾斯島上最大的城市。在米柯諾斯,最美麗街道當然非馬托亞尼街 (Matoyianni Street) 莫屬。建於 16 世紀的波尼風車 (Boni Mill) 座落於山坡上,讓你可以俯瞰著這座城市。風車除了是米柯諾斯的地標之外,也是米科諾斯農業博物館的一部分,至今仍然可正常運作。想要進一步了解這個地區的豐富文化與經濟歷史,建議你前往愛琴海海事博物館 (Aegean Maritime Museum) 和民俗博物館 (Folklore Museum)。
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  • Santorini
    Glamourous Santorini is deliciously different. Geographical newness is in part to thank. The island’s popular black volcanic Perissa and Kamari beaches are big draws, as is its arguably most famous Red Beach near Akrotiri (which is the place to go for archaeology buffs). Santorini curves round a giant lagoon in the Cyclades islands, offering stunning views from sky-high towns, eclectic cuisine, lovely galleries, thriving nightlife and excellent wines.
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  • Abu Dhabi
    阿布達比擁有獨特氛圍的小巷弄,色彩繽紛,給人的歡喜的印象。阿拉伯聯合大公國 (U.A.E.) 這個經常保整潔且現代化的首都,融合傳統與現代,呈現出迷人的面貌。阿布達比的悠久歷史可追溯至西元前 3000 年左右,相較於炫目的杜拜,這裡保留了更為明顯的阿拉伯氣息。想要前往附近的濱海公園、白塔、一窺貝都因人 (Bedouin) 生活的歷史文化村與婦女手工藝中心等地,的士是較為安全且可靠的交通方式。
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  • St. Lucia
    There's more than one way to enjoy the spa experience in St. Lucia. One is to book a treatment at any of the luxury spas or resorts on the island. The other is to visit Sulphur Springs, inside the bowl of an extinct volcano, where you're welcome to try a volcanic mud bath or the 31°C/88°F Roman bath.
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