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Popular destinations for Convention Hotels

  • Kissimmee
    奇士美 (Kissimmee) 是與米奇老鼠約會的完美據點。從這個佛羅里達的城鎮出發,只需幾分鐘的車程就可以到達迪士尼世界主題樂園,這裡充滿各種適合一家大細的活動,例如是迷你哥爾夫、餐館劇場與溜冰等。你可以乘搭汽船穿越沼澤、在當地的果園摘採橘子,以親近大自然。如果想要參加更具教育性質的活動,你可以漫步走過歷史古鎮,或是到訪奧西歐拉縣歷史學會 (Osceola County Historical Society) 與拓荒者博物館,一窺此處於世紀之交的生活情況。
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  • Whistler
    Whistler, British Columbia, is a short trip from Vancouver by road or air. The stunning landscape, pedestrian-only Village and genuine, down-to-earth mountain culture make Whistler an unforgettable year-round destination. Winters provide reliable snow for skiing, snowboarding and Nordic sports while golf, mountain biking and hiking fill the warmer months. Festivals, spas, restaurants and bars combine with endless outdoor activities to make Whistler the ultimate place to escape and unwind.
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  • Vancouver Island
    Refer to Vancouver Island as Victoria Island and risk a chorus of eye-rolls from the otherwise-friendly locals. Yes, Victoria is the main city on the island, but there are many distinct flavours to its logging and fishing settlements. Food and wine enthusiasts flock to the Comox Valley farm region, while the more outdoorsy types get their fix along the remote, forested beaches of North Vancouver Island. Visit the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at Clayoquot Sound and you’ll return full of cocktail-party factoids.
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  • Napa
    Gold and silver may have been behind the hordes that flocked in the 1800s, but liquid gold - Chardonnays, Cabernet Sauvignons and Pinot Noirs - is behind the modern migration. This dream destination for wine lovers has an abundance of fine restaurants and inns. Hitching posts have been replaced by bike racks, and pedal power is a great way to explore. Non-profit Copia: American Centre for Wine, Food and the Arts is an educational delight. Galleries, golf courses, parks and spas abound.
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