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Stopica Cave Zlatibor
The nature around the cave is amazing, had a feeling like I was in one of Lord of the Rings movies.
Be ready for a walk though from the car park so it provides some good exercise.
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Ada Ciganlija Belgrade
It's a beautiful park catering for every need (sports facilities, nature, beaches, restaurants, bike trails, walking trails, playgrounds, everything!) and an excellent way to spend a day!
You can enjoy all kind of sports (football, basketball, beach volley, golf , cycling etc) You can simply get some sun and swim, or take long walks ... A lot of restaurants, playgrounds, parks, forest ...
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Nature Park Mokra Gora Mokra Gora
It was a lovely train ride with lots of tunnels, longest one is 1667 meters..The country side is quite nice..you may take lots of perfect nature photos..there are some atractions as lovers stone..it was a perfect...
Unique atmosphere and breathtaking views, relaxing atmosphere and beautiful nature!
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Strand Novi Sad
Beach for all generations,where you can enjoy like you are on the sea,during hot days in May-October for having fun under the Sun, and for enjoying the view and nice nature during autumn and winter days!
I prefer it during fall/winter when the place is not crowded, so you can enjoy the nature near the Danube more peacefully.
Danube Park Novi Sad
The park features several very rare species of trees - hazelnut, plane trees, birch trees, silver linden trees, chestnut, poplars, fir trees, cypress, thuja, pine, etc.
A wonderful big park in Novi sad, the Ice skating rink built inside it in winter gave a more nice touch especially with beautiful lightening at night.
Danube River Belgrade
Visit Zemun for a lovely riverside promenade and cycle path and enjoy the views across to Great War Island, a nature reserve and bathing area.
The sheer size of the Danube is a beautiful thing to see but the way the river is treated in Belgrade is great, parks, restaurants floating clubs, activities.
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Sava River Belgrade
It offers nice insight in Belgrade life style and links with nature.
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Special Nature Reserve Uvac Nova Varos
Seeing absolutely stunning nature, river and its meanders, seeing unique sorts of birds...Very, very special.
When travelling to Serbia, plan a short trip to Special Nature Reserve UVAC to have a hint on the natural wonders of Serbia.
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Topcider Park Belgrade
Located only five kilometers from the city center ... This is first landscaped park in the city built by the order of Knez Miloš Obrenović ... Topčider park is a favorite weekend site in Belgrade, and is popular a...
Topčider Park is a forest park in Belgrade, we always loved to frequent,since it is perfect place for rest and relaxing yourself.
Mountain Avala Belgrade
Apart from the "must see" Monument on the top - lead by good tour drivers you could also hike the mountain and explore some beautiful sights and nature.
The monument, which dominates the summit and a great park.
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Davolja Varos Prolom
It is an excellent place for nature lovers, for good photos and memorable adventure.
The center of attraction are the earth pyramids created by erosion of the soil, which were kind of exaggerated in the campaign pictures, but still they are peculiar nature formation worth seeing.
Memorial Park Sumarice Kragujevac
The nature was astonishing and the memorials were so moving.I loved the way it showed the history of the place and my children loved to run and play around!
... called Bloody fairytale (Krvava Bajka) ... Great monument was built also to remind us of this tragedy ... As moving and touching this is, beautiful surroundings and nice big park are so peaceful and beautiful ...
Palic Lake Palic
Nature is amazing, lake is lovely and park around it is stunning.
Sunshine, shade ,relaxing place to read I book,enjoy a beer,play in the park or stroll.
Mountain Tornik Zlatibor
Great for hiking or just a casual nature walk.
Riding a zipper, driving a bob, dropping a bicycle, adventure park for the youngest, are just some of the content that this place offers.
Gostilje Waterfall Zlatibor
Waters are so calming and nature is beautiful, go all the way down by big waterfall and many smaller, down to the river, what a scenery.
If visiting in summer, bring swimsuit since there is a huge and well-equiped swimming pool just near the entrance to the waterfall park.
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Uvac Canyon Sjenica
The preserved nature, the beautiful lake with the meander, an amazing viewpoint, mysterious caves.
The price is around 10 euros, including nature reserve entrance fee and cave visit fee.
Fruska Gora Novi Sad
Wonderful nature, different in each time of the year, beautiful peaceful forests, wide vineyards at the slopes, it's monasteries hidden into a remarkable landscapes, curvy roads through forest and paths for walkin...
Beautiful mountains, beautiful nature .
Palic Zoo Palic
The zoo is in the Palić nature park and has a perfect place for animals.
Situated in large green park this Zoo is both, zoological and botanical experience.
Resavska Cave Despotovac
Located near Manasija monastery in the lush greenery, this nature monument is certanly not-to-be-miss.Beautifull cave decoration, good guided tour -perfect place to visit
We felt enveloped by nature.
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National Park Tara Tara National Park
Can’t speak highly enough of this place and the rangers too, amazing experience and makes you feel at one with nature and appreciate it all the more
... tourist attractions.My personal favorite part is Mitrovac and I'd recommend a visit to tourist information office in Mitrovac,for some tips about the trails.All in all Tara is a must see for all nature lovers
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Dunav (The Danube) Novi Sad
Kopaonik Kopaonik
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Zemunski Park Zemun
Beautiful park, plants and the Zoo next door, excellent on a sunny day for a relaxing promenade.
The park itself is a leafy sanctuary from the heat, and a perfect opportunity to rest the legs, (as there is many park benches).
Djerdap National Park Donji Milanovac
Remarkable nature, full of beautiful mountain landscapes, Romanian villages are seen from the Serbian side, and the 3 places are absolutely magnificent and you must visit if you go there: wind turbines at the Ro...
Starting from the impressive beauty of the Danube river, the untouched nature of Đerdap gorge to the local historical heritage, this national park hides one of the most beautiful touristic gems of Serbia and this...
Belgrade Zoo Belgrade
Cool atmosphere,u can go and enjoy in animal world ,cool ambient ,good vibe, u will have a beautiful day with your family and kids, it is for people who love animals and nature.Enjoy!
Historical building located in one of the largest parks in Belgrade, with a beautiful lookout point at the confluence of two rivers.
One Year River - Reka Godina Bajina Basta
Great nature.So quiet, ideal for relax.
Shortest River in europe.Fall from the 10 meters rock in Drina.At the Top of the Rock is a Restoran.Its one of the most underatted place of nature in the world.Spring of Perucica is wonderfull.
Great War Island Zemun
Highly recommend this nature heaven!
Real Jungle and wild nature island in the heart of the city.
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Kopaonik National Park Kopaonik
There are much less tourists in summer, and it is a splendid place for nature lovers seeking to escape summer heat in towns and enjoy beautiful nature and fresh air at reasonable prices.
Great skiing, beautiful nature
Tasmajdan Park Belgrade
Amazing park, inside the city center, many occasional events, plenty of outdoor exercise equipment, suitable for all ages
Situated in the city center, Tasmajdanski park represents real oasis of peace and nature.
Risovaca Cave Arandjelovac
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