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Waterfalls in Hong Kong

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  • Shasha A
    Hong Kong, China203 contributions
    Location : Tai Mo Shan
    Destinations : Lower Ng Tung Chai Waterfall, Middle fall, Shan Fat Fall, Scatter Fall, Tai Mo Shan summit
    Hardness of the hike : 10/10
    Elevation and time: 957M / 6hr 30mts

    We started our journey from Kowloon Tong and ook the light blue MTR line to come to Tai Po Market. Then we took Yuen Long bus no 64K to Kadoorie Farm. Our plan was to hike bia Kadoori Garden but unfortunately it was closed due to the safety measures. So we had to walk back to Pak Ngau Shek Shueng, the halt before Kadoorie Farm, to start out journey. From there we followed the sign boards "to the waterfall".
    And of course as I always say, the google map is very accurate in finding even the trail lines. So go for it always for your safety unless you are familiar with the area.
    After some time we reached to the Man Tak Path Obelisk. The Two giant pillars, beautifully designed with chinese characters and carvings, stand guard to the mountains. If you reach here you are following the correct route. As you keep going forward, then starts the dense jungle. The trail lines starts to get more shady and soon you will be going through the forest. On your left side you will have some amazing views of the green mountains and the buildings of HK city.
    You will have to climb lots of steps, and paths made of rocks, some steep areas throughout this journey. So be prepared in advanced.
    We arrived to our first waterfall after hiking for about an hour.
    This series of four waterfalls are made of the same water stream flowing down from Tai Mo Shan peak.

    1- Lower fall at Ng Tung Chai. A very scenic waterfall which flows through a narrow passage.
    You don't want to forget your camera on this hike.
    We were truly mesmerized by this amazing hidden gem. Nature was very quite. Feels more tropical here. Could hear only the sound of the water falling down. Sad to say but we saw some people have left garbage here. Please don't do that.

    2- Middle fall. The second part of the Ng Tung Chai Water fall. The most beautiful of all four waterfalls. We met locals who were enjoying in the water.

    3- Shan Fat water fall. Also called main fall, is the highest waterfall in Hong kong which is about 35m in height. A long horse tail type waterfall, has a beautiful shallow pool where you can take a dip. We took a short break here.

    Then we continued towards The Tai Mo shan peak. This hike is all about climbing Tai Mo shan. Yet indeed it is very adventurous. Prepare your gears if you need any and make sure you are fit enough if you decide to take this hike. Endless steps and boulders will barricade the trails.
    After some time you can reach the fourth waterfall.

    4- Scatter fall. No wonder why this fall has been given this name. When you enter this part of the hike, you will start to see the signs on scattering and falling rock hazards. Not recommended to go on a bad weather.

    The hike starts to go up after here. We took the official route up to the Tai Mo Shan. Most of the people turns back from Scatter fall. But we continued towards Tai Mo shan. Trail after here is shady and cool. After passing a beautiful bamboo tree path we slowly reached Tai mo shan peak. It was bit crowded that day. But we managed to click some amazing pictures of the overlooking city from the highest point of HK.

    And we came down to the Tai Mo Shan Country park visitor centre. From There you can take the bus 51 to come to Tsuen Wan.

    There are no toilet facilities available within the country park.
    And NO Garbage disposal bins in Tai Mo Shan. So make sure to bring back your garbage with you.
    We already saw people have left their garbage near the waterfalls, which is a very ignorant behavior. And it is the future of our nature that you are destroying. If you cannot carry down the bottles and packets dont bring them up there.
    Written 18 March 2022
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  • EastmeetsWestAB
    London, UK1,361 contributions
    We get to this falls via duckling hill. We decided to go for a slightly longer walk and it is not difficult. The trail from here occasionally have views and at this time of the year there are plenty of butterflies. Make sure you wear proper hiking shoes if you want to climb the rock and take a look at the view.

    The fall is lovely and there is still plenty of water although we hardly have any rain for the last few months. I really wish people would not use nets and try and catch Little fishes as this will damage the biodiversity of the falls. Plenty of photos opportunities. Not a popular route for hikers so even during public holidays it is not too crowded. Will come back after heavy rain and see how different the falls will be.

    The rocks and tree roots covering the area is beautiful. Majority of the walk is shaded, so it's ok to come even during summer. Make sure u also go and see the Lin Yin Terrace Falls nearby. It is also very nice.

    Written 6 April 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • BradJill
    Hong Kong, China146,662 contributions
    The Bride's Pool Waterfall is one of Hong Kong's most attractive falls and nature areas, a place well worth exploring in the heart of the Plover Cove Country Park. It is located in the Bride's Pool Nature area to the east of Bride's Pool Road.

    There is a Nature Trail that starts at the north and south sides of the falls at designated BBQ areas. The trail is well-maintained and fairly easy. It leads down to the stream below the falls from which you find natural trail leading up a series of large boulders and rounds of stream pools and small cascades until you reach the Bride's Pool and Waterfall.

    The pool area is beautiful and photogenic. There is a flat area on the side where you can have a bit of a picnic if the area isn't crowded. During warmer months and on weekends, you can find lots of people here. If you want unobstructed pictures, make sure to come early in the day before the day visitors begin to arrive.

    Note: To visit take green mini-bus 20R or bus 275R (on Sundays and public holidays) from the Tai Po Market Station directly to the BBQ Site just next to the Nature Trail trailhead. Alternatively, you can take mini-bus 20C which drops off at Tai Mei Tuk a few km south at Plover Cove Reservoir. From there you can take a short taxi ride or hike up to Bride's Pool and Waterfall.
    Written 16 December 2020
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  • BradJill
    Hong Kong, China146,662 contributions
    The Mirror Pool Waterfall is a delightful place to find while hiking around Bride's Pool in the Plover Cove Country Park. If you want to see the top of the falls, there is a short side trail you can use just near the trailhead for the Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail just south of Wu Kau Tang.

    From here, you can walk just a couple of minutes to the small Mirror Pool and see the top of the falls area where the 35 metre falls are found. You can walk the grounds around the top of the falls and see parts of the river down below. This is a neat little place to see before beginning the long and challenging reservoir country trail.

    Note: There is no way to hike up to the top of the falls at Mirror Pool from the bottom which follows the riverbed in the Bride's Pool area itself. You can only trek to this point from the north at the Wu Kau Tang car park and bus stop area.
    Written 5 February 2022
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • BradJill
    Hong Kong, China146,662 contributions
    Waterfall Bay Park is situated near Wah Fu just southeast of Cyberport on the west coast of Hong Kong Island. This is a freshwater water source that flows from the higher grounds of the Pok Fu Lam Country Park and deposit into Telegraph Bay by way of a nifty little cliffside falls at the northern end of the Waterfall Bay Park.

    Historically, it is believed that these falls were the source behind Hong Kong's Cantonese Name 香港, which means Fragrant Harbour. Chinese fisherman, pirates and sailors used the falls to replenish fresh water for centuries so there may be some truth to this suggestion.

    To visit and see the waterfall, you have to make way to Waterfall Park Road at Wah Fu. It is a fairly isolated location but several buses from Aberdeen (south), Kennedy Town (north) and nearby Cyberport can get you to this location. Walk south on Waterfall Park Road until you reach the Waterfall Bay Park which runs along the coast.

    Enter the park, walk to the right until you reach the set of stairs with blue lined handrail until you reach the gate which provides access down to the sea where the falls are located. Note: The gate was locked when I passed by (pandemic restrictions). If you encounter this, you can still see the falls just fine from the staircase above.

    In the end, this is a place easier and more convenient to enjoy if you live in the area. Also, like other falls around Hong Kong, the flow here can be quite minimal and underwhelming during the cooler and drier months of the year. Something to keep in mind if you are hoping to see gushing falls.
    Written 23 February 2022
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Mairwen1
    United Kingdom6,324 contributions
    This was more a sad dribble than a gushing torrent. What we forgot when we planned to walk here was that it’s been a very dry few months. There simply hasn't been much rain lately so in hindsight, we should have realised that the waterfall was likely to be less than impressive.
    Instead of the twin waterfalls cascading into pretty pools beneath, we found just one trickle and a few shrunken ponds.
    On the upside, it is a relatively short walk from the ferry (25 – 30 min). We walked from the beach alongside a stream, past some beautifully green farming lands and small village houses and through lovely natural, bushland. There’s also an old silver mining cave close by the waterfall which you can check out quickly.
    To get there, turn right from the ferry terminal and head towards the beach. The path is an easy walk and for the most part, there are signs along the way.
    NOTE: Ferries to Mui Wo from Central leave regularly throughout the day from Pier 6 but it is worth trying to time it so that you get a fast ferry, not the slow one. The slow one takes about an hour and the fast ferry is half that time.
    Written 24 May 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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