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  • BradJill
    Hong Kong, China146,662 contributions
    Tai Mo Shan is the highest peak in Hong Kong at 957 metres above sea level. This was once an active volcano during the Jurassic period that is found in the Tai Mo Shan Country Park more or less in the middle of the New Territories. Interestingly, while being the highest peak, Tai Mo Shan is not difficult to visit and is something that even families with children can do if wanting to get outdoors and take in a bit of exercise.

    There are several ways to approach Tai Mo Shan with the most convenient being from the west along Tai Mo Shan Road. Upon entering the country park from Twisk Route, you simply follow the road past the Visitor Centre all the way up to the Weather Radio Stations at the Peak. It is a simple and straight-forward upward approach along paved road.

    Hikers will likely prefer to use the MacLehose Trail (section 8) from Lead Mine Pass (to the east) or the same Tai Mo Shan Road & Twisk Route junction (to the west) to visit the peak. The trail to the west skirts through some of the hillside and forested areas and stays near the Tai Mo Shan Road until around the half way point, then simply joins the road as it becomes a series of switchbacks up the mountainside.

    Regardless of taking the road or the MacLehose Trail, you will see nice forests, hilly landscapes with tall grass and as you get higher, quite a few lookouts with landscape views. Once you reach Tai Mo Shan, you can walk around the Station and enjoy views of all of Hong Kong. You are only limited by sky conditions.

    Note: For Hikers wanting a bit more challenge, on the east side, after clearing the designated car park area, there is a grey trail that heads straight up the peak, instead of the longer, winding road. You need to have hiking apps on your mobile phone ready if you want to try this approach. It is much shorter but vey steep. The trail is overgrown at times and the ground not always firm and stable. As such, proper hiking shoes are important while trousers and gloves can be useful as well if wanting to take this route up the final stretch. Note: Along this grey trail, you'll find impressive boulders, a couple that you can sit on and have picnic while enjoying views, mostly on your own as very few people take this trail compared to simply using the road down below.
    Written 15 March 2022
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  • ECWorld
    Hong Kong, China2,647 contributions
    Well this is the place where you can get a seafood meal at a substantially lower price than the more touristy Sai Kung or Lei Yue Mun. Narrow street lined with seafood restaurants will remind you of Lei Yue Mun, but hygiene condition is not at the same level. I saw a few rats running around while I went there recently on a hot evening. At the end of the seafood street is the shoreline where lots of folks gathered for shots of the sunset over the Shekou region in Shenzhen and the Shenzehn Bay Bridge. Like most local seafood restaurants, if you do not know what you are doing you may get ripped off easily. This area is famous for its local oysters, but the best season for these is during the winter. I did not see any foreigners, probably too far away and not clean/presentable enough but really a good place primarily for locals
    Written 12 July 2021
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  • BradJill
    Hong Kong, China146,662 contributions
    High West Peak is just west of the famous Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. It is located within Pok Fu Lam Country Park and climbs up to 494 metres at the summit. You will be afforded outstanding views of the Hong Kong Skyline, Victoria Harbour, the Kowloon Peninsula and areas of the New Territories West (to the north), Lamma and other outlying island along with Mui Wo, Lantau Island (to the west) and western and southern sections of HK Island (to the south).

    The direct trail to High West Peak starts just south of the rest area and garden at the Hatton and Luggard Road intersection. The trail from here is a treacherous straight uphill climb up and endless set of concrete steps. There are small signs every 1/4 way along the trail so you can measure your progress. Few places to move to the side to take a break but just stop from time to time if you need. Once you reach the top, you'll be rewarded with the outstanding views mentioned above.

    From the city, there are several ways to make your way to the trailhead. You can climb up several routes through the Pok Fu Lam Country Park, including the popular Morning Trail as well as the trail that starts at the SinoPec petrol station west of HKU. These are fairly challenging hikes with steady uphill climb up long sets of steps as well as some uphill concrete paths. Alternatively, you can make way to Victoria Gap (The Peak) by way of the Peak Tram or bus from the city. From there, you can walk along Luggard Road until you reach the trailhead. This is an easier approach.

    Overall, this is a good hike, good opportunity for exercise if you want to start back down in the city and a neat peak to reach on Hong Kong Island if you enjoy panoramic views.
    Written 11 December 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • BradJill
    Hong Kong, China146,662 contributions
    There is a short waterfall and series of cascading pools located up the Sheung Luk Stream around 200 metres back off of San Wan Beach in the Sai Kung East Country Park. This is a popular spot visitors to Sai Wan Beach to come an enjoy a bit of fresh water swimming the pool basins which usually have crystal clear water fed by the natural stream.

    We recently stopped by while hiking during the dry season and found the falls expectedly at a near stand still and the pools too cold for swimming but the water quality was still pretty good. During warmer and wetter months, the water can be moving pretty good here and more people swimming in the pools.

    Do note that the walk along the grounds around the waterfall and pools at Sheung Luk Stream can be a bit treacherous so use caution when approaching the falls.

    To find the Sheung Luk Stream, make your way to the northeast end of Sai Wan Beach. Follow the MacLehose Trail Stage 2 but don't cross the stream. Instead continue upstream, you will pass a sustainable farm before entering a short trek up a hill along side the stream that will be to your right. Soon you approach the pools and falls which are only around 200 metres upstream.
    Written 6 February 2022
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  • Catherine T
    Hong Kong, China155 contributions
    Devil ‘s Peak Trail is a comfortable and easy trail for hikers , with rich historical mark such as abandoned fortification, providing the military importance in the past and panoramic sea view,
    Written 3 April 2022
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Leonhkny
    Hong Kong, China8,568 contributions
    This is an easy hiking trail minutes away from the urban area. Mount Parker Road is a relatively flat road linking Quarry Bay and Tai Tam Reservoir. The walk is pleasant and suitable for beginners. The view of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island is nice.
    Written 18 April 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • BradJill
    Hong Kong, China146,662 contributions
    This is a 6.3 kilometre north to south trail through the western section of the Clearwater Bay Country Park. It is an easy trail to follow but has challenging sections with steep uphill climbs that require some scrambling. The highlight of the trail is seeing High Junk Peak from the north as you approach. This is one of famous dramatic peaks of Hong Kong.

    The trail follows the mountain ridge throughout, affording really nice landscape views to the UNESCO Geopark are of Sai Kung to the north and east as well as Junk Bay, Victoria Harbour (in the distance) as well as the Kowloon and Hong Kong Skylines to the south and west. When sky conditions are favourable, the views are remarkable.

    Note: Most hikers start at the north end of the country park and hike south allowing you to see the dramatic side of High Junk Peak. The starting point is on the Clearwater Bay Road at Ng Fai Tin. Most convenient transportation there is to take bus 103M from the Tseung Kwan O MTR (2 minute walk from Exit A1) or bus 91 from the Diamond Hill bus terminus. Otherwise, taxis can get you to Ng Fai Tin drop off point as well.

    Note: If short on time, after clearing High Junk Peak, you can shortcut hike back down to Clearwater Bay Road to catch bus out of the country park at Tai O Mun. Several buses stop at the Tai O Mun intersection, providing you a few options out of the country park from here.

    Note: If you continue south past High Junk Peak, you will finish the hike at the entrance to the seaside fishing village of Po Toi O which you will see on the final descend down from the ridge. Many stop here for a seafood lunch or quick visit before leaving the country park.

    You can also visit the historic Tin Hau Temple at Joss House Bay from the small carpark. This is the oldest known temple in Hong Kong, dating back to 1266. There is also an ancient rock inscription just above the temple, both are declared monuments in Hong Kong and like Po Toi O, are worth the brief detour to see if you have time and energy at the end of your hike.

    To exit the country park from Po Toi O, take the Green minibus (route 16 - Po Toi O <> Po Lam MTR Station). It stops at Hang Hau MTR as well. The bus starts in Po Toi O so best to walk down to the village to get in the start of the queue, particularly on weekends and public holidays when higher volume of hikers wrap up their hikes here by late morning to midday.
    Written 13 December 2021
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  • Carey Lam
    72 contributions
    There are lots of beautiful Miscanthus on Tai Tung Shan during autumn time. But since it is famous for this, there were too many people last month when I went there and made it too crowded and unable to take good photos. but it is still very gorgeous.
    Written 10 December 2018
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • BradJill
    Hong Kong, China146,662 contributions
    Beacon Hill is located within Lion Rock Country Park and is around 45 minute hike west of the famous Lion Rock by way of the MacLehose Section 5 trail. There is a rewarding Beacon Hill Viewing Point along the trail where a beautiful clearing opens up to the south providing excellent panoramic views of Lion Rock to the east, Kowloon to the south as well as Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island in the distance and towards the southwest.

    This is a very nice stopping point along the MacLehose Trail Section #5 for a rest and to take pictures of the city below. Then continue onward with your intended hike through the country park.

    Note: At the top of Beacon Hill, a short distance west of the Viewing Point, there is also a major transmission station that is maintained by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department. You will pass right beside it as part of the Section # 5 Trail. It is interesting to see up close but is not open to th public.
    Written 2 April 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • EastmeetsWestAB
    London, UK1,361 contributions
    Absolutely worth it to do this section of Lantau Trail Section 3. The view from the Peak is amazing. We were lucky to see both sun and fog.

    We started off this trail from Pak Kung Au. It was a good call, as the view walking up from here to Lantau Peak aka Fung Wong Shan was wonderful. To get to Pak Kung Au, mtr to tung chung, then bus 11 or 3M to Pak Ku Au. Walk a few steps and you can see the sign. One is for Sunset Peak and the other is for Lantau Peak.

    There are plenty of steps to walk up and occasionally flat terrain. However there are benches along the way and interesting rock formation. Plenty of photo opportunities.

    At the peak of 934m it is fantastic. There is also a shelter just in case the weather changes.

    It's really worth a climb. Will do this again!
    Written 13 February 2022
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Shasha A
    Hong Kong, China203 contributions
    Locations : Wong Ngau Shan, Buffalo Hill, Ngong ping View point in Ma on shan Country park

    As usual I started my hike early in the morning. I came to Kwun Tong Ferry bus terminus as it was the closest root for my route. From there I took the bus 83X. And got off at Wong Nai Tau bus terminus. When you enter the station, you can see the hillside in front. It was another gloomy day in Hong Kong with 12° temp. So the mountains looked so serene with tops covered with fog. You can see the Wong Nai Tau park and there you have directions to the West Buffalo hill. I have added some of the special landmarks here but I prefer you to follow google map to get through the village as it is tricky to find the right passage to get to the starting point.
    The hike starts with stpes. A good amount but soon you will enter more green and rough paths that leads uphill. I was all alone going through the forest. I met few people on the way. You gotta have enough energy to complete this as this is, exhausting journey. Somehow with few short breaks I managed to reach to West Buffalo Hill (Wong Ngau Shan) within like 2 1/2hrs. I bet the views must be amazing if it is a clear day and very facinating rock formations for landscape photographs. I was bit upset because I couldn't see all that beauty even after sweating this much but I will go again when we have more clear skies. It is indeed one of the most beautiful trail lines I have been.
    Buffalo hill summit is located in the same mountain which is about 606m above sea level. Then comes the descend to Buffalo Pass. This hike is all about ups and downs. I wasn't able to find the path which goes down because it was so foggy that I cannot see further than 2-3 meters ahead. The path happened to be in the very edge of the Buffalo hill, and is steep. It took me around another 1hr to enter the Buffalo pass. Ground was slippery and I had to be extra careful. From Buffalo pass you have leads to Mau Ping and Gilwell campsite. I took the Mau Ping, as I am going to go to the Ngong Ping View point. After here the trail becomes easy as no hard hills to climb. This trail line leads to Mau Ping Resting area. Another 40mnts for this part. At Mau ping resting area you can have a rest as there is benches tables ad everything. But I haven't seen the toilet facilities. Make sure to suit yourself in this matter.
    After hiking through Ngong Ping trail for about another 30mnts you can reach Ngong ping view point. No wonder why people call it "Garden in the sky" with all the fog and views of Sai Kung, it literally looked like somewhere above the clouds. I saw people hanging around here, with their tents, pups and kids. It is famous as A paragliding station.
    The authority notices says "Camping is not allowed" but Im pretty sure there were some over night campers here. And when I asked my friend about it he said that the officials will come and fine you for camping in this area. but you can still stay.
    After having my rest below the Pyramid hill I started to hike back. I choose a much closer route that leads to Sai Kung City Centre. Tai Shui Tseng trail. Before you enter the Ngong Ping site you will meet the trail junction with a huge map board and from there you have to take Tai Shui Tseng trail.
    It is a descend and I happened to be passing a beautiful area covered with bamboos. After about 1 1/2 hrs I managed to return back to the busy main roads.
    It is the greatest hike I have done so far. Total distance of the hike is somewhere between 20-25km. I forgot to turn on amd save my meter. But after I got down as I remember it showed something like this and more than 25000 steps. So no clear idea about it, as the google map doesn't show the accurate distance for this. If you plan to take this route please do measure and update me as well. 😊

    Please Make sure to bring back your garbage as there are no garbage bins available inside the country park.
    Protect these for the future generation to see what we walked through.

    Please don't forget to subscribe my Youtube channel, like the video and share with your friends who need a good review of the hike. 😊
    Written 21 February 2022
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • BradJill
    Hong Kong, China146,662 contributions
    We did a couple of very nice hike days in the Plover Cove Country Park again this season. This is one of the large protected areas in the northeast of N.T. just to the east of the Pat Sing Leng Country Park, north of the Plover Cove Reservoir, south and southeast of the Starlet Inlet and west of the Double Haven islands and Marine Park.

    This year we took in the Double Haven Country Trail, starting at Lai Chi Wo which is accessible by way of weekend ferries from Ma Liu Shui. We included the side hike up Tiu Tang Lung Peak (416 metres) and enjoyed tremendous views of the country park and the Double Haven islands in the sea. Sky conditions were excellent on the day, affording a delightful day on the trail, which ended at the Wu Kau Tang village. You can do this trail the other way around as well ending in Lai Chi Wo.

    Another very rewarding but challenging trail we completed this season is the Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail, a 20 kilometre trek that scales numerous 400+ peaks and encircles Hong Kong's second largest reservoir. The trail starts at Wu Kau Tang village and ends at Tai Mei Tuk. This is a requiring trail and day of hiking, one best reserved for fit hikers with good fitness and stamina. It is a long day with lots and lots of climbing. However, you are treated to one of HK's hidden gem viewpoints and lunch stops east of the reservoir, sitting on an escarpment looking to the west that makes the hike worth it.

    Transportation in and out of the Plover Cove Country Park is quite limited compared to most of our other parks around the city. You do need a bit of planning before setting off. There is limited bus service along the Bride's Pool Road and Wu Kau Tong village for drop-offs and pick-ups, especially during weekdays. And ferry service to Lai Chi Wo if you want to start/stop there is only once during weekend and public holidays. So know where you need to be and what time you need to be there for hiking around the country park.
    Written 3 May 2022
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Shasha A
    Hong Kong, China203 contributions
    Location: Mt. Johnston Hike, Ap Lei chau

    We started our hike from Pok Fu Lam. You have to come to Lei Tung to start the hike. As I have shown in the video, the trail starts near a commercial building. Root is very clear easy to find the way up. There you start to climb Yuk Kwai Shan mountain which has a 196m of elevation. This hike requires some physical strength as the hill is steep and the rocky trail is smooth. There are ropes for your support but if you aren't in a good physical condition make sure to gear up.
    Summit of Yuk kwai shan has a beautiful 360° view of Hong Kong islands including Lamma. Ap Lei Pai is situated on SE side of the Ap Lei Chau Island. You have to take another steep trail down to enter the beautiful tombola area and to start the Ap Lei Pai hike. This descend is also very steep and slippery because of the smooth ground. Make sure you are fit enough to go down.
    In Ap Lei Pai you can take either the normal trail via the island or the coastal trail. We chose the coastal trail. It was exciting from the beginning. When you face Ap Lei pai the coastal trail starts on your right hand side. Make sure to follow the white arrows which has been drawn on the rocks to show the path. I prefer to do this coasteering when you go to the lighthouse. Because the path is mostly descending and if you choose this root to come back you have to climb some good number of rocks. More details I have shown in the video.
    We arrived at the lighthouse area for the sunset and hiked back via the foot trail to catch the boat.
    This is a very nice experience we had. If you love adventures i recommend this.
    Written 21 February 2022
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Mairwen1
    United Kingdom6,324 contributions
    This is not a ‘must-see’ but it is a strange and unusual rock feature set into the cliffs and is one of the scenic points along the Po Toi Walking Trail. It's sometimes also called Buddha's Hand but to me, it looked more like a giant robotic hand, reaching up from the earth. It even has finger tips. It’s a striking resemblance. There are several other dramatic-looking granite stones that have been eroded and weathered into various shapes along the trail. Nearby other stones have been nick-named Tortoise Rock, Coffin Rock and Monk Rock.
    You’ll find Palm Cliff on Route 2 of the looped walking trail which starts from the ferry pier. If you don't want to do the full trail all the way around the island, then this is the best option because it’s the most scenic and shortest stretch. As you approach the lighthouse, it’s on the lower path, on your right.
    Written 17 June 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • BradJill
    Hong Kong, China146,662 contributions
    This is a 615-hectare area of protected rural grounds that was designated as a country park in 1979. The country park is made up of two stretches of wild and rugged rural areas within the Clearwater Bay Peninsula in the southern New Territories.

    The Eastern section of the country park is larger and includes a popular Lung Ha Wan Country Trail that links the north and south entrances. The trail is mostly exposed on rugged hillsides, offering very good, unobstructed views of the sea and outlying islands. There is also access to one of HK's nine discovered ancient rock carvings, a 3000 year old protected monument near the northern end of the country park. At the southern end, there is a large and popular BBQ site with public facilities, toilets and refreshment kiosk.

    The Western section of the Clear Water Bay Country Park is a narrow strip of mountain range, highlighted by the popular High Junk Peak, considered to be one of the most challenging hikes in Hong Kong. In the southern end there are more elevated viewpoints with panoramic views. At the southern end is one of Hong Kong's oldest Tin Hau temples at Joss House Bay.

    In between the two sections, there are a couple of beaches, Clear Water Bay Beach 1 and 2, the second is a long stretch of fine sand and beautiful waters for swimming, making it very popular for weekend beachgoers.

    Note: Public transportation options to the Clear Water Bay Country Park include KMB bus 91 <> Diamond Hill Bus Exchange & MTR and Minibus 103 <> Tsueng Kwan O Bus Exchange & MTR that both stop at the Clear Water Bay Second Beach. There is also Minibus 16 from Po Lam MTR that continues further south to Po Toi O.
    Written 16 October 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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