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#1 of 72 Museums in Riga
As adults who love visiting different kind of museums around the world at any cost, entrance fee (10Eur) was more than acceptable for us and we really enjoyed all of the expositions and interactive way of how muse...
This is quite a small but defiantly one of the best motor museums I have been to and I have been to a few including Porsche, Mercedes and VW at Wolfsburg.
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#2 of 72 Museums in Riga
This is one of the few memorials/museums dedicated to a righteous gentile who saved Jews from the hands of the evil Nazis in WW II.
This remarkable museum commemorates the amazing tale of how Zanis and his wife Johanna, 'ordinary folk', saved dozens of Jews under the noses of the Nazis in wartime Riga.
#3 of 72 Museums in Riga
I've been to ethnographic museums in Finland & in Takayama, Japan but this is definitely my favourite as it has over 120 incredible wooden buildings that make you feel like you've stepped back in time.
Museum established at 1924th and reflect traditions of European open air museums.
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#4 of 72 Museums in Riga
Just simply one of the more beautiful museums I have visited with a variety of exhibits covering a range of style that deal with the Latvian history.
This museum has an art collection of all kind of paintings and drawings that you can follow the history of painting in Latvia with its great artists.
#5 of 72 Museums in Riga
One can visit churches & museums in almost any city.
Unlike similar museums in the old East Germany, this place hasn't been spruced up for tourists.
#6 of 72 Museums in Riga
like all the Ghettos and Holcaust Museums this too has an eerie feeling, you can feel the sadness but also the determination and solidarity of the resistance movement in Latvia.
Two excellent Jewish Museums
#7 of 72 Museums in Riga
One of the great art nouveau museums of Europe.
This little museum does a fantastic job of capturing what it was like to live in an Art Nouveau space at the time, in a house of that time which you reach ideally on foot via streets which erupt with sphinx or owl...
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#8 of 72 Museums in Riga
Didnt realize the fear and anxiety facing the people of the Baltic States until we saw this museum as well as the KGB museums throughout the Baltic States
Of all similar museums I saw, this one is second best, after Berlin Wall on Berbauer strasse in Berlin.
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#9 of 72 Museums in Riga
The collection of the museum cannot be compared to the great museums in western Europe but it will certainly keep you occupied for 1 or 2 hours.
In five years Art Museum Riga Bourse became as one of the most attended museums in Riga, with more than 100 000 attenders annually.
#10 of 72 Museums in Riga
Now museums appear to be the thing that Riga does well, on all the walking maps there are loads listed i.e. museum of nature, museum of occupation, museum of photography, museum of pharmaceuticals…….. Given time l...
During our short stay we only managed to visit 5-6 museums, but this one was pretty much the king of the lot.
#11 of 72 Museums in Riga
I like unique museums and this one is quite unique
One of the most interesting museums I've ever visited!
#12 of 72 Museums in Riga
This museum, is one of the largest and oldest museums in Latvia.It is located in the Old Town, part of Riga City between the two bridges across the River Daugava and the water canal on the east side.
War museums are defo a mans thing
#13 of 72 Museums in Riga
Indeed a delightful surprise ... with a site that other rail museums must envy...
I live in York where we have one of the world's greatest railway museums.
#14 of 72 Museums in Riga
One of the best boutique museums in Riga!
The museum has obviously been well thought out with some fascinating snippets of information dotted around the displays, which really convey the passion the founder and museum staff have over their collection.
#15 of 72 Museums in Riga
Highly recommended for couples & people who find regular museums a bit boring.
Leonard the owner, is hilarious and very friendly, brilliant museum, a lot of information made fun, great photo opportunities, nice vodka/punch!
#16 of 72 Museums in Riga
The museum is one of the most comprehensive Jewish museums that we have seen.
We highly recommend Ieva Kalceva for a guided tour of "Jewish Riga" that included the forest, the museum, and the Jewish quarter.
#18 of 72 Museums in Riga
Small exhibit as far as museums go, but fabulous eye candy and definitely worth a visit.
Crinolines and bustles to try on was an additional fun!!! Anna - our guide through yesteryear fashion - enhanced the experience at the museum tenfold!
#20 of 72 Museums in Riga
Medieval decorative art is represented by ceramics, glass, silver etc manufactured in Latvia (tradition medieval artefacts You may see in Mencendorfa house museum, artefacts in hystorical context You may see in Mu...
Very nice museum for fashion and dress lovers in the center of Old Riga near 3 rifleman monument and Riga Municipality.
#21 of 72 Museums in Riga
This museum is maintained by a small group of volunteers who really have a passion for aviation and it shows.
The guide and museum owner gather this collection together personally, he is the pilot and aviation enthusiast.
#22 of 72 Museums in Riga
Worth to visit - great beer and interesting museum.
It was a great museum tour: history, process observation, local beer tasting .
#23 of 72 Museums in Riga
This is one of the best museums in Riga.
Super nice and familiar service at the Museum, they explained all very good and could answer all questions!
#24 of 72 Museums in Riga
Best from museums, the most unusual from escape rooms!
The place managed to make an incredible escape the room game - while still being a museum of medieval Riga.
#25 of 72 Museums in Riga
The museum provides background information about the preparations made by the Latvian Popular Front and other nationalists in anticipation of a possible Soviet crackdown on the Baltic independence movements, and d...
This is a small private museum, easy to miss, but in the middle of the old town of Riga.
#26 of 72 Museums in Riga
Museum located a bit out of the city centre but for technophiles is definately worth to visit.
This lovely , private museum put a smile on our faces for the rest of the day.
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#27 of 72 Museums in Riga
The Mentzendorff’s House – a branch of the Riga Museum of History and Navigation – brings you in the cosy atmosphere of the 17 th –18 th cent.
#28 of 72 Museums in Riga
Done up with a lot of love and attention to detail, exceptionally friendly staff, interactive displays and much chocolate to try out :-) A nice museum to explore with and without kids!
... some delicious Laima chocolate, saw the whole process of chocolate making and mass production, made some cute photos and even shot a few funny videos (all the technologies for that are available at the museum).
#29 of 72 Museums in Riga
This old fashioned museum had way more information than I could take in - lots and lots of information.
#30 of 72 Museums in Riga
... of words has been made clear and interesting.Incidentally the museum is on 3 floors,and to get to the upper floors your have to walk up some extremely steep stairs.Certainly one of the best small museums in Riga.
I stumbled upon this gem of a museum accidentally, but wow, is it worth a visit!