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Civita di Bagnoregio
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Palazzo Farnese
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Civita di Bagnoregio
Points of Interest & Landmarks, Scenic Walking Areas, Historic Sites, Neighbourhoods
Bosco del Sasseto
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Borgo e Castello di Torre Alfina
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I Quattro Archi
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St. Peter's Basilica Vatican City
#1 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Spectacular church designed by Donato Bramante, Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and Carlo Maderno... the burial site of Christ's Apostle Simon Peter and first Pope Saint Peter.
We loved our visit with a guided tour and was amazed at the history throughout the whole tour, very interesting and some amazing sights to take in, highly recommend the visit
329 Ways to experience it
Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore Rome
#2 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
I would highly recommend the tour as you're given some interesting history, but getting an up-close view of the mosaics and Bernini's staircase were highlights for us.
Jesus and the apostles are featured at the top of an amazing mosaic frieze, below which the mosaics on the balcony tell the tale of how a dream became reality, and of how in August snow fell on the site where the...
32 Ways to experience it
Pantheon Rome
#3 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Absolutely magnificent site: beauty of architecture and tremendous dome combined with solemn sites of Victor Emanuel and Raphael tombs and festive environment of a cathedral just gives you complete feel of Rome an...
Understated site to visit in Rome! Built in 100 A.D. the architectural design and ability to build such a structure over 2000 years ago is amazing to see! Highly recommend a visit.
289 Ways to experience it
Colosseum Rome
#4 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Terrific tour of the Colosseum - really informative and engaging tour guides and spectacular views of the Colosseum from different levels / perspectives and with access as well to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.
Fabrizio was a great guide he was informative and had a great sense of humour highly recommend this tour the steps up to the top of the Colosseum were challenging but well worth the view the underground was great...
647 Ways to experience it
Roman Forum Rome
#5 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
I'd definitely recommend visiting here if you're in Rome - The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are both beautiful attractions with loads to see! Climb high for the BEST views!
I saw many wonderful and famous sights on this fascinating tour including the Arch of Constantine, Circus Maximus, Colosseum, Orange and Rose Garden, Palantine Hill, Santa Maria's Church and it's Bocca della Verit...
361 Ways to experience it
Palatine Hill Rome
#6 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Great history with fantastic views , it gives an insight into how Rome was with all the splendid architecture Fantastic views over Rome
... history and culture when paired with the Roman Forum, to be able to walk around an ancient and observe the intricate detail and effort that went into one of histories more notable sites is wonderful.
185 Ways to experience it
Piazza Navona Rome
#7 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Amazing place, beautiful site, with beautiful restaurants, and amazing café with the most delicious Italian coffees, ice cream, and desserts.
Sit and relax drinking or eating with the fantastic view of this beatiful square, walk and take your time admiring the wonderful fountains.
349 Ways to experience it
Trevi Fountain Rome
#8 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
One of the best fountain sculptures in the world the "Trevi"is an awe inspiring site that gleams and oozes quality in the mid-day sun [and is lit up at night]..Truly a magnificent structure that crawls the walls o...
Worth combining with a walk up Spanish steps through the gardens to Villa Borghese via the Water clock for great views and a view of Romans at play - especially if you are with kids as there is lots to entertain them
364 Ways to experience it
Trastevere Rome
#9 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Excellent restaurants and markets abound, the best gelato in the country can be found here, night life is fun, we always felt safe, historic sites if you're so inclined, or just lounge in one of the many lovely pa...
The Churches in Trastevere, as most in Rome, have a special legend like Santa Cecilia, Santa Maria in Trastavere, San Pietro in Montorio, and climb up the hillside to get a wonderful view across the Tiber to the C...
72 Ways to experience it
Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo Rome
#10 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Wonderful insight into Italian renaissance defences, lovely frescos, papal treasure chamber (yes really), delicious café and fantastic views.
... sunset; beautiful angel sculptures were getting that golden touch, tiber river looked alive, the castel is huge and makes you feel fascinated.. and the dome of St. Peter's Basilica adorned the overall view..
77 Ways to experience it
Sistine Chapel Vatican City
#11 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Besides being the Site of the Papal Conclave where the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church elect a Pope after a Pope's Death, This Chapel holds the magnificent frescoes made by Michaelangelo Buonarotti and part...
Through over 300 figures, we can view beautifully and colourfully painted Biblical scenes ranging from the Garden of Eden, Noah, Moses, major Prophets, the ancestors of Jesus etc.
335 Ways to experience it
Vatican Museums Vatican City
#12 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
We saw all the landmarks in the museum and loved the way our guide explained the stories of Raphael, Hercules, Athena etc... Also, the Belvedere Apollo, Belvedere torso were wonderful... Take a guided tour.
The whole tour was a breathtaking culture overload, so many stunning sights to see, but our 'City Wonders' guide Francesca was a mine of information covering every detail of the tour.
399 Ways to experience it
Eternal City Tours Rome
#13 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
... and guides to cover a full agenda of fascinating and uplifting historical and religious locations, sites, churches and basilicas of the city of the holy apostles St. Peter and St. Paul, and of the early Christ...
... the private tours that we had with our guides, especially Paul and Jan , were made more enjoyable by their knowledge and passion for the beautiful landmarks of Rome and Florence and it's Catholic Heritage.
11 Ways to experience it
Santuario del Sacro Speco - Monastero di San Benedetto Subiaco
#14 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
The views of the surrounding countryside are breathtaking, but once inside the abbey you are left speechless.
San Benedetto is an amazing site to visit and well worth the climb to the top.
1 Way to experience it
Basilica Papale San Paolo Fuori le Mura Rome
#15 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Beautiful church lovely colours and great artuculture very quiet and peaceful if in Rome and go and visit this magical landmark
Wow! What a Beautiful Basilica full of History - the Burial site of Saint Paul.
9 Ways to experience it
Grotte di Falvaterra Falvaterra
#16 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
... competent and passionate guide, who knows each and every hidden corner better than anybody else since he took part to the excavations from 1995 until 2011, when the site was inaugurated and opened to the public.
Welcome to Rome Rome
#17 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, museum of the history of Rome, views, maquette of ancient buildings, temples of othe ancient city; to see also a fim leads you to the past some memorably beautiful spots; exc...
Ideal starting point for visitors to Rome.it shows the evolution of several iconic landmarks of Rome with beautiful 3-D illustrations and animations.you
1 Way to experience it
La Pieta Vatican City
#18 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Great passion and sadness emit from this masterpiece and it's just one of many beautiful sights within St Peter's .
When you view this magnificent sculpture, you can see every fold in the garment Mary is wearing and every detail in Jesus' body.
28 Ways to experience it
Macchina di Santa Rosa Viterbo
#19 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
It is one of the most impressive sights we have experienced in many years of travel
Bunker Soratte Sant'Oreste
#20 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
You will enjloy the sights from atop the mountain.
We knew we were going to a WWII site as a history buff but what a surprise to find it had been use up into the 70's as a Cold War fallout shelter for the Italian government!
Centro Storico Rome
#21 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
The historical area of Rome includes marvellous piazzas like Piazza Navona and Piazza Campo de’Fiori, and sights like the Pantheon and the Portico of Octavia.
Seeing Rome must include the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Forum, the Capitoline Museums, the Mausoleum of Augustus, Piazza Navona, The Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and numerous other sites, too many to list.
12 Ways to experience it
Estasi di Santa Teresa Rome
#22 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Very fortunate on second stop in Rome to be able to view the interior of this beautiful baroque style church and to discover this amazing sculpture by Bernini.
There are many awesome sights in St. Peter's basilica, but to me this is the most exquisite.
3 Ways to experience it
Cupola di San Pietro Vatican City
#23 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Before we climbed to the dome, we stopped and enjoyed the view from the gallery inside the dome to absorb the astonishing beauty of the cupola from within – and look down – the main altar.
Amazing views of the inside of the Basilica halfway up, and the most spectacular vistas of Rome from The Cupola.. Well worth the effort
6 Ways to experience it
Abbazia di San Paolo Fuori Le Mura Rome
#24 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Completed in 1823 the current basilica rests on the site of one built atop the tomb of St. Paul by Emperor Constantine I. St. Paul's tomb can be seen beneath the main altar.
Off the beaten path from most tourist sites, but well worth the trip, especially if you're also visiting St. John Lateran which is a short walk away.
5 Ways to experience it
Grotte Dell'Arco Bellegra
#25 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Sicily Rome American Cemetery and Memorial Nettuno
#26 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
The on site visitor centre has an excellent presentation about the war and details tales of some of the individuals buried here.
The site is easily accessed by car and by public transport (with a well-signed walk up from Nettuno Station).
2 Ways to experience it
Ancient Rome Province of Rome
#27 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
... find so much more than the Colosseum such as the Pantheon,Roman Forum and innumerable other beautiful sites that you will find just exploring this amazing city and as an added bonus you have the armed forces o...
We took a tour the first day and walked, taking in the sights and learning much about the history of this city.
5 Ways to experience it
Arcibasilica di San Giovanni in Laterano Rome
#28 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Bult on the site of a Roman palace of the laterani family, this is my favourite big basilica with its spacious and airy interior, its monumental statues of the apostles, its wonderful apse with mosaics and the Got...
... the perimeter of the spacious Nave which itself is crowned by a gloriously decorated ceiling, and the ornate, but in its own way tasteful main altar, the Basilica is one of the most extraordinary sites of Rome.
20 Ways to experience it
Redentore Formia
#29 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
We drove our small campervan up here, found a stunning spot to park for free with an amazing view of the whole bay and we planned to hike the next morning.
The views are nice and it is a day tour worth a visit if your plan is to escape from the heat and the crowded beach.
Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio di Loyola Rome
#30 of 3,235 Sights & Landmarks in Lazio
Go to this church!! My absolute highlight of Rome - which says something when you consider the history, beauty & majesty of so many sites in Rome! ;-D Most breathtaking, awe-inspiring painted ceiling which is Trom...
We hadn't heard much before about this church but when our excellent guide from City Wonders Gigi showed it to us we found it extremely interesting both from an architectoral and historical view.
11 Ways to experience it