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Plotzensee Memorial
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T4 - Memorial for the Victims of the Nazi Euthanasia Program
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Reichstag Building
#1 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Excellent organized, tipical german, the tour cannot be missed if you are in Berlin ; the dome is a fantastic achievement engineering , it offers an excellent 360 grade view of the town.
Incredible opportunity to: walk into a parliament that's walking the walk when it comes to transparency in democracy enjoy amazing views of the city walk up the glass dome with informative audio tour Great buildin...
53 Ways to experience it
Memorial of the Berlin Wall
#2 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Those who are history buffs or those enjoy visit to history or historical sites must visit to this memorial... Germans known for engineering marvel but they surely know how to preserve there monuments..
The platform also offers great views of the city and views include the Berlin tv tower, Reichstag building and the Jewish synagogue with its gold dome.
53 Ways to experience it
Brandenburg Gate
#3 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Spectacular monument which has frequently played such a huge part of Berlin’s history Easy to locate, near many other places of interest easy to stroll their while site seeing It’s history and frequent restoration...
Being in Berlin, albeit for a short visit, it would have been incomplete without a visit to the Brandenburg Gate Great Architecture & full of history Gorgeous View of the monument A must see / must visit in Berlin
71 Ways to experience it
The Holocaust Memorial - Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
#4 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Amazing site in terms of both Architectural perfection and remembrance of important history.
Free to visit, If you have time you can join in on a free walking tour (which I highly recommend) to visit various sites in Berlin and have them explained and hear a little more about the history that you may not...
29 Ways to experience it
East Side Gallery
#5 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
There are also lovely waterfront views of some of Berlin's most beautiful landmarks from here, however the most powerful draw is the emotion and history attached to this concrete structure.
Only need a good weather, everything else is on site: history, river to walk by, traditional curry-wurst and a terrific view.
13 Ways to experience it
THE ROOM - Live Escape Game Berlin
#6 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
It was a nice diversion for us from the usual museum-type sights of Berlin.
Berlin Philharmonic
#7 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
fantastic place with great acoustic, beautifully and good view and sound from almost everywhere: a MUST DO experience whenever in Berlin...
We were sitting right at the top, but could see the orchestra perfectly (albeit the back views of half of them), and could hear every single note!
1 Way to experience it
Gedenkstaette Berlin-Hohenschoenhausen
#8 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
These tours take you underground to view the WWII and Cold War bunkers wich will give you an incredible insight into the unseen worlds that wars and the threat of war make nessesary.
... legs very manageable - and the prison is a 6 or so minute walk from the tram Worth checking the site for opening times but we did one of the 2 English tours - which was highly informative Having grown up in th...
1 Way to experience it
Gleis 17, Grunewald
#9 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Gleis 17 memorial Starting on 18 October 1941 until February 1945 was one of the major sites of deportation of the Berlin Jews.
Gleis 17 (Track 17) at the Grunewald S-Bahn station is the site of 186 plaques erected along the train platforms, each plaque commemorating a date when Berlin Jews were shipped from Grunewald to ghettos and death...
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Museum Island
#10 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
A UNESCO World Heritage site, Berlin's Museum Island, built on a small island in the Spree River, is home to a unique ensemble of five temple-like museums - it was designed as a modern Roman Forum and includes the...
... if you want to visit the pergamon Lovely island and easily accessible by tube or bus, boat rides along the river available and toilets are inn each of the museums Great day out with some incredible sites!
46 Ways to experience it
#11 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
If you want a different night you should check the site for their shows, its a bit expensive but worth it!!!you find best of English concert and shows in this palast in berlin , very good saloon and luxury sky sea...
The theater itself offers a tiered great view for all the audience, enabling a very personal impact & experience.
2 Ways to experience it
#12 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
We came to see a circus show, and the seats are very well distributed so even though we were in the back, we got a perfect view!
We had front row seats, but the theatre hall is intimate enough that even from the back there is a great view of the stage.
German Historical Museum
#13 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
For history lovers this is the absolute business....a time flow gives clear accessible view of how German nation came to be and provides insight into the how and the why...one of the best museums I have been to......
As with most sites dedicated to such matters in Germany, (apart from Checkpoint Charlie), it treats significant events in its history such as the rise as Fascism and the Holocaust in an open and respectful manner.
2 Ways to experience it
Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Treptow
#14 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Over the years this Memorial site has changed very little,it still evokes a feeling of sadness, that so many young men gave their lives.
You are advised to research this site beforehand to properly appreciate it.
2 Ways to experience it
#15 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Both churches are worth visiting: the New Church has an exhibition of lovely models of various buildings, and the French Church has excellent views from it's bell tower.
This is a great part of Berlin - offering history , beautiful buildings , churches and halls , a calm and sophisticated area with lovely restaurants , shops and close to all the major sites in Berlin.
33 Ways to experience it
Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz
#16 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
The house is in a gentle tree-lined rural road adjacent to the Wannsee lake itself and the views, the grounds of the house are beautiful and the house equally so.
This fascinating educational site/museum focuses on the events of 20th January 1942 but also more generally on anti Semitism within a historical context.
Prenzlauer Berg
#17 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
This charming, tree lined enclave was the perfect counterpoint to the bustling metropolis sights and restaurant scene.
A nice way to have a view over Berlin and look for the places you've already visited or places you want to visit.
11 Ways to experience it
#18 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
(Before you cross, there is a restaurant near the bus terminus, on the island there's a small cafe at the landing site and in summer there's catering on the main lawn provided by a lovely lady in a converted trail...
It's easy to reach, beautiful views, great walk through meadows, beautiful scenery.
1 Way to experience it
Berliner Dom
#19 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
I would highly recommend the audio tour it gives you the story of this amazing building from its inception through 2 world wars and its near destruction to the amazing landmark it is now, Great views of Berlin and...
Berlin Cathedral is a realy big church with amazing statues.But the most exciting thing is the walk to the top and the breathtaking view!You can see BErlin in all it's beauty up there and the feeling is unique!
27 Ways to experience it
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
#20 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Located in on the Kurfürstendamm in the center of the Breitscheidplatz, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is a famous landmark of western Berlin and a poignant memorial to peace and reconciliation.
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is a nice building left from the bombings, if you are in Berlin , you may visit in a short time, excellent view on top.
12 Ways to experience it
Olympiastadion Berlin
#21 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Easy access to this landmark by train Free entry with the Berlin Pass Spectacular place even when empty as lots of history also has the Olympic stadium built for the 1916 Olympic Games and the Swimming & diving Po...
You can see the stadium from a sporting point of view and also as the home of the British military during the Cold War which is great and of course there's a lot of history from the Second World War associated wit...
10 Ways to experience it
#22 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Attended a classic concert and loved the majestic views whilst listening to awesome music.
The seats in the first balcony level are absolutely perfect since they offer an amazing view of the stage.
1 Way to experience it
Die Hackeschen Hoefe
#23 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
We were exploring a few sites in Mitte (New Synagogue) and hitting art galleries (Sprüth Magers Gallery) and decided to pop by this hidden gem.
The walk trough them is very exciting and full of beautiful views on colorful buildings and balconies once belonged to the east Berlin.
4 Ways to experience it
Berlin Hauptbahnhof
#24 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
... ticket allowing use of all local and regional services, including trams and busses, for €7.00 - Zones A & B. On one day we included Zone C and it was just €7.70, that allowed us to take in sights such as Potsdam.
The station is really a landmark in many aspects - the number of tracks, the number of floors, the maquette, some of the shops (you can buy ample - man and ample woman) - and worth your time and effort to visit if...
11 Ways to experience it
DDR Watch Tower
#25 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Kurt offered us information on a variety of historical sites around Berlin and historically tied everything together, enhancing our knowledge and appreciation of the area.
Climbing the steel ladders makes it easy to imagine you are an East German soldier by the time you reach the top, giving you an unusual view on the Berlin Wall and the Cold War as a whole.
3 Ways to experience it
Victory Column (Siegessaule)
#26 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
There is a small but very informative and interesting museum on the ground floor and some unique mosaic art on the first level up.The panoramic views from the upper observation deck are spectacular, totally worth...
You can walk up the stairs (admission: 3 €) inside the tower - which is decorated with golden canon barrels from 19th century wars - and enjoy a spectacular view of the city of Berlin.
14 Ways to experience it
#27 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
Also, travel towards the amphitheater to see some local bands jam out and relax while taking in the sights.
You clima a tall structure which enabling you to have a glimpse not only of a far view of Berlin, but also of a remaining section of the Wall an of its Death Strip.
3 Ways to experience it
#28 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
I liked the turkish market and enjoyed just walking around and looking at the things around me. There’s a nice path along the river with a great view.
20 Ways to experience it
Gropius Bau
#29 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
This is my first time to view a Maya exhibit and it was amazing with items such as pectoral plates, necklaces and organic materials for clothing.
You can appreciate pictures, leaflets, videos of her work, but also her methods, her views, how she created pieces, and - I think this is the clever and fantastic part of the exhibition - you can dance !
2 Ways to experience it
Nicholas Quarter
#30 of 477 Sights & Landmarks in Berlin
... you have some beautiful architecture such as the wonderful Nikolai Church which is also well worth checking out,the River Spree setting is so nice and if your on a tour boat the views of Nikolvietel are superb.
There are also lovely views of museum island and a great pub with its own brewery to relax in for an hour or two.
4 Ways to experience it