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National Museum of Anthropology Mexico City
The Museum is quite large and depending on your pace as well as how you navigate museums; stop at every exhibit, read every plaque or catch the highlights, the Museum is designed to accommodate all types and one w...
... art wonderfully displayed, it is also housed in one of the best examples of high modern mexican arquitecture, and it's set on the heart of chapultepec bosque, next to the two best modern art museums od the city.
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Museo del Tiempo Tlalpan Mexico City
One of the best museums I’ve ever been, because isn’t boring at all, it has lots of antiques that are very interesting to most all the people.
Museum is magnifique and unique in the City Mexico heart and unique space in the Tlalpan center, what are history, culture, art, pieces unique, design magnifique.
La Turquesa Jewelry and Art Cabo San Lucas
Monte Alban Oaxaca
That is a great time to visit Oaxaca to experience the simple pleasures of parades in the streets, excellent food, including pan de muertos (special holiday bread), and galleries and museums.
Beautifully situated and well preserved Zapotec site with steal, temples, stone carvings, ball court and Tomb 7 + small museum with well displayed artefacts, small shop and cafe.
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Museo Trick Eye Mexico City
We visited the Museum of Augmented Reality (Museo Trick Eye) which is located in the Plaza Antara in Mexico City and it was hilarious.
Anthropology Museum Xalapa
It is great to see this huge collection stay in the area, tho some had been taken out of the country and now exhibited in other museums.
Loved the architecture of the museum, with wide open spaces, lots of natural light, and a big garden which anyone can enjoy with nice weather.
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Instituto Cultural Cabanas Guadalajara
Simply fantastic - one of my favorite museums ever !
All museums including this one are free on Tuesdays.
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Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops San Miguel de Allende
Jardin Botanico Culiacan Culiacan
Palacio de Bellas Artes Mexico City
Starting here and walk by Madero to the Zocalo and the cathedral you will be delighted with Mexico historic district, food, museums and all the Mexican people folklore
There are also Nice folkloric ballet, Diego rivera murals to see and also there are frequent exhibitions from important museums
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Frank Arnold Gallery San Jose del Cabo
This Gallery is more than an Art Shop, this is more like a trip thru a Museum with the quality of the pieces.
Museum quality work
Museo Naval Mexico Veracruz
This is among my favorite museums, anywhere in the world.
Great naval museum, with a lot of rooms (all air conditioned) full with historic things of the Veracruz harbor and the Mexican Navy, several scale models of ships, planes, helicopters (one real), guns, uniforms, a...
Amparo Museum (Museo Amparo) Puebla
The greatest prehipanic private colection, the Museo Amparo is one of the best museums in all of Mexico and certainly an icon in Puebla City.
There are numerous museums in Puebla, including the stunning new, and world class, Museum of the Baroque, but if you only go to one, this would be my choice.
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Casa de los Venados Valladolid
One of the coolest, quirkiest museums I've ever been to.
There are famous art museums all over the world that were once private collections, but became museums after the collectors' deaths.
Museo Memoria y Tolerancia Mexico City
It isnt as comprehensive as the Holocaust Museums in Jerusalem or Washington DC but it it is impressive nonetheless and significantly it covers other genocides as well and also has an important (and very up to dat...
Most holocaust memorial museums are very alike but they each have something that makes them special.
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Galeria San Francisco San Miguel de Allende
It's like going to a small museum.
Rufino Tamayo Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art Oaxaca
My wife and I have visited a fair amount of museums at various Archeological sites in Mexico, but this small museum had the best collection of artifacts we've seen.
This is a most interesting variation on the usual perspective taken by similar museums in that is takes a specifically artistic approach to the works it displays, and it worked very well indeed for us.
Galleria Dante Puerto Vallarta
If you love art & color this is better than some top museums I've been to from all over the world!
You feel like you are visting an Art Museum as it's a very cozy place with a beautiful court too and wherever you turn around there, you are confronted with amazing art pieces all over the place from artists known...
Museo de Arte Popular Mexico City
Mexico City is packed with great museums, and we've enjoyed many terrific visits to Franz Mayer, Olmedo, the Anthropology Museum, the Modern Art museum, Bellas Artes and more -- but when I want to spend an hour in...
We have traveled widely in Mexico and thought we had seen great examples of local handcraft in the many shops, galleries, artist studios and museums that are part of every town and city.
Edward James sculptor garden, Las Pozas Xilitla
This is one of the most iconic places in la Huasteca, nature and eccentric architecture make this place an impressive museum, but if you go in high season the line to enter could take even 2 hours or more, I sugge...
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Mask Museum San Miguel de Allende
The knowledge you gain will even enhance future trips to the markets other museums where you will have new insight into the masks and their importance.
Whether you are new to Mexican history and culture or have a deep love and understanding of it's many faces, the Mask Museum brings the beauty of the country's diversity, charism, humor, and heritage alive.
La Rodadora Ciudad Juarez
I have been a lot of children's museums in my life, but this one is FAR and AWAY THE BEST hands-on, interactive children's museums I have ever seen in my 56 years!
One of the biggest interactive museums in Latin America!
Discover Mexico Park Cozumel Cozumel
This was very educational and great for learning about the culture of Mayan civilization and short video in museums
Wonderfully depicted museum tour of the history of Mexico including beautiful maps, art work, amazing scale models of pyramids and ancient cities, super live "tree flyers" show and excellent luncheon canteen.
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Museo de Arte E Historia de Guanajuato Leon
The entire assembly is located in an area of 9 Acress and consists of: Central Library State Wigberto Jimenez Moreno, Museum of Art and History of Guanajuato Cultural Forum Guanajuato, Academic Unit for Culture an...
Amazing museum for history and art.
Palacio Postal Mexico City
Is worth the visit, since is very close to other major museums, Palacio de Bellas Artes and Munal.
It has a museum too! take the elevator, exquisite antique!
4 Ways to experience it
Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) Tijuana
I highly recommend for anyone who loves museums, exhibits, or any educational learning, I also liked their mini aquarium and their sweet potatoe frapps are the best ,
Allow about 2-3 hours if you enjoy museums.
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Robert Brady Museum Cuernavaca
Amazing home probably has equally important work as most major museums.
I was very tired of seeing the same kind of museums, however I decided to take a look.
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National Palace (Palacio Nacional) Mexico City
If you have only time for one (of the hundreds of Museums in the city), this is the place to go, and get a guide who will take you through Diego Rivera's amazing murals that depict Mexico's exciting history.
... of Benito Juarez, we saw the HUGE Mexican Flag - marched in by the army at sundown, a "temporary" installation of 200 pieces of art by Mexican artist - that would rival the full size of many smaller museums.
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Tlaquepaque and Tonala Artisans Tour Guadalajara
The street itself is pretty with sculpture scattered throughout, lots of restaurants, crafts, clothing, jewelers, liquor stores for special items, housewares and a small ceramic museum.
Most shops sell handicrafts of the highest grade that may well grace a museum.
Museo Nacional del Virreinato Tepotzotlan
One of the best museums I've visited lately, a hidden jewel of Spaniard / Mestizo colonial art, superb exhibits and more.
The museum gallery housed in a number of rooms depicts and displays relics from pre-Hispanic times and chronologically displays the history of the conquest and the progression of Spanish civilization and colonizat...
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