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Mt. Hoffmann, Yosemite National Park: Address, Mt. Hoffmann Reviews: 5/5

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Very good

Camarillo, CA6 contributions
Jun 2018 • Family
This hike was awesome. We went in early June, and it was a nice way to escape the crowds in Yosemite Valley. This hike was tough but so worth it. It's slow going near the top where the air is thinner and the ground is rubble. The views along the way and at the very top are spectacular. We took our kids, ages 18, 16 and 11, and they all did great, although it was a bit scary climbing down the huge boulders at the summit. There were snow patches that were fun for the kids, and we saw a few marmots, which was a treat. We will definitely do this hike again.
Written 24 October 2018
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burlingame,Ca.106 contributions
Mid-Summer masses of Alpine Wildflowers, some water, great views
Jun 2017 • Couples
We tried to stay on the trail but ended up at the Summit easily for 2 fit people.
Others also did not say that this Mtn is in the center of the Huge national park.

I Always scatter red chili powder on my car doors to keep the car door folding down on both sides Yosemite black bears away.
My first walk up from May Lake parking lot, every car had been Severely Damaged by the nighttime smelling bears,,, and I had to decide, "Do I ask what car you use to drive, with L and R windows?" For decades this has been a buried ignored unpopular YNP subject generally, with a small display at the Valley Visitor Center. Did I ask them? Yes. Did I tell them? Some.

Also ticks and Lyme Disease are Epidemic now with Global Warming in lots of the USA, so wear high socks and check them often! This is a horrible disease.

Didn't see 1 rattlesnake this high. ; )
Written 4 May 2018
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California88 contributions
Best panoramic view
Oct 2016
We started this hike at the May Lake hike parking lot. Hiked 1.2 miles to May Lake all uphill. Lake is pristine with trees against granite peaks. Hiked along lake and then up up up. Amazing views of the park, as you end up higher than Clouds Rest. Major rock field was challenging to hike through. The last 50 feet are big boulders that needed man handling to the top. John Muir's favorite park view. The hike was 6.2 miles and I was tired at the end, especially since I live at sea level and this hike ended at 10,800 feet.
Written 19 October 2016
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San Francisco, CA708 contributions
One of the most underrated hikes in Yosemite
Aug 2016 • Friends
This is easily one of the top 5 hikes in Yosemite, made all the better by the fact that it's on so few people's radar. My hiking partner said she liked it better than Cloud's Rest. With Mt. Hoffmann, you get a beautiful alpine lake (May Lake), juxtaposed against a granite backdrop -the quintessential Sierra scenery that people come to the park for, plus you get expansive views of Half Dome, marmots, a scramble up rocks, and an unexpected ridge that suddenly opens up dramatic views of the other side of the park.

And the best part is that you "only" have to invest 6 miles round trip. I say "only" because it's a steep climb, at altitude. You're higher than Half Dome, higher than Cloud's Rest, and way higher than Glacier Point. But it's only steep for a mile and a half, so you reach your goal before things get too brutal.

And very few people. For the better part of an hour at the top, it was just us and the marmots. You'll see a fair amount of people on the first 1.2 miles of the hike, but most of them are only going to May Lake, where there's an attractively-placed backpacker campsite, as well as an overpriced High Sierra Camp for those who want to make believe they're roughing it when they don't shower for a night. Like most Yosemite trails, you lose about 90% of the crowd when the going gets even slightly tough. But that's still a lot on trails like Nevada Falls -thousands become hundreds. But here, dozens become just a few. It's a shame. They're missing out.
Written 23 August 2016
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Fadi S
Lake Mary, FL106 contributions
Unforgettable hike, with spectacular views
Jun 2015 • Friends
This is a beautiful but somewhat strenuous hike (very strenuous if you're not used to the altitude) that starts at the Snow Flat trailhead on Tioga Pass Road. You reach the trailhead via a short rough narrow road off Tioga Pass. This is the same trailhead to go to May Lake (surface elevation 9270'). May Lake is about a mile and a half from the trail head. The Mt Hoffman trail goes along the south of the lake. The higher you go, especially after you pass May Lake, the views keep getting better and better. When you're high enough, the views of Lake May are stunning. Higher still, and you can see Tenaya Lake in the distance. When you're close to the summit, the trail turns into a big pile of huge boulders to climb. The summit is almost at the geographic center of Yosemite and is at an altitude of 10,856'. The views from the summit are spectacular. You can even see Half Dome in the distance. You will see marmots and some deer along the way. Many marmots live on the summit, so if you’re eating lunch there, you will have some begging for food.
It’s easier to stay on the trail going up (you see the summit, so you know the general direction). It’s trickier on the way down. So make sure you stay on the right trail.
Overall, the hike is incredible and unforgettable. Highly recommended.
Written 26 February 2016
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Berkeley, CA666 contributions
Phantastic 360 degrees view
Aug 2015 • Couples
If you really want to see Yosemite all around you, you have hike up to the top of Mount Hoffmann (10,845 feet). The hike starts at May Lake (or the parking lot on Tioga Road) and depending on your hiking and climbing capabilities takes about 2 hours one direction with a 2000 feet elevation gain from the parking lot. From May Lake the trail first starts with a small gain in altitude, then a quite steep part, and again an almost flat high altitude meadow with dozens of marmots staring at you. But then come the challenges as there is no visible trail for the last ~500 feet altitude gain over huge boulders to the top. Take it easy and slow but in the end you will be rewarded with a phantastic view all around and you will notice all the major sights (Half Dome, the Valley, etc.). There are no snacks, toilets or water on the way, the last water source is the High Sierra Camp at May Lake.
Written 16 August 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.
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