Quimixto, Cabo Corrientes: Address, Phone Number, Quimixto Reviews: 4.5/5

Great place for snorkeling south of the city.
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Gilroy, CA11 contributions
Fishing Village with Horseback Ride to Waterfall
Feb 2020
I wish we could have spent more time in this quaint fishing village down the coast from Puerta Vallarta, but our boat tour (Predators Catamaran from Marina Vallarta) rushed us through. We barely caught our breath from snorkel dive and had not enough dried off yet, as we were transferred to a small skiff with bench seats to get to a small dock by the beach.

I was showed where to change into long pants and a shirt for the horseback ride, but being wet made that a challenge. Meanwhile, boat staff was yelling at me to hurry up. After a small hike up the road, meeting the horses was nice. They looked healthy, bright-eyed with well-trimmed hooves. They are smaller than most probably being from Spanish descent.

The trail started off crossing the river, and was a climb from there. The horses are sturdy and willing. The trail sometimes took us through deep crevices worn in a flash flood slope, but was not hazardous.

After reaching the waterfall area, it was a short climb up some rocks with stairs carved into it. The bar was quick with handing me a beer which was refreshing. The bar and restaurant was made up of patios hanging over the river with a rope bridge connecting them. A very nice setting.

The ride back down was nice, but when I got back to the beach restaurant, the boat crew told us we had 15 min to eat lunch, then a couple minutes later said we only had 5 min. So we gulped down a plate full of food that would have been more satiisfying to eat at normal speed. Then back to the dock to be picked up by the skiff to get back on the catamaran. While waiting our turn for the skiff, pelicans were entertaining us with flydiving for fish and I got a nice short movie of that.

So if I could find the catamaran tour on TripAdvisor, I would give them one star. But the village of Quimixto was nice, despite the restaurant had no running water and their chihuahuas needed immediate veterinary care.
Written 20 February 2020
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San Jose23 contributions
Great hike
Jan 2020 • Family
Loved the hike to the waterfall. We stopped and had a drink at the little cafe and took a dip in the pool. Gorgeous!
Written 16 February 2020
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Freely Adventure
Edmonton, Canada166 contributions
Lovely hike up to the waterfall...
Jan 2020
Absolutely stunning day from start to end. We had our local friend bring us for the day to Quimixto. We drove from Nuevo to Boca de Tomatlan, we parked our vehicle along side the road.

We took a water taxi about 100 pesos per person, directly to Quimixto. You many need to unload in the water if it's too rough, and if lucky there is a dock to onboard.

I would highly recommend buying everything you need in Boca (beer, water, snacks etc), as everything is 2-3x more expensive once in Quimixto.

The village is very small, one road in one road out. The beach is beautiful, can be a little rough to swim, but nice.

We did the hike with two children 7 & 5, we opted in getting a horse just to make it easier on us. I believe the horse was $250 pesos (ish), definitely worth the money. I would say the hike is a moderate hike, some steeper hills, but if you take it slow, you will be fine. You do have to pass 2 small river creeks, so wear appropriate footwear. We did most of the hike barefoot as it was mostly sandy dirt. There is lots of horse poop along the trail so be careful not to slip on it. (Husband almost had a wipe-out)

Arriving at the falls, there is a cute little restaurant/bar, they only accept cash. We had a nacho, few beers and a couple of shots. There are lots of tables to sit and relax once arrived.

They do have a changing room and bathrooms available.

The waterfalls itself was beautiful to see. I was told the water is usually clearer but we went a few days after a rainfall, so the water was darker. The water is freezing cold (I am Canadian and know what cold water is), my daughter (7) jumped in and lost breathe due to the shock of cold. So beware!

Both my husband and I, swam around for a bit to take a few photos and we were out.
There is a rope on the side of the cliff, to climb and a little platform to jump off if you wish. (Crazy husband did, because our 5 year old son coaxed him into doing it).

I would say the hike took us about 25-30 minutes more or less, walking at a normal speed and stopping once for a beer.

Things I recommend bringing for kids:
-Bring lots of water
-Change of clothes
-Bathing Suit
-Bug Spray

It was a beautiful day off the grid. There is no cell-phone service when visiting here, so a great day to UNPLUG and enjoy the nature.
Written 27 January 2020
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Meredith, NH190 contributions
hike up to the waterfall
Dec 2019
the hike is fun and easy. you trek through the village, across a stream (horses are hanging out and there is a bridge...but the stream is shallow, so enjoy the adventure) and then start following the crevasse like trail to the waterfall. it's a trail that's been carved by horses and mules, so there's quite a bit of horse poop...but that's how you know you're on the right track? :) the reward, at the end, is an idyllic quiet stream beneath a lovely, accessible waterfall with a very cold pool to swim in. there's a little restaurant there with some nice pina coladas and a little shop. you can swim, cool down, and hang out before you trek back down to the beach.
Written 19 January 2020
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2 contributions
Cute, chill, and off the beaten track...a super neat half-day activity!
Sep 2019
I found out about this activity through TripAdvisor and am so glad I did (I even printed out one review and followed exactly what they did for the same lovely experience!).

First of all, don't assume there's only one boat going out to Quimixto--there are several options. We were too lazy to walk down by the water to inquire about the private boat rides so we took the one that was next to the restaurant and the convenience store up a hill. I would have preferred a private ride, but this boat only had about 11 people total and it cost $80 MX (about $4.50 US) round trip--suggestion, don't get round trip because if you want to stay longer you lose your ticket. We ended up getting a private boat back for $200 MX since we wanted to stay past 6 pm.

I must have been asked at least 7 times if I wanted to go to Yelapa instead because Quimixto was too quaint--I couldn't care less for more "tourist" activities in Yelapa so I kept reminding them that I was going to Quimixto and wasn't going to change my mind. The boat ride is about 15 minutes from the little town where we left our car and once you arrive there's the smallest pier ever that leads up to the beach area. We immediately noticed the horse rental staff (Nacho) and asked about the ride up to the waterfall. We knew from the start we weren't going to hike up anything--if there are horses available why walk? As a matter of fact, nobody should be allowed to hike up that narrow path, the horses can barely go up there. It's muddy, slippery, probably dirty and super narrow--not worth making the track on foot. It's $250 MX per person for the horse ride--just take the horse, trust me!

The horse ride is awesome. The path is awesome! Nature everywhere--you almost completely forget you're in Mexico. It's like a whole new world.

Is the town small? Yes.
But it's not boring if you stick to your tour guide (Nacho). He kept us from paying for any "tourist" traps by telling the iguana photographer to get away from us, suggesting we grab dinner elsewhere and not at the beach, and suggesting next time we only get a one way ticket to save money and not lose the trip back like we did (we lost it because we wanted to stay past the 5:20 pm pick up we were given).

The restaurant gimmick is a bummer, but I guess they have to make a living somehow. Basically, you "can't" access the waterfall unless you "consume" something at the restaurant. Our tour guide said he wished there was a way around it because it bothers him having to take his groups through this gimmick, but apparently the restaurant has been there for 30+ years and that's the way things have worked since then. We purchased a beer each (four of us) and left our belongings there while we swam in the waterfall.

The waterfall was fun. Not super huge, but we didn't expect anything else than what we had seen in pictures.


-Boat ride to Quimixto: cost (round trip): $80 MX per person | distance: 15 minutes
-Tour on land: horseback ride to waterfall: cost $250 MX per person | distance: 20 minutes
-Food: restaurant by waterfall (drinks only): about $50 MX a beer. pricey but NO WAY around it unless you pay the $100 MX for "chair rental". Might as well get the beer.
-Boat ride from Quimixto: $200 MX, private.

We arrived around 2:30 pm and stayed until 6:00 pm because it was so relaxing to sit in the waterfall and we took our time walking through the town buying snacks (rancilla, candy and corn).

Overall, it was everything we expected and more! I would have given it 5 stars, but the bathrooms next to the restaurant were dirty and the waterfall is a bit small. Otherwise, it was fun and would do it again if we could.
Written 5 September 2019
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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico770 contributions
Lovely hike!
Mar 2019 • Couples
This is a small fishing village just a 15 minute boat ride from Boca de Tomatlan. The route to the falls is complicated so ask for directions - a 30 minute hike from the beach, a dusty hike but not too strenuous. Getting off the boat can be difficult if the boatman cannot pull the boat right up onto the shore - you may have to get off in the waves. Dress with short pants and footwear that is easy to remove. If you wish, the boatman may agree to bring you to the local pier, which is easier for deboarding. There is a small snackbar at the falls where you can get a refreshing drink. Also, there is a family restaurant on the beach. It serves good and inexpensive local food. We like coming to this village in the morning and taking the hike before the afternoon sun gets too strong (even though most of the trail is shaded). Our reward is the great margaritas at the beach restaurant!
Written 10 March 2019
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Oregon18,169 contributions
To the waterfall on mules, the village, and Los Cocos on the beach!
Dec 2018 • Friends
Quimixto is so great. You feel like you are on a secluded beach. It’s so relaxing, no vendors and will make for a great day!

We rode a bus to Boca and caught the water taxi into Quimixto for 80p. When we got off at the pier in Quimixto we walked through the village to where the mules were. It’s about a 15 minute walk. Nice strolling in the middle of the dirt streets, passing chickens, dogs, children walking, playing, and riding bikes, mom & pop tiendas. Clothes on a line, music playing, men carrying supplies and also using wheel barrels (no cars). Papel picado flags hung above. Loved it. Finally made it to the mules. Paid for our mule and asked for a guide to the waterfall. We got a 10 year old boy!

The mule ride was fun. It’s at a slow pace, about 30 minutes. Some ups and downs and some through tiny spaces between tall rocks (watch your legs!) It’s a great ride through parts of the jungle (wear bug spray). There is a restaurant at the falls. Also, you can swim in the falls.

After our ride we meandered back through the village and bumped into a local who agreed to escort us down a winding street or two passing a school, and local housing. We even crossed over a river on wooden planks which was quite scary lol. Made it. The local held my hand so I wouldn’t fall in haha.

Arrived at Cocos Beach Bar and plopped ourselves down for the rest of the day on loungers they had. Just the best. About 3 ittle boats were anchored along the waters edge, bobbing up and down. A few little hermit crabs on the beach and children playing in the surf. Had salsa, chips and guacamole from Cocos. They even had swings at the bar! When our day was over we walked along the beach to the pier and caught the water taxi back to Boca. Can’t wait to go again.
Written 9 February 2019
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Boulder, CO145 contributions
Hike to the waterfalls
Jan 2019 • Family
We stayed at Xinalani retreat and hiked from there, passing through the town of Quimixto on the way. We got to see the kids at the local school out at recess and chatted with them. It’s a fairly simple hike on dirt paths, roads and carved out steps up hill. Very little steep hiking, but some narrow areas. You have to know the route through town as it’s not that obvious. You need to cross 3 or 4 wide streams by jumping from rock to rock, sand bad to sand bag, or on very simply constructed wood planks, or wade through it. A cute cafe, built into the hillside, awaits you where you are expected to buy something to drink or eat, in order to sit at the tables. They have restrooms where you can change, but bring your own towel. The water is cold, (we were there in January) but refreshing and most people stayed in for less than 10 minutes. The pool isn’t very large so when a new group shows up, it’s time to move on. I think groups are boated in from Puerto Vallarta and then rent the horses in town as a lot of people arrived on horseback, but we hiked it.
Written 7 February 2019
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Grace P
Oakland, MI6 contributions
Sea Safari Vallarta Adventures
Dec 2018
An excellent trip - just enough of everything - horse ride to the waterfall, snorkeling and lunch on the beach. Alex, our guide, and Jenny, photographer, and Captain Junior were the awesome! The trail to the waterfall on horse was narrow and the local help were very good. Thank you to Jose for help getting on and off the horse and leading on the trail. Vallarta Adventures Sea Safari was just long enough, good food on the secluded beach and not too long for snorkeling. Very professional and FUN. Thank you to all the staff and ALEX - what a great guide!
Written 30 December 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Minnesota136 contributions
DO-IT-YOURSELF, easy, cheap, enjoyable hike to Waterfall!
Nov 2018 • Friends
I've gone to the waterfall twice on a paid excursion and once on my own. It's NOT difficult on your own, more enjoyable, and much cheaper. So if you're willing to do the adventure, read on!

Take city bus or Uber to Boca de Tomatlan, then a water taxi to Quimixto, hike to waterfall. Here’s how:

Bring insect repellant, water, sunscreen, money, small towel, water-proof camera with STRAP, wear water/beach shoes as you will cross shallow river a few times. Wear your swimsuit under your clothes if you plan to go in the waterfall (yes, you should!)

From Puerto Vallarta, make your way to the OXXO (convenience store) at Constitution & Basillo Badillo. There you’ll take the Orange & White bus with “Boca” on window. Fare is $8 Peso each (or $20 Peso bill for 2 people). For best ocean view, sit on side opposite driver there and sit on driver-side back. It’s about a 15 minute ride and last stop is Boca so exit there. You’ll see a sign too.

After exiting bus, walk down the hill steps then to the right toward the water. Ignore anyone asking you if you want a water taxi because they will probably charge you more and again you're DIY and don't need to pay extra for holding your hand to the dock!

Once at the dock, you’ll see many small boats. Just tell any one of the boat captains you want to go Quimixto and confirm fare (should be 50 Peso ea.) Get in, hang on and enjoy your ride of about 15-20 minutes! You may make a stop before Quimixto so ask before getting off. Pay boat captain when exiting. Quimixto has a long dock and a big rock painted with a cart and horse advertising a restaurant.

Once at the beach, walk LEFT through the small town (with colorful banners). If you need to ask in Spanish say “cask-cota” for cascade. At the end of town (2-3 blocks), you’ll come to donkey/horses (standing in the sun) and the river. You can rent the donkey/horses to ride to the waterfall, but I would NOT recommend it. Once you see the trail, you’ll realize why. It’s very narrow, steep in places, hugely eroded, and has cement at the end! OK for hikers, but not fun on horseback. I believe it costs 200 Peso (about $10 USD) for each donkey/horse and a guide that will run along the trail barefoot guiding the donkey/horse that’s made the trip thousands of times. Takes same amount of time to hike it as do the uncomfortable ride.

Either on foot or horseback, you’ll wade across the shallow river and at the end is a cement staircase to nowhere. Go right there and continue on the horse path. It’s about a 30 minute walk. You'll prob come across some horse poop, so if that bothers you, don't go. Or you can step over it. Be aware you may encounter a group of the guided horses on the trail and find a place to move over.

Towards the end there will be “Cascade” signs. There is a small waterfall on right before you walk up a small hill to a man-made bridge to the right. You’ll see a cafe area that overlooks the big waterfall. To sit at the cafe you must purchase some food and/or drink (a minimum amount sign is there). It's the same courtesy as in USA. For chips, guac, 1 soda-pop, 2 beers, + tip, it was about $300 Pesos (about $15 USD). After all, tourists are their only source of income in this remote village. It's a pleasant place to sit, relax and enjoy the waterfall! Don't expect a 5-star meal.

There are cement/stone stairs to access the water. In November, it was about chest deep. Be aware it's a waterfall with a current: swim at your own risk (there is NO lifeguard)! But it is very exciting to be in the water! I would NOT suggest it for children. Yes, the water is cold, but ignore it and enjoy the unique adventure! Right of the waterfall is a rope to climb up the rocks (again at your own risk).

A big advantage of going on your own is you will prob be there with few other tourists! So much more enjoyable!

Upon returning, just wait at the dock for a water taxi and one will come to the dock to pick you up for your return trip to Boca.

Also see the review by "San Diego" June 22, 2018 for a similar description.
Written 3 December 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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