Cape D'Aguilar

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Cape D'Aguilar
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Joseph T
Hong Kong, China2,749 contributions
Apr 2022 • Couples
Very easy to access with family friendly route suitable for all ages. There are stores to provide beverages & snacks for refreshment mid-way. The latter part towards the coast are featured with Hong Kong’s oldest light house, sea cave, cliff & pretty coastal landscape. The entire trip takes around 3 hours only.
Written 9 April 2022
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United Kingdom6,324 contributions
Apr 2021
Cape D’Aguilar is a pretty isolated spot, off the beaten track. You’ll have to walk almost 5km to get there but it is also home to a stunning 20 hectare Marine Reserve. The cape itself is a ruggedly beautiful, rocky promontory that juts into the sea. It has a number of very striking rock formations and caves and has sweeping coastal views. The area is marked by irregular and jagged cliffs.
Features include Crab Cave, Thunder Cave, ‘Miss Willy’ the whale skeleton, historic WWII military sites and Hong Kong’s oldest lighthouse.
The only disappointing thing is that because it is a protected reserve, you can’t have a swim to cool off after your walk. Instead we walked back up D’Aguilar Rd and caught a taxi to Shek O where we jumped straight into the sea.
WHAT TO TAKE: Take pretty much everything. There is not a lot of shade so take sunscreen, hats and plenty of water. You’ll also need good shoes. The walk is easy and is a gentle downhill slope along Cape D’Aguilar Rd but once you reach the cape, the rocks are uneven and sharp and the areas around the caves are slippery. The only public toilets that I saw were just past the start of the walk.
GETTING THERE: Public transport was very easy. We caught the MTR to Shau Kei Wan. Exit A3 brought us up alongside the bus bay and the the #9 bus took us right to the big roundabout at the start of the walk. Be aware that some #9 buses go straight through to Shek O, bypassing Cape D’Aguilar. Check first and don't get on the bus unless the sign says “via Cape D’Aguilar”. A taxi will slash your travel time from an hour or more down to 30 minutes. It will also take you much closer to Cape D'Aguilar than the bus can. From Central, it should cost under $200HKD (an uber will be much the same).
Written 17 April 2021
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Hong Kong, China146,700 contributions
Feb 2021
Cape D'Aguilar is the southern part of the Shek O Peninsula on Hong Kong Island. The cape is named after British Major-General George Charles D'Aguilar who served as Lieutant Governor of Hong Kong (1843-1848). This is one of the places that Hongkongers flock to on weekends to visit the natural beauty and sights around the protected marine reserve at southeastern most tip of the cape.

Note: Cape D'Aquilar Marine Reserve is probably the most isolated location on Hong Kong Island. There is no MTR Station anywhere near and the closest public bus drop off is at the Windy Gap drop off point on Cape D'Aquilar Road which is nearly 5km walk down to the reserve. The walk is on a one way road and is a steady and slow decline most of the way. It is an easy walk of around 1 hour to reach the reserve.

Note: Bus Route 9 from Shau Kei Wan MTR is popular on weekends and public holidays for those going out to Cape D'Aquilar. You do need to make sure that the bus will stop at Cape D'Aquilar as some skip and head straight into Shek O Beach. Not to worry though, as you board the bus it will say (Cape D'Aguilar -> Shek O). If concerned, ask others in the queue or the driver when boarding just to make sure.

Most visit this secluded area of Hong Kong Island to see the Cape D'Aquilar Marine Reserve, a relatively small 20 hectares with beautiful yet craggy and rocky shoreline that is constantly being beaten by treacherous waves. In the area, there are a couple of famous land formations. First is Crab Cave (actually a sea arch) that sort of does look like a crab when you stand back far enough and Thunder Cave, a narrow sea cave with a back entrance, where you can enter and experience incoming sea waves thundering through in the dark.

Note: If you want to explore the craggy rocks around the reserve, do be careful as there are numerous exposed jagged rocks that could lead to unpleasant cuts and scraps. Further, it is fun to see the big waves crashing up against the rocks from up close but you do need to be mindful to stay far enough away as there are no ropes or signs telling visitors where they can go and where they can't.

Other things to see at the marine park include the Miss Willy whale skeleton display. You can also make way to the historic Cape D'Aquilar Lighthouse which is just above the reserve. Built in 1875, this is the oldest surviving lighthouse in Hong Kong and a Declared Monument. There is also the WWII era Bokhara Battery ruins on the cliffs overlooking the sea just east of the lighthouse.

If you have interest in coastal defence and general military history, you may also want to visit the Cape D'Aquilar Battery, which can be accessed by a short but slightly difficult 500 metre trail near Hok Tsui Lower Village, roughly half way between the Windy Gap drop off and the marine reserve. This old battery is beautifully situated on a rock point right on the sea. The Cape D'Aguilar Battery is also a Declared Monument in Hong Kong and considerably more interesting to see up close if you have the time and energy left to include a stop here during your visit to the Cape.

Note: There are public toilets at the village halfway between Windy Gap drop off and the reserve. That is it! Also, there is nowhere to purchase food or drinks within the reserve so make sure to stock up on what you need before getting on the bus (9) at Shau Kei Wan MTR.

In the end, the landscape and sea views at Cape D'Aquilar Marine park are amongst the finest you will find around Hong Kong Island. You can easily spend a couple hours here enjoying time close to the sea, admiring the sea cave and arch and the powerful wave crashes all around you. For estimated travel time, allow 45-60 minutes (each way) transportation from home/hotel to the Windy Gap bus drop-off and around 60 minutes (each way) to hike in and back out of the marine park. If you want to include the detour hike down to the Cape D'Aguilar Battery, allow at least one more hour. All in all, best to allocate around 2/3 to 3/4 of a day to visit Cape D'Aguilar simply due to the transportation logistics and limitations.

Last Note: If you want to photograph the marine reserve highlights like Crab Cave without other people in your pictures, do plan to make you way first thing in the morning, particularly on weekends where by 10am there are quite a few people. By noon, you will see a rather constant stream of day visitors making their way down to the main road to the marine park. Just something to keep in mind if landscape photography is your interest.
Written 22 February 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Hong Kong, China3,952 contributions
Jan 2021 • Friends
...with a random assortment of natural and man-made wonders to take in: caves with waves crashing, a whale skeleton of unknown origin, WW2 relics and rugged terrain. It’s great! All of the way down from the bus stop to the bottom is paved BUT to properly enjoy yourself you should prepare to scramble and climb around on the rocks at the bottom and the path down to the beach and main battery ruins.
Written 4 January 2021
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The Bund, China1,540 contributions
Sep 2020 • Friends
Easy way take train get off Shau kei Wan and exit A3 or B1 , Theres a bus terminus take bus no. 9 that goes to Shek O, But you need to get off at the Cape D'Aguilar..and the journey start and walk down the road to your right.. we're a group of four friends and we enjoy 😊 and love our easy hike, it was sunny while we were heading to Cape d'Aguilar and suddenly rain start ~ so better bring your umbrella or raincoat with you , lucky enough its only for few minutes and 🌞 and worth it, the view is gorgeous and spectacular...and theres a beautiful cave where in you can have plenty of photos to share with your friends and beautiful rocks along sea side and you can enjoy also the Cape d'Aguilar lighthouse - the oldest surviving lighthouse in HK- the structure is a round granite tower and the doorway built of rustic stone blocks..its quiete interesting...beautiful view as you can see the whole sea views...gorgeous 😍gorgeous 😍😍Highly Recommended
Written 21 September 2020
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Placentia, Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador61 contributions
Jul 2020 • Couples
There were some plastic bags floating around the coastline. There are no lavatories for the visitors.
Written 28 July 2020
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Hong Kong, China70 contributions
May 2020 • Family
Hiking through this easy walk of approximately 3 hours including the break near the rocks and the cave. Th nature walk towards the marine park and the cave was just refreshing with waves sounds and the breezy air will just make this simplistic hike an amazing time.
Written 3 May 2020
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Gilbert W
Hong Kong, China7 contributions
Aug 2019
D'Aguilar Peak combines natural beauty and hong kong memories, which is not popular even to the locals. A marina conservation park with beautiful coastal landscape facing the Pacific Ocean. There are natural cave, lava rocks and the famous Ocean Park Killer Whale skeleton.
To get there, the best way is to drive. You will see a sign for the restricted road but most people ignore it. At the end of the road, there is a 30mins walk around the fenced are.
For public transport you may take the bus #9. At the roundabout at D'Aguilar Peak you walk 1 hour and reach the destination.
Written 11 February 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Singapore, Singapore696 contributions
Jun 2019 • Solo
It is very easy to get to Cape D'Aguilar. The number 9 bus runs quite often from Shau Kei Wan (check the front of the bus that it does say "Cape D'Aguilar". The fare was $7.20. Sit on the upper deck to get the most from the views. The hike is almost entirely along a paved road, gently downhill. Total hiking time would be about 2 hours, there and back. You can take a break at Hok Tsui Tsuen village and get a cold drink (and use the toilet - sorry, squat only). When you get to the end, Crab Cave and Thunder Cave are both very interesting, and the views of the sea and the islands is beautiful. Do say Hi to Miss Willy.
Written 3 June 2019
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Hong Kong, China20 contributions
May 2019 • Family
Easily accessibly by bus (No. 9) or red mini-bus from Shau Kei Wan MTR station. The walking are mostly on concrete roads which are suitable for youngsters or elderly as well as beginner hikers. The rocks, sea views, and plants are magnificent. On the way, there are a couple of Hong Kong style cafés for simple drinks and foods. So definitely, well worth to spend a couple hours there on a good weather holiday. One can even combine the trip to Dragon Back hill or Big Wave beach together.
Written 15 May 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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