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Jun 2020 • Friends
Ever notice so many of these 5 star types can only rave about Flo Lake for so long before showing the true colors of their ‘greener than thou’ worldview? Why would that be you say? Because it was never about the trip, the fishing, the scenery, or the quiet, it’s been about them all along. ‘Buncha eco-virtue signaling hipster knotheads slobbering over each other’s designer distressed flannels then humble bragging about their latest ‘adventure’. “ $1100 Patagucci tent is so light I feel like I wasn’t challenged enough when I bagged that last mile of 40% switchback, felt like a flatlander.“
...Eul Gibbons is rolling over in his grave and choking on Grape Nuts.

Written 30 April 2021
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Anthony G
1 contribution
Hidden Gem
Jul 2020
I love reading the contrast of some of the reviews. People must remember that this is Florence Lake.....Not Tahoe. This is the outdoors. If you can't handle the drive in then you don't belong here. LOL. I LOVE this place...It's so quiet you can hear it!. If you don't mind walking the fishing is pretty good. If you like peace and quiet.. this is a great place to get away from our busy day to day lives and disconnect. You can't do this place in one trip. I have been coming to Huntington Lake and Florence Lake since I was 7 years old. I am now 59 and I haven't touched this area. If you like to hike, fish, camp, sight see, go on day adventures, swim, boat, or just relax, this place has it all. Enjoy.
Written 19 July 2020
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Do D
1 contribution
Over rated at bad!
Jul 2018 • Friends
Mosquitos. Bears. Obnoxious campers. This after the road from hell. Never again! Like others said, just go to Shaver and save your time!
Written 11 November 2018
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Jay J
Fresno, CA2 contributions
High Sierra Wonderland
Jul 2018 • Family
I had a good laugh reading some of the reviews about their Florence Lake experience. Yes, the road is not going to win any awards for its pristine condition. Its bumpy, full of pot holes, one lane wide, and teeters over 1,000 feet drop offs in places. I love it because it keeps away the flat landers. You need to be patient on the road and enjoy the scenery. Drive slow and carefully.

As for the bear and rattlesnake issues, I've never seen either one here in annual trips since 1977. We usually stay 10-14 days and the worst situation we've had with a bear was when one came into our campsite and ate my dog's food one night. Use the bear boxes and keep your food safe. Being safe and sensible will make your trip and food supply more enjoyable. I was told 30 years ago to watch out for the rattle snakes, but I still have never after seen one. Maybe I'm just lucky. As for the mosquitoes, they very from year to year. On wet years the mosquitoes can be miserable. This year was dry and we didn't have too much trouble with them. Bring mosquito repellent and you should be fine.

Now for something not mentioned in the previous reviews. This place can be amazing for fishing. I agree with some of the reviews saying that the lake isn't great for fishing. If you have a boat, you will probably do better. The back side of the lake is pretty good for fishing near the bridge that crosses over the San Joaquin River. The real treat is fishing in the river from the dam and hiking along its river bank downstream about 2 miles. I've found holes where the fish are feeding and got a bite on every cast. You can catch rainbows that are planted and German brown that are native now.

If you are afraid of heights, stay home and don't come here. If you have a sense of adventure and want to get into a remote uncrowded location, you found your destination. Be safe, take your time, and enjoy the adventure.
Written 3 September 2018
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Novato, CA7 contributions
Worth the Drive
Jul 2018 • Family
It is a long, slow drive to get here but totally worth it once you arrive. Hardly saw any other people on our backpacking trip. The lake was beautiful, quiet, and peaceful. What a hidden gem!
Written 19 July 2018
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Fresno, CA18 contributions
For Nature Enthusiasts
Aug 2017 • Couples
If you are an experienced backpacker and nature enthusiast then this is the place for you.... backpacking to Evolution Basin/Goddard Canyon will offer a beautiful retreat from the clutter of life. Stunningly beautiful trails and solitude. The ferry will cut off about 5 miles.

If you are lucky, you really will see wildlife. Bear canisters are a must (be responsible). The bear won't even bother trying to open them, they will just mosey away. (Note: avoid the plastic canisters. They can be nearly impossible to open, for both humans and bear)

If you are not a hiker/backpacker/nature enthusiast, then Shaver Lake or Millerton Lake are the places you'll enjoy most. If you are a hiker/backpacker/nature enthusiast, then you will love it up here.

Skeeters can be an issue at times. This is the outdoors, after all, not Disneyland. ;) Not a big deal.

Bring your essentials, practice "Leave no Trace" and enjoy!!!! Bring kids only if you are an experienced backpacker (and your kiddos are, too).
Written 24 April 2018
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Kimberley L
12 contributions
Backcountry Love
Jul 2016 • Couples
First of all, to those who say "it sucks" and whine about the "pothole ridden road"...please stay away from nature, don't even look at it. stay in your condo with your modern conveniences or man-made lakes with man-made crap and just stay away. This planet has been 4.5+billion years in the making, humans were made in 30 seconds, live about an average of 70 years, and die. The Sierras, like many other wonders of the world is vast and rich with earth's history. This road, Kaiser Pass, that leads to Florence lake, is mind-bending. It is for those who are loving, patient, appreciative, grateful, peaceful, teachable, and know what true respect on all levels mean. We took our Softail up to Huntington lake and was thinking we were only going to do a loop. We are not looking for the 'tourist' circuit. We took off to the right on what we thought was just a loop road around Eastwood Visitor ctr....OMG...wrong...and we were so grateful.....close to 30 miles of a road that has a few potholes here and there. It is about 1.5 lane wide...Patience, Kindness, Respect and other principles come into play for this type of ride. I mean folks, we took a motorcycle down this road to Florence Lake....BUT...we only topped out at 10 mph's about taking time in our lives because time waits for no one. It is absolutely amazing. And YES...there are critters out there..because this is THEIR COUNTRY...not ours...perfume...attracts everything from bees to bears. Food in ziplock baggies won't cut really is porous...styrofoam..OMG don't buy no, even though you can't smell it...a bear can smell some things up to 20 miles away...Bear canisters folks....if you bring stuff in...take it back out with your step...rattlesnakes are watching you long before you ever run up on it...Herbal Armor for the environment, safe for you and works 100X better than that deet crap...Noise is good...chatterboxes are not...there are big kittehs out there...almost 500lb bite force. a wolf..close to a 600lb. Diamondbacks and other rattlers...I have had scarier encounters with humans. If you respect will have a fabulous time....I will be back to hike, camp, and be peace.
Written 7 July 2016
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Peter R
Mount Shasta, CA190 contributions
Come prepared for "Adventure"
Jul 2014 • Couples
The other reviewers are right. There are bears, snakes, mosquitos, thunderstorms, floods, and droughts. Our first night there, years ago, 2 other campers told us there hasn't been a bear problem there in 25 years. We have a cooler with teeth marks to prove them wrong. That being said, we love this place. Every time we have been there has been an epic journey. Our last trip completed the dream of canoe camping on the shores. We have had some beautiful backcountry hikes above the lake. Make sure to come prepared, be smart, and you will have a great time.
Written 3 June 2015
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57 contributions
Beautiful and peaceful
Sep 2014
Short drive from Fresno, no crowds clean cool air and the fishing is great, be aware it is a windy 1 lane paved road, not too bad but you will be rewarded once there.
Written 4 October 2014
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Mark B
Los Angeles, CA3 contributions
Stay Away!!
Jun 2014 • Friends
This place is awful. The store is full of unfriendly workers, the lake is windy and fishing sucks, the mosquitoes thrive up here and rattlesnakes are everywhere. Let me add that the lake has very little water making a long haul from your boat to the campsites. I will not be coming back and I would recommend that you do the same. I will stick with Shaver and Huntington lakes over Florence any day!
Written 29 September 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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